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Interview: My Mom's Abortion Failed, so I'm Alive to Talk about it


Illinois - 'an island of abortion' for neighbors


Ultrasound Use as Late Abortions Skyrocket


Cutting Edge Media Campaign in Georgia Links Abortion to Racism


New Abortion Documentary Premieres at Sundance Film Festival


Botched abortion = suspended license


Abortion revelation amps pro-life protest


Black Children Are an Endangered Species


Taxpayers fund abortions but not school vouchers


Standing Between the Butcher and the Baby


Surprise, surprise: Edwards wanted mistress to abort their baby


'Nothing Happened Here' -- Except a Botched Abortion Ending in Fatality


U.S. passes 50 million abortion mark


Groups Request Congressional Investigation of National Cancer Institute's Misinformation on Breast Cancer Risks of Abortion, Oral Contraceptives


Eugenics - the evil root of abortion


Researcher: Abortion is $38.5 Trillion Drag on the Economy


The abortion tragedy, in perspective


Study links depression, abortion


Study Finds Posttraumatic Stress Disorder after Abortions


Repeat abortions = birth control?


Forbes on why insurance companies like paying for abortion: "It's cheaper"


2nd Breast Cancer Scandal: National Cancer Institute Researcher Louise Brinton Reverses Position, Finally Admits Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk in Study that Fingers Oral Contraceptives as a Probable Cause of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer


Abortion Attempt Survivor Speaks Out Against the Intergenerational Impact of Abortion


Carbon Scheme: Offset Your Jet-Set Lifestyle by Eliminating African Babies


Abortions jump in Illinois, especially in Chicago area


Life Versus Death, and the Coal Miner’s Daughter


CDC Abortion Data Reveals Small Uptick in 2006, but Overall Decline over Past Decade


Alleged Forced Abortion Victim Says Abortionist "Ripped the Life" Out of Her


Schools let students seek secret abortions


Human Rights Panel Urges Obama to Confront China's Forced Abortion Policy


Chinese Women with Abortions Have Statistically Significant 17% Increased Breast Cancer Risk -- Scientist Argues Researchers Underestimated Risk

Chairman Steele Nixes Abortion Coverage for RNC Employees


4th Pro-Life World Congress Calls Abortion "Mega-Genocide"


Illinois - 'dumping ground' for abortion


Pharmaceutical company cites Vatican document to defend its use of aborted baby


Since April, 114 Children Have Died from H1N1 -- but 700,000 Have Died from Abortion


Aborted Fetal Material Used in Anti-Wrinkle Creams


Three UK Babies Murdered Every Day Due to Down's Syndrome


Seeking Women Who Have Had Abortions In Ohio


'Abortion crushes hope,' says Rep. Chris Smith at health care press conference


ObamaCare = Coerced Abortions


Over a Billion Abortions Committed Worldwide Since 1970: Guttmacher Institute


Mother Says Miss. Doctor Refused Care to Baby Girl Born at 22 Weeks


“Abortion Addict” Has 15 Terminations in 16 Years


Should Government Have E-Record of Every Woman Who’s Had an Abortion?


Sunstein: Government must fund abortion


Nurse practitioners to perform abortions?


First Abortion: 35% Risk Low Birth-Weight and Premature Babies, Second Abortion 93%


Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Government Funding of Abortion in Health Care Reform


Medical school grads and abortion


New BarlowGirl Post-Abortion Song


Study: Pregnancy Outcomes Influence Breast Cancer Risk


The Negro Project: 'Initiated by Margaret Sanger, Perpetuated by Barack Obama' says Day Gardner of National Black Pro-Life Union


America's youth guide debate on abortion issue

Attorney General Needs to Examine Abortion Industry for Civil Rights Violations


A time for truth on abortion


WSJ: "Abortion is new front in health battle"


Abortion Coverage in ObamaCare is No 'Fabrication'


Newsweek Reporter Witnesses an Abortion


Partial-Birth Abortion: Sounds “worse than it is”?


Keeping Abortion Out of Health Care


If People Really Knew the Truth About Abortion


Nurse forced to participate in abortion speaks out


Study: Turkish Women with Abortions Have Statistically Significant 66% Increase in Breast Cancer Risk / Researchers Likely Underestimated the Risk, Reports Scientist


Abortion Haunting Obama


Catholic nurse ordered to help with abortion


With Tax-Funded Abortions Obama Might Not Have Been Born


Study Finds Medicaid Coverage Increases Abortions


Report on 'medical abortions' somewhat misleading


How Much is a Woman's Life Worth? In Michigan, Only $10,000


How to get your girlfriend to abort


Issue of Covering Abortions Will Not Impede Health-Care Reform Legislation, Says ‘Pro-Life' Democratic Sen. Bob Casey


Abortion Linked to Subsequent Pre-Term Births, New Research Again Confirms


Teachers' union to consider abortion issue

Abortion and Contraception Key Tools in Black Genocide: New Film


Obama’s Plan to Fund D.C. Abortions Shows He Is Not Seeking ‘Common Ground,’ Congresswomen Say


Late-Term Abortions are Never Necessary: Former Abortionist


Abortion vs. cat 'murders'


The First Christians Condemned Abortion as “Among the Worst of Sins”

Free Abortions in Honor of Tiller Denounced as 'Sick'


Eugenic Sex Selection Abortions Coming to a Clinic Near You


Life Advocates Step in to Help as Abortion Numbers Rise


No common ground


Does Legalizing Abortion Abroad Protect Women’s Health?


Catholic Couple "Outs" About Their "Silent Abortions" Due to Contraception


No 'common ground' when it comes to abortion


Support for legal abortion drops in U.S.


Hardly "A New Way of Thinking About Abortion"


Parental rights already being lost


More Federal Tax Dollars Go to Abortion Providers on Tax Day 2009 than Just One Year Ago


Abortion: Sunshine on a rainy day or not?


