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- Legislative News


S.D. Law Gives Pharmacists a 'Conscience Clause'


For pharmacists who are morally opposed to birth control, South Dakota is a good place to work. South Dakota is one of four states with a "conscience clause" that allows pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency-contraception drugs known as "Plan B." South Dakota's law states: "No pharmacist may be required to dispense medication if there is reason to believe that the medication would be used to: 1) cause an abortion; or 2) destroy an unborn child as defined in subdivision 22-1-2(50a); or 3) cause the death of any person by means of an assisted suicide, euthanasia or mercy killing."

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Wisconsin Assembly Gives Prelim OK to Bill on Plan B


House Bill to Honor the Late Rep. Henry Hyde


Pro-Lifers Take New Course: 'Personhood'


Missouri Approves Petition Drive Seeking to Ban Most Abortions


Aurora Sends Message to State on Parental Notification


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- Pro-Life News


Doctors, Allies Seek Right of Conscience


OB-GYN association says pro-life beliefs must be set aside.


For 26 years, obstetrician Dr. Gene Rudd was a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). But he dropped out when the group stated that pro-life doctors must set aside their beliefs.


"I don’t need to be supporting an organization that doesn’t have any more conscience than that," he said. "My conscience won’t allow me to support their lack of conscience."  Click here for the full story


MLK niece to lead San Francisco pro-life march


Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., will lead an estimated 20,000 people in the Fourth Annual Walk for Life West Coast on January 19, 2008.


“If the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to live, our babies must live. Our mothers must choose life,” said Alveda King, who lost two children to abortion and is the mother of six living children.  “The greatest injustice we face is the denial of the right to life. Without life, no other rights exist,” she said.


Other speakers include Dr. Clenard Childress, Jr., founder of the Black Genocide organization, and Gianna Jessen, a woman who as an infant survived a saline abortion.  Click here for the full story


Mother of Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow Rejected Doctor's Advice to Abort Him


'Bella' Movie Star, Eduardo Verastegui, Saved Real Baby While Researching His Award-Winning Film. Plus, New Los Angeles Times Story Will Inspire Moviegoers and Bring More Rave Reviews


Ohio Choose Life Inc. Announces Today They Have Raised Over $100,000 for the Cause of Life and Adoption


Group holds rally for Georgia Human Life Amendment


Summary of Articles remembering Henry Hyde


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- Abortion News


How Many Heisman Winners Has Abortion Killed?


The sports world recently greeted the news that this year’s Heisman Trophy Winner, Tim Tebow from the University of Florida, was almost a casualty of abortion. Twenty-some years ago he was not the strapping 6’3”, 235 lb. beloved sports hero that he is today. At that time he was a one-inch-long unborn child whose existence, because of an amoebic infection, was defined as threat to his mother’s health. Pam Tebow, his mother, was told by a doctor that it would be in her best interests to abort this baby, and she refused. Her husband backed her up on that generous decision, and seven months later they gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy. Little did they know that twenty years later they would be standing on a national stage with a Heisman Trophy winner giving that magnificent witness to life. The world thanks you, Mr. and Mrs. Tebow! There cannot be a more touching Advent story than this.


I wonder if anyone has ever asked how many potential Heisman Trophy winners abortion has actually killed. The answer is, twelve. Reflect on that a bit as you read further because there is a larger lesson in the Tebows’ witness.

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2006 IL abortion stats: Good and bad news


911 Call Reveals Cold-Hearted Attitude Toward MA Woman's Abortion Death


Abortion = Cancer Increase


Illinois Taxpayers Fund Record Number of Abortions


Another Study Shows Connection between Abortion and Substance Abuse


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- Bioethics News


Michael J. Fox Sticks to Old Beliefs on Embryo Destruction


A Changed Stem Cell Debate


Reprogramming Stem-Cell Debate


Use of Abortion Victim's Body Parts For Research Has Become Major Industry


Researchers Implant Aborted Fetal Tissue in Mouse Hybrids


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- Chemical Abortion News


Despite Deaths and Miscarriages, FDA Refuses to Investigate HPV Vaccine


FDA: 28 Miscarriages No Reason to Reexamine Gardasil


Wisconsin Man Charged with Killing Preborn Baby


Man allegedly laced girlfriend's smoothie with 'abortion pill'


Morning-After Pill 'Given To Children 12-Years-Old


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- Judicial News


Pro-Life Missourians Take Cloning Fight to Court


An effort to put an amendment in the Missouri Constitution that would ban research involving human cloning is moving full-speed ahead. Proponents say it will close a loophole that allows for the creation and destruction of embryos for cloning experiments.


Cures Without Cloning, which is organizing the ballot initiative, has sued the Secretary of State over an inaccurate and misleading ballot title. An initial hearing is set for Monday.  Click here for the full story


Woman Abducted by Parents for Abortion Angry Over Dropping of Felony Charges


Katelyn Kampf has said she is angry her parents, who tried to kidnap her to force her to abort her son, have been given a "slap on the wrist" by courts. Kampf, holding her son, Diandre, spoke on the national ABC television program "Good Morning America". Her parents, well-known businesspeople in their town, were not sentenced to any jail time and felony charges have been dropped.


She said, "I feel like my parents should have been looked at as just any other individual. It shouldn't have been made into a family matter because it was still a crime."  Click here for the full story


ACLU Appeals Ruling That Pharmacists Do Not Have to Sell Plan B


Grand Jury Seated In Planned Parenthood Investigation


Grand jury given green light against KS abortionists


Grand Jury To Probe Abortion-Clinic Practices


Pro-Life Activist Won't Face 'Obscenity' Charges Over Abortion Pictures


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- Campaign / Election / Appointment(s) News


Who's biggest champion of baby killing?


