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Archives - Bioethics

Vatican newspaper calls new stem cell source 'future of medicine'


California Money Shifted to Adult Stem-Cell Research


Restoring Function after Stroke with Adult Stem Cells


Adult stem cell research respects human integrity, says Mexican archbishop


Pushing a Dangerous Anti-Human Exceptionalism “Undignified Bioethics”


Prospects rosy for adult stem-cell treatments


Targeting Minority Embryos


Adult stem cells continue advances


No Human Rights for Fetuses because of Undeveloped Nervous System: Ethicists


Ameliorating Alzheimer’s with Adult Stem Cells


Embryonic stem-cell funding - an incentive to kill


NIH approves first human embryonic stem cell research under new rules


Breathing Easier with Adult Stem Cells

Research abandoned on contraceptive vaccine to ‘immunize’ women against pregnancy


New Presidential Bioethics Commission

Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life campaign set to launch


Pro-life group calls for boycott of cosmetics company using aborted fetal cells


No Men or Women Needed: Scientists Create Sperm And Eggs From Stem Cells


Why Germany is REALLY ahead in stem cell treatments


Fetal Cell Experiments on Patients: Not Learning Their Lessons


White Meat or Dark?


Beware the Drive to Reduce Some Human Beings Into Mere Natural Resources


Woman births child wrongly implanted


They Really, Really Want To Kill For Organs

FDA Hold on Embryonic Stem Cell Experiments

NIH Director Ignorant On Stem Cells?


Texas swimmer attests to adult stem-cell success


Spreading the word - embryos can be adopted


Science Awards Go to Adult Cell Researchers


Obama chief: Embryos are 'just a handful of cells'


FDA delays embryonic stem cell trial


Embryonic research against the law?


Lead Into Gold: IPSCs Already Being Used In Drug Testing


Ethical stem cell alternative advances


Chinese Team Clones Live Mice Using Questionable "Ethical" Stem Cell Technique


Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Repair Heart Tissue in Mice


NIH nominee Collins' life views questioned


Congress contemplates bill banning weird science


New NIH Guidelines Give Scientists Green Light for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Obama Policy Encourages Embryo Destruction


New NIH stem cell guidelines leave large ethical loophole, critics say


National Institutes of Health issues final embryonic stem cell guidelines


Fetal Tissue in Vaccine Production May be Linked to Autism in Children Claims Campaign Group


First Clinical Trials Completed of Adult Cardiac Stem Cell Repair


Bioethics PR


Obama Terminates Bioethics Council


IVF Treats Embryos as Expendable, Bioethicist Says


An ethically produced vaccine for swine flu


Brave New World – Woman Aborts IVF Baby after “Wrong” Embryo Implanted


New York to Use Taxpayer Money to Buy Human Eggs


50,000 People Weigh in on Embryonic-Research Guidelines


Ethicist and Women Bioethics Leaders Criticize New York Stem Cell Board for Pursuing Cash-for-Eggs Scheme


Adult Stem Cells Found to Cure Blindness – Three Patients Cured


Ethicists warn against money for human egg donations


Adult stem cells cure child of sickle cell anemia


Today is the Final Day for Public Comment on New Embryo Research Guidelines


U.S. bishops’ official: Stem cell guidelines ignore science and embryonic humanity


Adult Stem Cells Solve Embryonic Research Problems


Pushing Doctors into a "Dual Mandate" and the "Attack on Doctors' Hippocratic Oath"


US Scientist Claims to Have Implanted 11 Cloned Embryos


Adult Stem Cells from Fat Tissue Offer Hope for MS Treatment


Adult Stem Cells Can Help Heal Broken Bones


National Right to Life says the Obama Administration is pushing step-by-step the creation and harvesting of human embryos for research


Adult Stem Cells Used Successfully to Cure Diabetics, Heal Broken Jaw Bone

Lead Into Gold: Al Gore to Fund IPSCs


Oprah doctor: 'stem cell debate is dead'


Adult Stem Cells Show Promise for Damaged Corneas


Oprah’s website buries Dr. Oz's ‘stem cell debate is dead’ statement


Obama embryo research policy ‘a step backward,’ bioethics council members say

National Right to Life Warns U.S. House of "Bait-and-Switch" on Stem Cell Research Bill