Red and Yellow, Black and White ... Not All Precious in Our Sight


Born Alive, Then Thrown Away


No Safe Abortions


More Research Links Abortion with Preterm Births in Subsequent Pregnancies


Moving Toward a World With Fewer Children With Down Syndrome


Guttmacher Institute Report Discriminates Against Poor


"Stop Killing The Dream"


Abortion not necessary to treat breast cancer aggressively


If abortion is murder, let's act like it and tell it like it is


African-Americans in the Crosshairs


I was nearly an abortion statistic


Young mother tells the story behind baby born alive and left to die at Florida clinic

Damage to Women Caused by Abortion is Scientifically Proven


"Y.O.P.P"—a 12-year-old's Profound Speech on Abortion


Care Net: Glamour Mag Abortion Stories Point to Need for More Recovery Groups


Hope Clinic Slaughterhouse Butchers Arkansas Girl


Abortion's other victims


University of Wisconsin Clinic to Begin 2nd-Trimester Abortions

State training midwives to perform abortions


Wisconsin hospital pursues late-term abortion plan


Exposing the 'Abortion Reduction' Scam


New Study Finds Father's Support Plays Key Role in Abortion


New Study Examines Familial Context of Choice to Abort


Dallas Selected for Special Airings of Captivating Abortion Documentary 'Beyond the Dark Valley'


Public Health Group Supports Assisted Suicide, Abortion


The March of Death


Economy goes down, abortion goes up


Losing a Baby You've Never Seen is Devastating Say 'Silent No More' Leaders

Handicapped call for end to abortion of handicapped babies


Vatican Newspaper Publishes Article Detailing Birth Control Pill as Cause of Abortion and Cancer


UW and Meriter Hospitals Secretly Plan Late-Term Abortions at Madison Surgery Center


The Long-Term Effects Of Abortion - Where Is The Media's Outrage?


Abortion As A Test of Conscience


High Rates of Psychological Problems and Death Among Post-Abortive Women


Researchers Question Johns Hopkins Study Claiming No Evidence for Post-Abortion Syndrome


Researchers Who Deny Abortion/Depression Link Play Politics with Women's Health


Safe Abortion Continues to Kill America's Women and Children


Medical Malpractice Explains High Premature Birth Rate Among Black Americans, Report Researches -- Only Full Term Pregnancies Reduce Mothers' Breast Cancer Risk


TV Show Reveals the Truth About Abortion and Sexual Assault


What Do We Say to the Woman Who Has Aborted?


Infanticide exposed: Planned Parenthood's secret endorsement


Victim of abortion: 'We cry without tears and we scream without a voice' at abortion clinics


New Yorkers Respond to 'Abortion Changes You' Subway Ads


Counselor Uses Fiction to Bring Alive the True Pain Many Women Experience After an Abortion


Expert finds 65 percent of women who have had abortions have PTSD symptoms


Abortion can Only be Outweighed by an Evil Equivalent "in Number and Kind"


Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation by Ronald Reagan


Ambulance Transports Yet Another Tiller Abortion Patient To Hospital


Killing the Economy: Dennis Howard's "Elephant in the Living Room"


Born-alive abortion movie stuns viewers


October Surprise: Autism Linked to Abortion


Researcher: Economic Impact of Abortion in U.S. Since 1970 - $35 to $70 Trillion


Just Facts Publishes Fact-Based Analysis of Abortion


Abortion: $35 Trillion Drag on the Economy


Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen


Terminating Down Syndrome Baby Typically Requires Gruesome D&E Procedure


Abortion trauma hits both women, men


What Every American Needs to Know


New Down syndrome test could increase ‘eugenic’ abortions


'Eugenic Abortion’: With Pre-Natal Testing, 9 in 10 Down Syndrome Babies Aborted


FRC Discusses Post-Abortion Effects


Men Grieve Too: Abortion and Men Forgotten Victims of Choice


Breast Cancer Cover-Up Featured in Two You Tube Videos


Ambulance Transports Another Injured Woman from Tiller's Abortion Mill


Study Shows Parental-Notification Laws Reduce Abortions


New Blood Test Leads To Designer Babies Fear


Former Abortionist: ‘All I Could See Was Somebody’s Son or Daughter’


"We Can't Reduce Abortion By Promoting Abortion"


Abortion Demographics Shift?


Conference examining effects of abortion on fathers held in Chicago


Blood Guilt from Abortion Is Real


Abortion Damages Women and Diminishes Their Humanity


Empty Cribs


Let's tax abortion


Abortion is a crime and no one has “right” to have one, says Guatemalan cardinal


Post-Abortion Women Challenge Psychologists’ Claim of ‘Harmless’ Abortions


U.S. Supreme Court is Right: 'Abortion Does Cause Severe Depression and Loss of Esteem'


APA Report Disregards Evidence on Abortion Risks


Abortion: Is this what you mean?


‘Reclaiming Fatherhood’ conference to discuss fathers’ losses from abortion


'Silent No More' Women Urge American Psychological Association to Examine Latest Abortion/Depression Study


Norwegian Study Finds Abortion-Depression Link


New Website to Serve As Clearinghouse for Post-Abortion Information


Abortion Kills Majority of Down Syndrome Babies in Spain, Canada


Abortion Linked Condition Contributes to Growing Number of Infant Deaths


Rape Victim Recounts Trauma of Abortion in New Book


APA's New Report May Hide Abortion Risks


Science vs. Ideology: Psychologists and Post-Abortion Mental Health


Teen's mother forces her to have abortion


Lengthy Globe and Mail Article Explores Women's Experiences with Abortion


MA abortionist lets patient die during procedure


'Black Genocide'


Women Buying Abortion Online


Priest Expert Says Infanticide is 50 Years Away from Being Normalized


Abortion Likely to Harm, Not Help, Romanian Teen Who Became Pregnant Through Rape


