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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Conference examines abortionís effects on fathers


The first national conference focusing on the effects of abortion on men opened in San Francisco yesterday.


The Reclaiming Fatherhood Conference, co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and the Archdiocese of San Francisco, features experts from a variety of backgrounds and countries.† They will cover topics including the healing process for men after an abortion; abortion's effects on men's spirituality; fatherhood and abortion; and why men who have been involved in abortion come for help.


The Milwaukee-based Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation, headed by Vicki Thorn, organized the conference.† It seeks to bring to light the profound effect that abortion has on the fathers whose children are aborted.


Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, The head of the Knights of Columbus explained their support:


"As an organization of lay men that has a strong history and commitment to life, we think it is very important to highlight the issues faced by those fathers whose children are aborted."


"There are three victims of every abortion, the child and both of his or her parents, and it is our hope that this conference will be the beginning of a ministry within the Church to these fathers, who grieve the death of their unborn child in isolation and silence."


Anderson and Thorn believe the "Reclaiming Fatherhood" conference could help men deal with the psychological trauma of post-abortion reality in a way comparable to Project Rachel, a Catholic post-abortion ministry that helps women who have undergone abortions deal with their emotional and spiritual scars.


Source: Catholic News Agency

Publish Date: November 29, 2007

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