Obama misrepresented his own stem cell order during press conference


Obama Press Conference: Once Again the President is Disengenuous on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Policy


A new pro-life battle: designer babies

White House: No Federal Funds for Creating or Destroying Embryos


Dishonesty Piled Upon Dishonesty by Obama Administration on Stem Cells


Obama’s embryonic stem cell decision ignored pro-life Democrats

Obama Accused of Creating False Distinction Between "Therapeutic" and "Reproductive" Cloning


Why the stem cell policy is wrong


Obama Creates Incentive to Destroy Tiny Human Embryos

New York Times Proves That Voracious Research Ambition Not Limited to "Leftover" Embryos


Italian Doctor Claims to Have Cloned Three Children: No Proof Offered


Stem cell breakthrough could make ethical debate moot


Sex-Selection and Hair, Skin and Eye Color in High Demand from U.S. Artificial Reproduction Companies


Sex-Selection Abortion and Pro-Abortion Feminists: Caught on the Horns of a Dilemma


Adult Stem Cell Treatment Leaves College Student Free of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms


Bioethicist: Lots of 'hype' in embryonic stem cell research 


Adult stem-cell use proves successful again


National Institutes of Health Prepares for Obama's Expected Approval of Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Should Geron ESCR Human Trial License be Reconsidered?


Concern expressed re: human trials, embryonic stem cells


PGD and Designer Babies: Same Problem Only Worse


Obama guarantees reversal of Bush's pro-life stem cell policy


Obama Steers Clear of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research


Bone marrow stem cell therapy may halt multiple sclerosis


Embryonic stem cell trial gets FDA nod

Adult Stem Cell Therapy may Treat AIDS


Prenatal Testing: Considering Ethical Pros and Cons

HHS Head Puts Regulation in Place to Protect Doctors Who Oppose Abortion


In Dangerous Trend, More Women Sell Their Eggs


Parents Torn over Surplus Embryos


Adult Stem Cells Help Stroke Victim Recover


'Open season' on human embryos around the corner?


Human embryo-using invention refused EU patent on moral grounds


Wisconsin Mascot Bucky Badger and Crowd Sing' Happy Birthday' to Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Another medical breakthrough with adult stem cells


Medical Breakthrough Further Validates Support for Adult Stem Cell Research


Adult Stem Cells used to Create “Living Bandage” for Knee Injuries


Cord Blood Shows Promise for Repairing Babies' Hearts


Condemnation of Organ Transplant Abuses seen as ‘Abominable’


FDA May Allow Embryonic Stem Cells Research Within Three Months


Genetic Testing in a Petri Dish Could Eliminate 'Imperfect' Humans--Before Implanting in Mom


Healing of one person must not come through the death of another


Adult stem-cell research helps cerebral palsy child


New Versatile Stem Cells an Alternative to Embryos


`Designer Babies' Raise The Spectre of Genetic Manipulation


Adult Stem Cells Show Promise for Liver Cirrhosis


ESCR pioneer may be changing direction


Experts Lean toward Ethical Stem-Cell Research


Adult stem-cell research makes progress in disease treatment


The Demise of "Brain Death"


FDA to Release Guidelines for Stages of Genetic Modification


Stem Cells Found in Teeth Show Promise for Treating Brain Injuries


Pentagon Invests $250 Million in Adult Stem Cell Research


Prenatal 'Testing' not Mandatory and is Usually 'Search and Destroy'


Organ Donation and Questions Regarding the Determination of Death


Adult Stem Cells Help Crohn's Patient


Reprogrammed Adult Cells Show Promise for Diabetes


Is embryonic stem cell research obsolete?