America Laughs and Plays While Abortion Continues


Girl, 16, Says Mother Forced Her to Have Abortion


Eleven-Year-Old Romanian Girl Receives Late-Term Abortion in London


Ultrasound at Center of Oklahoma Abortion Wars


Counselors Report Earlier Signs of Depression in Women Who Have Had Abortions


Dad 'Would Have Halted Abortion'


Tragic Conclusion: Polish 14-Year-Old Aborts Baby in Controversial Case


Catholic 'Charity' Worker Illegally Signs for Girl's Abortion


Abortion Still Matters


Coerced Georgia Teen is Victim of 'the Lies of Choice' Says Dr. Alveda King


Parents of Teen Involved In Abortion Scheme Speak Out


UK Teen Fearful of Angering Boyfriend's Family Dies from Legal Abortion


Woman Pretended to Be Mom of Girl Who Got Abortion, say Officials


California Study Denying Abortion-Cancer Link is Fraudulent, Says Scientist


“Against All Odds.....”


Looking Into The Eyes of a Billion Aborted Bodies


How Teens Are Coerced and Manipulated Into Abortion


Unique New Book Offers Real Stories of Those Changed by Abortion


No Memorial Day for America's Unborn


Nurse Practitioners Given Authority to Perform Abortions


'Abortion is against every instinct of a woman'


Men, Interrupted


State Board OKs Abortions by 'Killer-Nurses'


Anti-Abortion Campaign Needs Collective Effort


Abortion has solved nothing, only inflicted deeper wounds on society, Pope laments


Premature Baby Study Stokes Row on Murdering Them by Abortion Past the Limits of Viability


Arizona Children Killed by Abortions Might Increase


Abortion Kills Your Sex Life Says UK Doctor in Times Column


Abortion Changes You


Abortion Attempt Survivor Shares Message


Abortions can lead to mental breakdown


Survey Shows Unwed Mothers May See Abortion as Their Only Choice


47% of African Americans Killed


American Medical Association Once Said Abortion A Crime


"Is This What You Mean?"


Sex-Selective Abortion Comes to America


New study offers healing from abortion


Abortion: The Price of Illiteracy


Racism and Abortion 'Stem from the Same Poisonous Root,' Says Dr. Alveda King


Dan + Julie Zanoza Give Testimony About Their Experience With Abortion On YouTube


Fr. Frank Pavone Demonstrates Dismemberment Abortion on Fetus Model


Gender Selection Abortions in the U.S. Target Girl Babies


Divorce, abortion leave "open wounds"


Half of Kansas abortions on visitors


Wealthy Foundations Encouraged to Recruit and Fund Religious Groups to Push Abortion


Government Database Restricting Information On Abortion


Late-Abortions Plummet Nearly 30% in Abortion Capital


"Not a Saint, Just a Parent"


Abortions hurt men too


"Politically Correct Eugenics"


Abortion and Sleep Disorders


Oncologists at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are Either Liars or Uninformed, says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer


Royal college warns abortions can lead to mental illness


“Since You Asked”


Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. calls abortion a major crime


Parents notified before tattoos and piercing, but not abortions


How will I ever tell my son that his father tried to kill him before he was born?


Medical Journal: Federal Agencies, Academicians Suppress Evidence of Breast Cancer Risk Factors


Today's Battle - an Evil Worse Than Slavery


MLK's niece: 'Abortion a racist, genocidal act'


Acceptance of Sex-Selective Abortion Growing


IUD Among Abortion Causing Birth Control Options for College Students


Colorado Center Helps Men and Women Deal with Post-Abortion Trauma


Study Confirms the 'Obvious Link' Between Abortion and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Say 'Silent No More' Women


Abortion: Black genocide


Were Abortion Numbers Accurate?


Deep Disapproval of Universal Coverage of Abortion


Babies 'Feel Pain Before 24-Week Abortion Limit'


Thirty-Five Years and 45 Million Preborn Babies Later


35 Years of a Dream Denied


Story shows that sonograms stop abortions


U.S. Abortion Rate Hits 30-Year Low


Abortion Numbers Continue to Decline


Mother of 22 year-old Abortion Victim Available for Interviews


Should Women Who Commit Abortion (Murder) Be Punished?


'Botched Abortion Nearly Killed Me,' says Woman


Black's Abortion Rates Don't Sit Well With Pastor


Mobilizing Men May Alter Abortion Debate


Abortion = Cancer Increase


On the Big Screen, Abortion is Out


Abortion: The "Best Predictor" of Breast Cancer


Abortions at Stroger up 78% since 2003


Abortion's 3rd Victim: Dad


Conference examines abortion’s effects on fathers


Misreading the Facts About 'Safe' Abortions


Abortion Causes 'Hopelessness' in Black Communities, King Says


Abortion's Sneaky Rise: Interview With Susan Yoshihara


The Actuary: Breast Cancer Epidemic's Impact From Abortion on Insurance, Health Care through 2029 Is Serious


“Weaker” Twin Survives Attempted Abortion


Federal Officials Underreport Grim Impact of Abortion


Studies Point to Abortion-Breast Cancer Link


Women's Health after Abortion  


We Can't Deny Knowing Abortions Are Happening


Study: Previous Abortions Linked With Pre-Term Birth and Cerebral Palsy


Gov. Task Force Examining Abortion Affects on Women


Virginia City Council Studies Abortion-Clinic Regulations


Does the religious right drive up the abortion rate?


Governor: 'Abortion Can Cut Crime'


Abortion Debate Re-ignited by Baby Born at 23 Weeks 5 Days


Activists Slam US Policy on Abortion Funding


Abortion Business Death Raises Questions


Eugenic Abortion for Minor Problems Criticized by Pro-Abortion Doctor


FOX Documentary Exposes Agonizing Human Choices Underlying Abortion Debate


Ginsburg: Abortion Will Always be Accessible to 'Women of Means'


Archbishop of Canterbury Urges Re-Think on Abortion?