Romney's Stem Cell Views Concern Christian Conservatives


Melissa Bean Lifts Shield to Protect Her from Pro-Abortion Stand


Joy and Whoopi Grill Ron Paul Over Abortion


Following Debate, Republican Pro-life Candidates Poised for Success


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- Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide News


“Terri's Day” established in remembrance of Terri Schiavo


Robert Latimer Unrepentant of "Euthanasia" Killing of Disabled Daughter Denied Day Parole


International Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Conference an Impressive Event


Diagnosed to Die: Hospice Extends to Babies


Misinformation continues to spread about Terri Schiavo's death


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- Population Control News


Abortion causing serious gender imbalance in India, study confirms


A new study has confirmed a frightening decline in the proportion of female babies born in India.


A survey of 5 northern states, conducted by Action Aid in collaboration with the Canada-based International Development Research Centre, found that despite government efforts to stop the widespread practice of sex-selection abortion, the number of female newborns remained artificially low.


In the Punjab state, where the researchers found the most striking results, there were only 527 girls for every 1,000 boys. In 2001 a census there found 754 girl babies born for every 1,000 boys. Similarly, in the Kangra district of the Himachal Pradesh state, the number of girls below the age of 6 years has declined to 789, from 836 in the 2001 national census.

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Abortion of Unborn Girls Suspected


Chinese Government to Give “preferential treatment” to One-Child Families


Collapse of civilization is near


Japan faces population implosion


The Global Baby Bust


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- Pro-Abortion People / Groups News


Did Attorney General Shield Planned Parenthood?


A former employee in a state prosecutor's office in Kansas has accused state Attorney General Paul Morrison of using sex to try to obtain insider information about a criminal investigation being conducted by a political opponent into alleged illegal activities at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

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Ob/Gyn association pushes “abortion agenda” on pro-life doctors


Abortionist Tells Medical Students to Lie to Patients


Abortion promoters see man as just an animal, Spanish bishop warns


Pro-Aborts Use Environmental Platform to Push an Anti-Life Agenda


Planned Parenthood Denies Botched Abortion Responsibility


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- United Nations / European Union News


U.N. Responsible for Grisly Abortion Disposal Devices Say Spanish Pro-Lifers


UN Committee Gives More Money and Influence to Abortion Pushing CEDAW Committee


Right to Life of Unborn is Debated at High Level in UN


Pro-Life Amendment Shot Down as UN Committee Okays Death Penalty Moratorium


UN to press for end to death-penalty, restriction on cloning 


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- World News


Full Abortions Shown on Spanish Television

- First in History


Chopped Up Body Parts of Late-Term Fetus Displayed to Millions of People


For what is probably the first time in history, a television network in Spain has shown an abortion on national television. 


The video, shot during a hidden-camera exposé on Spain's abortion industry, shows a nurse injecting deadly poison into the fetus through the vagina of a pregnant woman, who then expels her dead child, about five months old.  The doctor immediately covers the body. 

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Abortion Pill 'May Become Available in Italy'


Italy's pharmaceutical watchdog in the next few months may approve sales of a pill to end a pregnancy after five to seven weeks, the Corriere della Sera reported Monday. The French laboratory Exelgyn is seeking authorisation to sell RU 486, an emergency contraceptive with the brand name Mifegyn, in Italy, which could give a green light to the sales by February or March, the newspaper said.  Click here for the full story


Catholic Attorneys Ask for Veto of Abortion Law in Argentina


UK Catholic Bishop to Schools: Lessons on Sex, Contraception Etc May Not be Presented as "Neutral Info"


Australian Expert Suggests $5,000 Tax on Babies


New Polish Government Drops Pro-Life Objections to EU Anti-Death Penalty Day


British GP's to do RU-486 Abortions Under New Government Scheme


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- Other Noteworthy News and Opinions


Pro-lifer attacked -- then threatened with arrest


A pro-life group says poorly trained police officers need to know that pro-life demonstrators have a constitutional right to express their views in the public square, and cannot be forced to leave an area just because that's the easiest solution for the officer involved.


During a protest at a Hillary Clinton campaign stop in Fort Madison, Iowa, last week, a pro-life activist was attacked by a man wielding a club. Eyewitnesses say that police responding to the incident threatened to arrest the pro-lifers if they did not immediately leave the public sidewalk. The incident was captured on video.  Click here for the full story


Police Arrest at Least 6 in New Operation Against Illegal Abortions


Spanish police have arrested six people in new raids on clinics that allegedly carried out illegal abortions, news reports said Monday. A police spokesman confirmed the raids were carried out in the northeastern city of Barcelona and that several arrests had been made. He was unable to confirm a Cadena SER radio report that put the number of detentions at six.

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NGO promoting abortion pills and legalization of abortion in Latin America


The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Gynuity, which promotes chemical abortion worldwide, has published a new paper on its website aimed to promote widespread access to abortion and undermine national laws against it in Latin America.


Janet Ramos Barrientos of the Legal Committee of the Latin American Alliance for the Family told CNA that Gynuity has published on its website the document “Choices for Introduction of Medical Abortion in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru,” in which it describes how to cover up the crime of abortion.  The document indicates that “non-vaginal routes may be preferred by some women and will decrease the possibility of discovery of the tablets if the abortion is clandestine.”  Click here for the full story


Chicago Police Threaten to Arrest Man for Simply Praying While Pushing Baby Stroller on Public Street


Teen Birth Rate Rises after 14-Year Decline


Pro-Lifer Attacked With Club, Threatened With Arrest During Clinton Protest


Teen birth rate report fixed to slam abstinence, analyst says


CDC Muddies the Water in its Birth Data Announcements


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Monday, December 17, 2007

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