Japanese Create Stem Cells From Wisdom Teeth


Reality check’ research finds embryonic stem cell treatments face immune system rejection problems


Infants’ organs removed before meeting criteria for brain death


Adult Stem Cells Show Promise for Injured Tissue


Reconsideration of ‘brain death’ criteria could affect ethics of organ donation


Doctors Worry Organ Donors Not Dead


Boy's Cord Blood Saves Sister with Leukemia


Adult Stem Cells Greatly Accelerate Bone Regeneration in Australian Trial


Adult Cells Help Scientists Study Genetic Disorders


Scientists Say They Produced Stem Cells for 10 Human Diseases


Cord-Blood Stem Cells Help Toddler with Cerebral Palsy


Baby growing outside womb shows science can save both mother and child


Adult Stem-Cell Therapy Treats Heart Disease


Thousands of Stem Cell 'Tourists' Desperate for Miracle Cure Made from Aborted Babies


New Book Exposes Eugenics Mandate in Reproductive Rights Agenda


Umbilical-Cord Blood Helps Boy Fight Immune Disease


Britain okays human-pig embryo


Mich. Voters to Decide on 'Dr. Death,' Embryonic Stem Cells


Big Pharma Invests in Adult Stem Cells


Cord Blood May Treat Hepatitis


Mich. Stem Cell Research Makes Ballot, Causes Mixed Reactions


Canadian Federal Government Pledges $100 Million for Stem Cell Cancer Research with California


Adult Stem Cells Show Promise for Healing Broken Bones


New Source of Heart Stem Cells Discovered


Cancer Patient Cured with His Own Cells


Researchers to Test Stem Cells to Treat Crohn's


State-Funded Embryo Research "Makes Taxpayers Complicit in Killing", say Bishops


The Struggle for a Moral Bioethical Sector


Scientists Say Cure for Parkinson's Disease Right under Their Noses


Adult stem-cell research making advances


USCCB conference to formally address embryonic stem cell research


Blueprint for medical crises must be re-examined, says bioethicist


Adult Stem Cell Discovery Complicates Prospects


Alternatives to embryonic stem cells producing success stories


Babies could soon have three parents


Researchers tweak stem cell creation


Adult Stem Cells Treat Fatal Skin Disease


Tissue of Dead Humans to Be Cloned


Woman's Waking After Brain Death Raises Many Questions About Organ Donation


Massive New Media Campaign Raises Public Awareness of Embryo Donation & Adoption to Remarkable Heights


Biotech Company to Auction Chances to Clone a Dog


British Parliament OKs 'Reprehensible' Human-Animal Research


Adult Stem Cells Show Promise for Organ Replacement


F.D.A. Delays Clinical Trial of Embryonic Stem Cells


The Archbishop and the Embryo


Adult Stem Cells Save Athlete from Amputation


Adult Stem Cells Restore Child’s Sight


DNA Fingerprinting Could ID Viable Embryos


Princeton Prof: Fetuses are Like Plants, They Don't "Count Morally In The Way That People Do"


Genetically Modified Human Embryo Stirs Criticism


First Snowflake Family


Adult Stem Cells Offer Relief from Multiple Sclerosis


Unethical Stem-Cell Research Costs California Taxpayers $271 Million


Stem Cell Agency Grants $271 Million Despite Abortion Foes


Who Should MDs Let Die During Pandemic?


The Silent Scream of the Asparagus


Pentagon Uses Adult Stem-Cell Research to Help Soldiers


Groundbreaking Conference Focuses on Embryo Adoption


$115M Stem Cell Research Facility Planned for San Diego


New Cloning Technique Raises Fears of 'Designer Babies'


FDA Holds Hearings on Embryonic Stem-Cell Research


New Reproductive Cloning Technology? Or More Robert Lanza PR Hype?


Adult Stem Cells Show Promise for Treatment of Paralysis


Embryo Research May Never Produce Cures: Head of UK Stem Cell Network


As Embryonic Stem Cell Research Continues to be Fruitless, Alternatives to ESC Proliferate


Two Studies Show Value of Non-Embryonic Stem Cells


1% Animal, 100% Irresponsible


We have created human-animal embryos already, say British team


Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Therapy May Reduce Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease


Adult Stem Cells Can Heal the Heart


Therapeutic Cloning Proof of Principle in Mice


Embryonic Stem Cell Research Flawed


British Government Considers Unethical Research


Adult Stem-Cell Success Stories Take Center Stage


Groups Anxious About Increased Prenatal Testing


Biotech Firm to Provide Ethical Alternatives to Aborted Fetal Vaccines


Human In The Test Tube But Not When You Are Implanted


Patents: The Real Stem Cell Fight


Embryo Adoption Gives Couples a Chance to Become Parents


Medical Journal Lauds Ethical Stem-Cell Advances, Blasts Cloning


Biotech Firm to Provide Ethical Alternatives to Aborted Fetal Vaccines


Adult Stem-Cell Successes Add Up


Surgeon Accused of Speeding Death of Man to Harvest Organs


Newborns Who Suffer are "Better off Dead" - "World's Most Prestigious" Bioethics Journal


Embryonic Stem-Cell 'Breakthrough' Comes a Little Late


New York Embryonic Stem-Cell Funds Push Questioned


Frozen Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Cure Toddler's Cancer


Frozen Stem Cells Save British Toddler's Life


Patient's Own Stem Cells Provide a Tailor-Made Jawbone


Men No Longer Needed?


Medical Journal Exposes Bigotry of "Deliberate Termination of Life of Newborns with Spina Bifida"


Reproductive technologies are prone to violate human dignity


Bioethics Conference Focuses on End-of-Life Issues


Adult Stem Cells Help Transplant Patients Accept New Organs


Pro-lifers say recent stem cell breakthrough ethically tainted


Scientists Promote Cloning Under Guise of Treatment


HFEA Approves Human/Animal Cloned Embryos


Baby Rescued As Frozen Embryo from Hospital during Katrina Turns One


Adult Stem-Cell Therapy Could Treat Radiation Sickness


"Embryo-Friendly" Stem Cell Technique Defended with Bogus Ethics


Spinal-Cord Injury Treated with Patient’s Own Stem Cells


IVF: Deadly Business from Beginning to End


Stem Cells Created Without Destroying Embryos


Stem cell bank proposed


Huge "Ethical" Embryonic-Like Stem Cell Discovery Not So Ethical After All - Fetal Cells Used


The Year of the Embryo


Beware Untested Stem Cell Treatments in China


Adult Stem-Cell Treatments a Growing Success


Stem Cells Used to Fix Breast Defects


Michael J. Fox Sticks to Old Beliefs on Embryo Destruction


A Changed Stem Cell Debate


Reprogramming Stem-Cell Debate


Researchers Implant Aborted Fetal Tissue in Mouse Hybrids


After Stem-Cell Breakthrough, the Work Begins


Gene therapy study to resume after woman's death


Gene Therapy Study Is Allowed to Resume


Creator of Cloned Sheep Abandons Unethical Research


Advances in Stem-Cell Technology Cheer and Alarm Ethics Watchers


Catholic Ethics Institute Sees Risk and Opportunity in Monkey Cloning Announcement


New Jersey Voters Reject $450 Million Stem Cell Loan to Clone Scheme


Ethical stem cell treatments advance in California


Of Cybrids, Hybrids, & Chimeras


NJ to Begin Building Embryonic Stem Cell Research Facility


Adult Stem Cells May Yield 'Bionic Nerve'


US Firm Proposes Using "Spare" Human Embryos For Stem Cell Experiments


Embryos Have Souls, Says Stem Cell Scientist


NIH Director Urges Expanded Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Harvard cannot find women to donate eggs for human cloning experiments


Adult stem cells still trump embryonic


The AP mistakenly reports that Pope approves of ‘therapeutic cloning’


The Associated Press Gets it Wrong


Massachusetts Reverses Limitations on Stem-Cell Research


Human Therapeutic Cloning at a Standstill


New Stem-Cell Therapy Tackles Liver Disease


Michigan Catholic Conference launches stem cell education campaign


Adult Stem Cells Hold Hope for Huntington's Disease


British Clinics to Grow Human Eggs


After the Stem Cell War


Cells that make sperm make stem cells, too: study


Vatican Excommunicates Stem Cell Endorsers


Experimenting with Human Dignity


World Congress of Families Appalled by British Decision to Allow Creation of Hybrid Embryos


Man/cow combos coming soon to Illinois labs?