Abortion Business Death Raises Questions


Pro-life spokeswoman: Abortion study "lost in ideological fog"


Pro-life group challenges statistics on worldwide abortions


Planned NJ Stem-Cell Referendum Up In Air


Pro-life group: Abortion clinics inherently bring societal ills to host towns


CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


New Study Shows 'Best Predictor of Breast Cancer'


Abortions linked to breast cancer again


Lawmaker Concerned About Abortions at Atlanta's Grady Hospital


Abortion Death Reported in Massachusetts


Massachusetts Abortion Victim's Mom Comes Forward


"Trauma and Abortion: When Men Hollow"


Tobacco 'Kills' But Abortion Only 'Legal'


Screening for Treatable Genetic Disorder May Lead to More Abortions


Abortion is never solution to recovering dignity of women, says Argentinean archdiocese


The perils and pitfalls of abortion rhetoric


Dumpsters, Bridges, and Children


Ministering to Women Struggling with Post-Abortion Trauma


Sex-Selection Abortion and America's Silent Bigotry


Woman Alleges Medical Malpractice After Abortion


What Would Darwin Advise?


Milwaukee's Holy Cross Cemetery - Resting place for over 1,000 aborted babies


An Abortionist's Nightmare


One Quarter of Black Population Missing from Abortion Genocide Says Dr. Alveda King


Killing the Unborn is Murder...Well, Unless It's Convenient


Killer cupids


Dr. Alveda King on New Crime Statistics: We Have Sown the Wind of Death in Abortion Clinics and Reaped the Whirlwind of Violence in Our Streets


Kill the babies to save doctors'


Abortion Raises Crime Rates, Economist Says


Abortion Muti on Sale in Liquid Form


The "Sacrament" of Abortion


Abortion #1 killer of blacks, says Tennessee pastor


Abortion in Maryland


Abortion: The Devil's Masterpiece


Infanticide and Unintended Consequences


Senate Democrat State Health Insurance Plan Equals Taxpayer-Funded Abortions


Abortion is a "Perfect demonic system" says Human Life International President


The Perfect Son Doctors Advised Us Should Be Aborted


Missouri Health Regulations May Restrict Abortions?


Actor Chris Langham 'Offered to Pay for Girl's Abortion'


Absolutely No Exceptions


Birth Control


Who's to blame when aborting women die?


Incidents Show Abortions Out of Control in Kansas


Hollywood Keeps Abortion Out of Hit Movie


Website Threatening Abortion Raises Some Local Hackles


Gender Testing Kits May Influence Abortion: Obstetricians


Legal abortion has increased illegitimacy


Partial Birth Abortions continue in Kansas (and Illinois)


Most films, TV shows steer clear of abortion


The War on 'Defective' Children


Flawed Study Underestimated Breast Cancer Risk of Abortion


Animal Rights and Human Wrongs


Controversial abortion film wins Cannes festival


Consumer Children


"I could have ended up with one of these being gone, and the one that is gone could have been one of these"


Abortions in West Virginia Fall by 14 Percent


Roe v. Wade Means THAT?


Cosmetic Abortion an Ugly Science


Haunting Echoes of Eugenics


Sliding Fast Down the Slippery Slope


Pro-Life Groups Call for the Department of Justice to Share How and When They Will Enforce the Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion


Some Athletes Choose Abortion Over Losing a Scholarship


Taxpayers Have Right to Resist State-Paid Abortion


"What a Wonderful World," If You're Allowed In It


APA Panel Convened to Discuss Abortion After Effects is Stacked with Deniers


The link between abortion and divorce


Pro-Choice Hate Crime: 90% of Down Syndrome Babies Aborted


Colombian bishops to celebrate Mass for aborted children


Home Gender Test Will Lead to Sex-Selection Abortion, Experts Warn


Maine Christians outraged over ministers' support for abortion-on-demand


Through the Back Door


Planned Parenthood Admits it: Abortion Total Tops Four Million


An Abortion that Even Pro-choicers Abhor


Coalition Wants Abortions Over Doctors' Objections


Lawmakers Hear Testimony on Post-Abortion Trauma


Likening Abortion to Terrorism, Keyes Urges No Compromise


Aborted alive in the UK vs. U.S.


Women for Life International Protests Amnesty International's Proposed Abortion Policy


Dutch Abortion Boat Granted License for International Abortions


New Abortion-Cancer Study Severely Flawed, Says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer / Group Calls on Journalists to Challenge Researchers to Do a Proper Study


Abortion Clinics are “Slaughterhouses of Human Beings”


Wisconsin Abortion Rate at Record Low


America's Post-Abortion Syndrome


Reproductive Rights: Embracing the Lie


Tale of Two Babies


Museum of Contraception and Abortion Opens to Controversy


'May You Find Peace After Your Abortion'


New Line of E-Cards Show Abortion Not Just a Matter of a Clump of Cells


Link Found Between Abortion and Child Abuse


Congratulations, you killed your baby.


Abortion Linked to Higher Rates of Child Abuse, Study Finds


Doctors Fight to Save Aborted Baby Wrongly Misdiagnosed as Deformed in Prenatal Test


Military shortages, Social Security crisis, and illegal immigration all linked to abortion


Botched procedure shuts down abortion business


After Comatose Victim, Two More Women Injured At New Jersey Abortion Mill Come Forward


Italian abortion mafia


British study links miscarriages to abortion


Italian Girl Suffers Mental Breakdown After Forced Abortion


Mental health expert highlights abortion's impact on men


Following the Beat of the Ban


Study Finds Majority of Doctors Object to Abortion for Failed Contraception


10 Fast Facts About Abortion's Injustice and Risks to Women


Ad campaign urges 'second look' at abortion


Is There a Post-Abortion Syndrome? Emily, Do You Really Need to Ask?


CBS News poll shows most Americans want abortion restricted


CBS News Poll: Pro-Lifers Not Convincing Public 'Abortion Is Murder'


Clinics: Some Use Prescription Drug to Commit Abortions


Pro-lifers fill snow-packed Washington for annual rally and march


Women Share Secret Publicly -- Other Women Deserve to Know the Truth


Some Insurance Benefits Include Abortion


How Many More Will Die?


Billions Killed By Abortion: When Will We Stop Killing Our Children


Say What?!?!


Alexandria Schools Consider Discussions on Abortion


Pinwheels mark Georgia abortions


Medical Group Calls for Wider Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome


The New Global Leader in Demographic Decline - South Korea


Killing Babies When They Are Down


Abortions Slash New York City's Birth Rate


Is God allowing abortion to save eternal lives?


Just how many ways can we use aborted babies?


The Problem with the Culture of Drive-Thru Abortions


"I Left My Dead Baby In The Toilet" - Former Patient of Abortionist Tells O'Reilly Factor


Numbering the Days of Abortion on Demand


Angel Bears Testimony To Coerced Abortion Tragedy


Physicians ask Gov't to Provide Vaccines Not Created from Aborted Babies


Abortion Ship On Its Way to Argentina


The Taxpayer's Right to Choose  


Miscarriage Linked to Out of Wedlock Pregnancies, Abortion, Artificial Procreation


Autopsy Confirms “Aborted” Baby was Born Alive at Abortion Clinic


Politically Correct Abortion-Speak


Elephants in the Room - Media's Abortion Holocaust Cover-up


Abortion Risks: Women Want to Know, Says Study


Alabama Abortion-Clinic Regulations Displease Both Sides


Autopsy Confirms That 'Aborted' FL Baby Was Born Alive


Botched Abortion Sends Woman To Milwaukee Hospital


Living With Eddie


Private Hospitals Serve As Havens Of Abortion


The inconvenient truth about 'safe abortion'


Half U.S. abortions are repeats for women


Abortion's a fact of life in Brazil


In-Laws Forcibly Aborted Seven-Month Old Fetus, Victim Now Demands Justice


Abortion and the end of the world


Bryant Teen Raped and Forced to have Abortion


Amnesty International Considering Abortion as a Human Right


Abortion References Upset Democrats on Immigration Panel


Hope Abortion Clinic in headlines again


Distraught Man Uses Terrorist Tactics to Stop Girlfriend’s Abortion


Mo. Panel's Report Ties Immigration Problem to 33 Years of Abortion


Pregnancy Centers Now Key Players in Reducing Abortion


Kansas Abortionist Killed Late-Term Babies for “Maternal Depression”: Fox News


Baby Girl born alive and killed after surviving late-term abortion


'Human Rights Watch' Undermines the Dignity of Women and Their Children


Charges expected in baby's death at abortion business


Leading UK Doctors Say Women Should Be Warned of “Clear Link” Between Abortion, Depression


Teacher Suspended For Showing Students Abortion Film


Evidence Cited: Abortion Exposes Women to Higher Risk of Depression


Abortion Rights Lecture Sparks Debate For NU Medical Students


Joint Evangelical and Catholic Document on Abortion calls it Murder


Violent Culture Starts With Abortion


Ms. Mstakes


The Abortion Question: Do We Have the Right to Harm the Innocent?


Oxford Study Denying Abortion-Cancer Link "Seriously Flawed in the Direction of Covering Up the Link" 


Legal Abortions Caused Pregnant Woman's Murder, Says Group


“Therapeutic abortion” being used to open door to more abortions in Peru


Doctor: Abortion is Unnecessary


Abortion is a sin and a choice


Abortion Hurts Women - Pro-Life Message Winning in South Dakota


Call For More Study On How Abortion Affects Mental Health


Father of 11-Year-Old Rape Victim Does Not Allow Abortion of His Grandchild


Komen Foundation Meets with Colorado Right to Life on Abortion Breast Cancer Link


Women who Regret their Abortions to Speak on NYC Streets


Abortion Notification, Consent Laws Reduce Risky Teen Sex: FSU Study


Abortions are "Never Justifiable" Even in Cases of Fetal Abnormality


3 arrested in attempted turpentine abortion


Murder-Suicide Tied To Abortion


Abortion Rates in Youth Climb as Spain Declines


DOJ: Betraying aborted-alive babies?


'Force Abortion Grandparents' May Face Charges In Maine


A Society with Legal Abortion Cannot Fight Crime Effectively


Parents Charged With Kidnapping Daughter


Kidnapping Spotlights Forced Abortion “Epidemic”


Four Ways to Reduce Breast Cancer Rates


Kidnap Tied To Forced Abortion


Argentinean daily publishes story on baby Martin, survivor of abortion


Princeton Professor Singer: And I repeat, I would kill Disabled Infants


Rape and Incest Victims Don't Want Abortion, Say It Doesn't Help Women


Women Want Truth about Abortion


Vatican cardinal clarifies stories, says abortion doctors excommunicated themselves


Argentine official falsified abortion statistics


Texas to Grandparents: Your 'Killing-Consent Form' Must Be Notarized


Abortion: An inherently dangerous business


Women Want to Know About Abortion Risks, Survey Reveals


Study Finds Aborting Brings Teens More Problems Than Giving Birth


Argentinean baby, saved from death two weeks ago, aborted Friday


Economists feud on abortion, crime


Colombia's first legal abortion


Prenatal test used to select and kill babies


Iranian Scientists Free To Work With Embryonic Stem-Cells


Yale School of Medicine Requires Abortion Training for Ob/gyn Residents


Abortion Takes Toll on Adolescent Mental Health


Priests for Life Urges Partial-Birth Abortion Educational Activity


Rockford, Illinois Bishop Says Dem’s “a clear and present danger” to US survival as a nation”


Homicide in Hialeah – or illegal dumping?


'Aborted' baby born alive, authorities say


Abortions On The Increase For Under-16s


Where Does God Stand on Abortion?