Regulator Allows Creation of Human-Animal Embryos


More Promising Adult Stem-Cell Breakthroughs Reported


U.K. OKs Contentious Stem Cell Research


Britain Set to Approve Human/Animal Hybrid Clones


Embryonic Stem-Cell Breakthrough Overhyped


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Blasted for Support of Embryonic Stem Cell Research


'Artificial life' claim could raise moral issue, says ministry leader


Researchers’ “Blind faith” in Embryonic Stem-cell Research an “Idolatrous Gospel” says Cardinal


California Company: We'll Turn Your Child's Sibling Embryos Into Extra Body Parts


'Your Own Stem Cells Work!'


Clone a Human, Get $500,000 says Aussie State Premier


60 Healthy Babies Lost for Every 50 Down’s Cases Detected with Amniocentesis


MS Breakthrough Disputes Need for Embryonic Stem Cell Research


St. Charles man finds hope in dealing with MS from stem-cell treatment in China


Clinic Destroys Human Embryos to Harvest Stem Cells


Doctor's alleged efforts to hasten death could undermine organ donation


Death Points to Risks in Gene Therapy


One out of every 25 children was conceived in a test-tube in some countries. Why aren't we worried?


Experts: Adult stem cell research should be priority


A Man on a Mission for Adult Stem Cell Treatment


Harvard Embyro Cloning 'Tragic'


Embryonic Stem Cell Research Divisive Issue in Many States That Fund It, Los Angeles Times Reports


Killed For Organs?


Physicians, patients back to bill to promote adult stem-cell research


Adult Stem Cell Research Puts Patients First, Proponents Say


Patients First Act calls for Ethical Research


Adult Stem Cells Rebuild Alabama Woman's Heart


Missouri is Ground Zero for Stem-Cell Research


FDA Suspends Gene Therapy Study After 'Human Guinea Pig' Dies


Embryonic Stem-Cell Firm Abandons Efforts


IVF Children 'Are Twice As Likely' to Suffer Poor Health


Japanese Team May Have Found Stem Cell "Holy Grail"


Ethical Stem-Cell Research Breakthrough in Japan


Human stem cells may be produced without embryos ‘within months’


The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity Laments the Passing of Harold O. J. Brown, PhD


McMaster University Receives Multi-Million Dollar Gift for Embryonic Stem-Cell Research


Umbilical Cord Blood Helps Kids with Type 1 Diabetes


Hybrid Embryos Must be Given Right to Life


Pope encourages adult stem-cell research


Pro-Lifers Need to Spread the Word on Embryo Adoption


Blood drop tells baby's sex


Fertility Clinic Patients Prefer to Donate Left-Over Embryos to Stem Cell Research than to Adoption


59 embyronic stem-cell lines identified 


Stem Cells, God and Cesar


Brownback rips Pelosi for calling ESCR a 'gift from God'


British body backs inter-species clones


'Dolly' Scientist: Make Human Stem Cells From Animal Eggs Dave Mosher


Is therapeutic cloning obsolete?


'Dolly' Scientist: Make Human Stem Cells From Animal Eggs


Science Again Proves Embryonic Stem Cells Unnecessary


Disgraced South Korean Cloner May Move to Thailand


GOP lawmakers: 'Immoral' to make Americans pay for embryonic stem-cell research


Statement by the President Regarding Embryonic Stem Cell Bill


Embryonic Stem Cell Research Turns Women Into 'Human Factories,' Group Says


No Need to Destroy Embryos, Several Studies Show


Faithful Reason About Stem Cells


Umbilical Cord Blood a Valuable Source of Treatments


California firm launches national campaign to preserve umbilical cord blood


Sweden Allows “Saviour Siblings” for Tissue Transplants


Schwarzenegger, McGuinty to Ink Stem-Cell Deal


Adult Stem Cells From Human Cord Umbilical Cord Blood Successfully Engineered to Make Insulin


Cord-Blood Registry Campaign Aims to Increase Awareness


Britain may allow hybrid human-animal embryos 


The Slippery Slope on Steroids


Adult stem cells outperform embryonic stem cells


Pediatricians Call for Support for Adult Stem Cell Research


Activist decries funding of embryonic stem-cell research by Padres owner


Another First - UK Clinic to Weed Out Embryos for Cosmetic Defects


'Post Abortion Human Fetal Harvesting'


Research Provides New Clues about How Adult Stem Cells Work


Adult Stem cell patch restores vision


Baby Born From Frozen Sperm, Frozen Egg


Kerry Tells Senate Embryonic Cells 'Cured' Mouse, but ...