Abortion Riskier For Adolescents Than Pregnancy


Religious Groups Push Abortion


Choice? Whose Choice?


FWRM wants abortion legalized


Abortion and New Biology: A Reality Check


Officials in Buenos Aires to poll residents on the issue of abortion


"We Never Know"


Florida Abortion Clinic Loses License Over Murder of Born-Alive Infant


Lawsuit Claims Abortion Botched


The Real Meaning of "Compromise"


The legalized back-alley abortion capital


About Those New Abortion Numbers


Blood Evidence At Abortion Clinic Reveals “Shop of Horrors”


The Eliminators


Family Group Alarmed at NZ Government Taxpayer-Funded Eugenics


Press Misses Huge Story About National Academies of Science Recognition of Abortion-Premature Birth Link, Says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer


UK: Rising Number of Abortions Confirm Need to Change 1967 Law


Argentine Court Backs Abortion for Rape Victim


UPDATE: Argentinean Hospital Refuses to Perform Abortion on Child of Disabled Woman


Baby Born in Waiting Room Murdered at Florida Abortion Clinic


Argentina University Offers to “Adopt” Baby Threatened with Abortion


National Academies of Science: Abortion Linked to Subsequent Premature Birth


Christian Doctor Says Congressman Wrong About Abortion


National Academies of Science: Abortion Linked to Subsequent Premature Birth / Link Supports Abortion as Risk Factor for Breast Cancer


Counselors report earlier signs of depression in women who have had abortions


8 Kenyan Women Arrested for Obtaining Abortion


The myth of the coathanger


Abortion Could Lead to First Degree Murder Charges in South Dakota Lawyer Warns


Congressional Democrats Say Pregnancy Centers Lie to Women


Democrats' Abortion Politics Trumps Women's Healthcare / Like Tobacco-State Congressmen, Democrats Protect Cancer-Causing Industry, Influence Scientific Decision-Making


Waxman Report Whitewashes Risk of Abortion


The Freak of Abortion


Maintain the Focus


Black Americans For Life Says Jackson and Sharpton Do Not Speak For Blacks on Abortion


Shock Rise In UK Abortions


Why is Mom in Jail and Abortionist is Not?


Abortion Hotline In Shanghai Helped 784 Girls Kill Their Babies


Decriminalized Abortion Tops Emily's Wish List


10 million females illegally aborted in India


Emergency Inspections of All Kansas Abortion Mills


Record Abortion Levels in Britain


Abortion of “Excess” Babies Common with IVF


Hang ‘Em High


Brides Hired By The Month in India due to Abortion


Cameroon: Abortion Provokes Controversies


Women Having Abortions Are Not Who You Think


Pope Discusses "the Plague of Abortion and Demographic Crisis" in Baltic States


Multiple studies prove abortion-cancer link


Eugenic Abortion Explosion Feared as New Test Will Screen Embryos for 6,000 Diseases


Women's Group Disgusted by Mayo Clinic's Misinformation about Abortion-Cancer Link


The Death Business Respects No Culture


"I Just Had to Do It"


Americans turn against abortion – and liberal orthodoxy behind it


Abortion is a Crime that Must be Punished Says Vatican


Abortion's Dead Poets Society


Bible is clear on wrongness of abortion


Cuban Women Prefer Abortion as Birth Control Method


Professor of Law Prophesies the Universal Imposition of Abortion “Rights” and the Death of National Sovereignty


South Dakota Reservation Bans Abortion, Suspends Tribal President Seeking Abortion Clinic


PBS to Re-Air Documentary on Mississippi and its Abortion Fight


China: Crackdown on Abortion of Girls


Education on the Harmful Effects of Abortion Begin


Attack On 'Club Foot' Abortions


The Grim Reality of Abortion's Aftermath


Female Feticide in India


Illinois Man Charged In Death Of Unborn Child


Killing Off America


Eugenics and "Late Abortions"


Journalism or Advocacy?


Birmingham, AL – Why Abortion Mills are Closing!


Alabama Abortion Mill Closed By State After Botched Abortion


Catholic Medical Association Calls for End to Aborted Fetal Vaccines


The Abortion Debate That Wasn't: Pregnancies Terminated When Fetuses Are Prenatally Diagnosed With Disabilities


Roe attorney: Use abortion to 'eliminate poor'


Chicago Tribune: Sex-Selective Abortion in Indian Village


Colombia's Constitutional Court Rules 5 to 3 Approving the Killing of Preborn Children with Malformation or Conceived by Rape and Incest


US Breast Cancer Group Ridicules Abortion Breast Cancer Link with "Award"


Low Birth Rate is Russia’s Biggest Problem Says President Putin


Tragic Triangle


Breast Cancer 'Award' Draws Ire of Abortion Opponents


AGI Abortion Report is Flawed Science


Partial Truth


Ultrasound Killed the Abortion Star


Nicaragua Congress to Debate Legalizing Abortion


Amnesty International Considers Pushing Enforcement of Abortion as Human Right


No Denying, Abortion Harms Women


Denise Richards: 'Charlie Sheen Wanted Me to Have an Abortion'


Women Who Oppose Abortion Rights After Having Had Procedure Say Their Numbers Are Increasing, Washington Times Reports


Glamour Magazine Challenged to a Debate on Abortion-Cancer Link


No grey areas exist on abortion issue


Men and Abortion: New Thoughts on an Old Subject


Villanova considering on-campus memorial to 'victims of abortion'


Abortion has caused Need for Millions of Illegal Aliens says Evangelical Leader Colson


Mumps can cause spontaneous abortion


Doctor jailed for offering sex-selection abortion


Down syndrome kids aborted, adopted


Vaccines Made from Aborted Babies Body Parts


Discrimination Against Traditional Mothers


Group wants probe into woman's death


8th Medical Organization Acknowledges Abortion-Cancer Link


More Couples Choosing Their Baby's Sex and Undergoing Procedure to Avoid Disease and Genetic Defects


No Evidence Abortion Reduces Crime


Human Rights Watch Urges Abortion Access in Mexico Under Concern for “Rape Victims”


Video Game Designers Target Abortion Debate


Massive Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Abortion Restrictions


Infanticide of Disabled Babies Commonplace of Communist North Korea


Forced Abortions in New Jersey


Under-16s abortions shock for Glasgow


Sex-Selection Abortion and Infanticide Help Explain 200 Million "Missing Women"


Pope Benedict XVI Calls Abortion "Today's Gravest Injustice"


This Is The Healthy Baby Boy - A Couple Were Told They Should Abort


Canada Releases Abortion Numbers – 103,768 Babies Killed in 2003


Most Americans Look for Middle Ground on Abortion


The Real Point


Blogger's how-to for abortions stirs debate


US Bishops Correct 55 Representatives on Abortion


Catholic Leaders Respond to Congressional Catholic Democrats' "Statement of Principles"


Poll: Americans consistently inconsistent about abortion


Understanding Abortion Polls 


Final Solution to U.S. "Abortion Problem" is Clearly Laid Out in Contstitution Says Writer


World Abortion Trend the Opposite of U.S.


Down Syndrome and the Pressure to Abort


Ending partial-birth abortion


Abortion lies vs. abortion realities


Abortion-Law Analysis Called Faulty


America Continues the Violence of Rape and Incest by Killing the Child for Sins of the Father


World experts submit amicus briefs to stop legalization of abortion in Colombia


Abortion Wars


Abortion Study Causes Stir in New Zealand


Medical Records Link Abortion With Death


Abortion is all about sex


Film 'Thunders' Truth of Partial Birth Abortion as U.S. Supreme Court Considers Upholding Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion


Forced Abortion on Poor Ethnic Women Proposed in Holland


Breast Cancer Rates Reach Nearly 275,000 Cases


APA Admits Mental Problems Resulting From Abortion Ignored by Official Position


Women's Cancer Deaths Up, Men's Down -- Women's Group Berates American Cancer Society


Botched Abortion: She Was “Awake and Screaming”


Abortion: A Deadly Choice


Polls Distort U.S. Views on Abortion


Abortion Like Shooting Your Own Children


America's Aborted Conscience—The Sin of Moral Indifference


Abortion Still High on Conservative Agenda


Pro-Abortion Scientist Finds Abortion Causes, Rather Than Prevents, Serious Mental Disorders


Lies exposed by photos and videos


Aborting Churches


Abortion Causes Mental Disorders: New Zealand Study May Require Doctors to Do Fewer Abortions


Abortion Linked To Insomnia


Abortion Polls and Senator Feinstein's Theory of Relativity


Daughter’s Suicide After Secret Abortion Leads Father to Activism


Britain Funds “Safe Abortions” in Developing World, Opposing US


Archbishop calls simultaneous rejection of Iraq war and support for abortion hypocritical


Truth about abortion


Linking statutory rape and abortion


Fewer Abortions May Indicate a Change in Attitudes


Abortions Behind Parents' Backs


Sleep Disorders Increase After Abortion


The Painful Truth


Abortion Has Killed Millions More Than War


Interview With A Killer: Abortion and the Side Issues


Pandora’s Box - What Roe Has Wrought


Tragic: U.S. passed 47 million mark for abortions in 2005


Abortion and Substance Abuse Link Often Overlooked, Women's Health Review  Reports


What would Dr. King say?


Research Affirms that Abortion Harms Women


Grand Jury Asked to Investigate Abortion Murder, Misconduct


3 of 4 New York City Babies Aborted


Grand Jury Asked to Investigate Abortion Murder, Misconduct


Florida Judges Often Waived Parental Notification For Teens' Abortions


'Trauma Pill' Could Make Abortion Memories Less Painful


Lasting Regret Over Abortion


New Research Supports Abortion-Mental Health Risk Claims


Woman finally coping with her abortion 13 years ago


Hamilton College Youth Poll - Abortion


Renewed debate over Ireland’s abortion laws


Spain Continues Cultural Tailspin-Abortion Rates Soar 72%


Women Are More Likely To Be Treated For Sleep Problems After An Induced Abortion


Study could lead to challenge to abortion


Study: Abortion raises risk of depression


Abortions in Spain rise by 72 percent in 10 years


Abortion Is Murder; Let Us Be Human


Abortions at 30-year low in Illinois


Abortion-Shoah Comparison Infuriates Abortion Advocates at EU


Professor Again Links Abortion And Cancer


Abortion - Breast Cancer Link is Real, Recent Studies Flawed


Abortion Is NOT Legal!


Canadians Killing Themselves Off: By Using Birth-Control and Abortion Senior Citizens will Outnumber Children in a Decade - Population Crisis!


Make Abortion Providers Pay Victimized Patients


"Who Would Want a Child Like That? We Would!"


After Abortion the Mental Distress Lasts for Years says New Study


Having an Abortion Linked To Long-Term Anxiety, Stress


New Medical Journal Review Sets the Record Straight About Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer


'I survived an abortion attempt'


'Abortion pain can last for years'


Groundbreaking Abortion Report Just Approved in South Dakota


7th Medical Organization Recognizes Abortion-Cancer Link / International Group of Obstetricians/Gynaecologists Finds Significant Risk Increase


Abortion issue & Schaeffer influence pushed evangelicals to engagement, Land says


68,000 Women Die Having Abortion Every Year


Abortion Report An Eye-Opener


The Abortion Capital of America


I survived an abortion attempt'


Legal Expert on the 1000th Victim of Abortion, Death Penalty


Abort Abortion


Not Thinking About "What Could Have Been"


Research Used to Deny Abortion-Cancer Link Is Seriously Flawed


Women’s Suicide Rates Highest After Abortion, New Study


Abortion, Not Poverty, Is the Greater Tragedy Says Southern Baptist Leader


Young Women Have Different Outlook Toward Abortion


Abortions Dropped After Arson, State Rep. plans bill to force taxpayers to buy insurance for abortion clinics


U.K. Investigation of Babies Surviving Abortions


Many women victim of 'gendercide,' study finds


UN Human Rights Committee Rules That Denying Access to Abortion Violates Women’s Human Rights


'Enforcer' testifies on slave ring's forced abortions


Moe v. Wade


Swedes Say They Are Obligated to Make Abortion Available to Polish Women


Jimmy Carter Using Abortion to Split Support for Republicans?