Disturbing trend: Designer children designed to be disabled


Promising Non-Embryonic Stem Cell News (What, You Missed The Coverage?)


Abortion and embryo manipulation tools of economic progress causing society’s death, say bishops


Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells Treating Heart and Liver Damage


Elizabeth Edwards still lauds culture of death


Organ Harvesting Before "Brain-Death" Increasingly Common, Concerned Doctors Warn


Kansas Bishops Launch Education Campaign on Immorality of Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Top US scientist wants expansion of embryonic stem-cell research 


California Stem Cell Scientists Get $75 Million Boost


Egg harvesting and Embryonic Stem-cell Research Pose Serious Threat to Women’s Health


Exhibit Shows Eugenics' Deadly History


Feminist Eugenics


The most dangerous idea on earth?


Unfit to Live?


Baby Parts For Sale - The Whole Story


Anything Goes


Study: Women Who Donate Eggs For Fertility Research Face Loss of Life and Limb


Anything Goes


Fluid Solution


Cord Blood Registry Achieves Industry-Leading Stem Cell Recovery With New Automation Technology


Girl or Boy? As Fertility Technology Advances, So Does an Ethical Debate


Study Uses Adult Stem Cells from Patients' Own Fat


More Misdiagnoses of Brain-Injured Patients


Adult Stem-Cell Research Gains an Ally


Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking Service - Richard Branson Launches Virgin Health Bank


Leading Scientist Charges Colleagues With “Misleading” Public on Humanity of Embryos


Showdown Coming over Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Bill


Patients Debate What To Do With Embryos After Fertility Treatments


British Entrepreneur Expected to Start Ethical Stem-Cell Bank


Payment For Stem Cell Eggs Debated


Couple pay £9,000 to have first British web baby


Skeptical Stem Cell Researcher Admits New Adult Stem Cell Findings Are Hopeful


Breakthrough Research Shows Hope for Bone Marrow Transplants Using Adult Stem Cells


“Embryos are Humans” Says U.S. Government Report on Stem Cell Research


New Findings Support Pro-Lifer Calls for Non-Embryonic Stem-Cell Research


New Study Proves: No Need to Kill Embryos for Stem Cells


Ethical Amniotic Stem Cells Won't Slow ESCR Push


NRLC Applauds the Work of Scientists Toward Ethical Stem Cell Research


Stem-cell scientist reports meeting resistance


A Way Around The Stem-Cell Minefield


Doctors Deplore First US 'Baby Supermarket'


Adult Stem Cells Successfully Regenerate Pig Teeth, New Study Finds


Ban on Human-Animal Embryos Disputed


Amniotic Fluid Is Excellent Source Of Stem Cells


Spanish Hospital Boasts of “Sex-Selection” Against Potentially Blind Embryos


Prestigious MIT Professor Who Opposes Embryo Research Faces Ousting by University


Mafia-Run ‘Baby Factories’ Produce Made-to-Order Infants for Sale: Eastern Europe


Public Support For Embryonic Research Sees Slight Decline in U.S.


Murdered to Order


Ukrainian Investigator Fired for Expanding Probe into Newborns Killed for Stem Cell, Organ Harvesting


2006 VCU Life Sciences Survey on Stem Cell Research and Cloning


Public Misinformed about Stem Cells


Making Children into Commodities, the Fruit of the Stem Cell Industry


Garden State Borrows Money to Promote Stem-Cell Research


Support for embryonic stem-cell study drops


Congratulations! Your Baby is Handicapped!


Stem-Cell Prober Sacked: Came Too Close To Truth?