Jimmy Carter: Abortion Redux


PBS Documentary to Show Pro-Life Successes in Closing Abortion Facilities


Men deserve a say in abortion debate


Abuse Risk Linked To Abortion


PBS: 'The Last Abortion Clinic'


Abortion-Depression Study Flawed And Misleading


"The Last Abortion Clinic"


Sexual trick or treat for families


Social Worker Arrested For Destroying DNA by Abortion


Fight over billboards linking cancer to abortion


The Morning-Afer Pill: A Murder Weapon


Abortion Linked to Increased Risk of Child Abuse Reveals New Study


Missouri Inmate Has Abortion


Why Does A Disability Make Abortion Okay?


Abortion not about privacy


Abortion-Hospital Contracted Funeral Director To Dispose Of Born Alive Babies; Funeral Director Charged With Abusing Corpses


Chinese Government Forbids Catholic Seminaries to Teach against Abortion Says Congressional Report


"The Abortion Debate No One Wants to Have" 


The ABC Link


Painful Choice


Abortion Clinic offers Free Abortion for Katrina Evacuees


Again, it’s about Abortion


Botched abortion kills both mother & baby


Redbook, Mislead Women about Abortion-Cancer Link, says Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer


The Abortion "Experience"


Autopsy Reveals a Delay in Care Responsible for Teen’s Botched Abortion Death


Throwing babies out with the floodwater


Women Are Three Times More Likely To Die After An Abortion, New Study


British Favour Tightening Abortion Restrictions


Getting Wise to the Lies


Catholic Student Society wants 18 Pro-Abortion "Catholic" Colleges to Dismiss Dissident Professors


Unborn Pain


Glamour Magazine Disinforms Readers about Abortion-Cancer Link, Says the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer


1.5 Million Still Aborted Annually


New Study Finds Some Late-Term Abortion Babies Born Live at Only 18 Weeks


British Researcher to Report Abortion-Cancer Findings at American Statistical Association Meeting on Wednesday


Most Americans Favor Abortion Restrictions


Decline in Number and Rate of U.S. Abortions Continues, New Analysis Shows


Vatican Condemns Vaccines Made with Tissue Obtained by Abortion


Fewer U.S. Abortions Performed in 2002 Than in Any Year Since 1976


Right to Know Laws Prove Effective


Women Hurt by Abortion Speak Out About Supreme Court Nomination


Polluted Unborn Babies Evoke Pro-Life Talk From Abortion Supporting Congresswoman


Bill Clinton Complains of Media Pro-Abortion Bias


Absence of conscience


U.N. Official Maintains Key to Ending Poverty is Abortion


Forced Abortion in China Thwarted by Hong Kong Officials


Abortion's Lingering Damage Revealed


New Study Finds Higher Substance Use Rates Among Pregnant Women After Abortion


G8 Pushes Abortion


G8 Summit Push to Force Abortion on Africa


Record Five Million People Visited Federally Funded Family Planning Clinics in 2004, AGI Report Says


Gender Test Triggers Abortion Fears


Abortion Breast Cancer Facts not Welcome at Halifax Conference


What's Right in Our Own Eyes


The anti-life name game


An Unspeakable Health Threat


Culture of Death


Abortion Linked to Premature Births


Planned Parenthood Founded Institute Admits Abortion Rates Down Under Bush Administration


Abortion Encouraged in Ukraine as Unborn Babies Used for Russian Beauty Treatments


Abortion and breast cancer


Aborting Ourselves into Bankruptcy


Women having abortions over and over


Tiller the Killer Strikes Again!


Pro-life medical professionals ... Pontius Pilates?


The Right of Rights


Nuremberg Style Medical Ethics and Informed Consent Legislation


Florida Judge Allows 13 Year-Old to Undergo Abortion


'Option Ultrasound' Helps Many Women See Alternative to Abortion


Abortion Politics in High School - Iowa Principal Relents Allows Pro-Life T-Shirts


Abortion Stopped for 13 Year-Old Florida Girl


Women's Group Denounces Breast Cancer Fundraising Scam


Court Grants ACLU Request To Expedite Appeals Process in Case of 13-Year-Old Florida Foster Child Denied an Abortion


New Study Confirms Abortion Increases Risk of Future Premature Births


Abortion: "Horrible . . . The Worst Thing I Ever Did" says Ozzy Osbourne's Wife


Abortion Clinic Workers Refuse To Help Mother Screaming to Save Live Child


Pressure to Abort Intense for Expectant Moms Carrying Down Syndrome Babies


Russian Abortion Killing and Sterilizing Millions; Demographic Collapse Likely to be Worse than Previously Predicted


Scottish Hospitals Admitting to Very Late-Term Abortions


Washington Post Magazine Profiles Couple Faced With Making Decision About Whether To Abort Severely Disabled Fetus


Abortion Has a Damaging Psychological Effect says Psychiatrist


Medical Journal: Abortion-Cancer Link Has Malpractice Implications for Doctors


Mother arrested for attempting to intervene in her 14-year old's decision to have abortion


Family Planning Clinics Accuse Kansas AG of Violating Gag Order in Case Involving Abortion Medical Records


Abortion Worse than Murder of Adults Says Head of Philippine Bishops Conference


New Abortion Poll Shows Strong U.S. Public Opposition to Roe v. Wade

Last Update: March 4, 2010