Medical Expert Debunks JAMA Article Claiming Fetuses Feel No Pain


Disturbing Video Evidence May Support Allegations Babies Being Killed For Their Stem Cells


French Bishops Condemned for Defending Embryonic Humans


Ukraine Killing Newborns To Harvest Stem Cells Says BBC With Video Evidence


UK Government Proposals Approve Human/Animal Embryo Hybrids


Child Stem Cell Recipient Heads Home


British Scientists Sink Into Barbarism


Adult Stem Cell Hopes Grow, While Reality Sets in for California Supporters of Destructive Research


Australia's Stem Cell Debate 'Misleading'


UK Researchers Seek Human Trials for Fetal Cell Stroke Therapy Despite Past Disasters


Wanting Babies Like Themselves, Some Parents Choose Genetic Defects


British Researchers Plan to Use Adult Stem Cells to Cure Chronic Back Pain


IVF Children Suffer More Over-All Health Problems Than Naturally-Conceived Children


Paralyzed Stem Cell Activist Speaks Out


Stem Cell Evidence for Man's Original Immortality


Stem Cell Evidence for Man's Original Immortality


Prenatal Screening not so Accurate as Once Thought – “Normal” Children Killed as “Defective”?


Finance Committee Approves $181M Loan to California's Stem Cell Research Institute


'Embryos Have No Right To Life' in Ireland


A Philosophical Ruse: Is Bioethics Beyond Good and Evil?


HRSA Allocates $1M To University Of Colorado To Expand Inventory Of Umbilical Cord Blood Bank


'Embryos Have No Right To Life' in Ireland


A Philosophical Ruse: Is Bioethics Beyond Good and Evil?


HRSA Allocates $1M To University Of Colorado To Expand Inventory Of Umbilical Cord Blood Bank


Adult Stem Cells Used in Breakthrough Heart-Valve Therapy


Adult Stem Cell Successes Finally in the News


Adult Stem Cells Offer Hope for Diabetes Treatment


Stem Cells A Priority For New Congress


Adult Stem Cells Have Ability to Develop and Replicate Like Embryonic Stem Cells


Stem Cell Opponents to Continue Seeking Restrictions in Missouri


Worth Protecting


Cloning human embryos becomes 'constitutional right'


'Record' IVF baby born from an embryo deep-frozen for 13 years


Using Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood, Scientists Grow World's First, Complete, Artificial Liver


FDA Guidelines on Vaccines/Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Open for Public Comment


Stretching Bone Marrow Stem Cells Pushes Them Towards Becoming Blood Vessel


Sexual Selection Comes At A Cost To Offspring


Should taxpayers pay for stem cell research involving embryos?


Human Embryonic Stem Cells May Cause Brain Tumours


Feds Promote Donation of Umbilical Cords


Biotech companies ask voters to guarantee cloning rights


Missouri's Amendment 2


Designer Babies, Genetic Engineering And Cloning Discussed In A Series Of Podcasts


MIT Professor's Statements Expose a Major Deception of Embryonic Stem Cell Advocates


Designs on Perfect Baby Drives Assistive Repro Industry


'Test Tube Babies,' Oct. 23, PBS


BCM And Rice To Receive First Quantum Grant To Fund Stem Cell Repair Of Damage From Stroke


The deception of Missouri's titanic stem cell initiative


Four Top Doctors Arrested Over Illegal Human Experimentation


California Agency Releases 10-Year Plan For Spending $3B On Embryonic Stem Cell Research


A Key Regulator For Skin Stem Cells Identified By Researchers


M.D. Questions Ethics of Using 'Dead' Embryos for Stem Cells


Agency Agrees to Review Human Stem Cell Patents


Plans Unveiled for State-Financed Stem Cell Work in California


Fetus scans fuel abortion debate


Cloning Does Not Need Stem Cells


Federal Grant Awarded for Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign


St. Louis priest with disability opposes stem-cell initiative


Too Good to be True? Too Early to Tell


Adult stem cells show wider potential than previously thought


Stem Cell and Embryo Research Round-up for September


Adult Stem Cells Help Weakened Hearts


Recent Stem-Cell Hoax Shows Pattern of Dishonesty in Science


Pope encourages adult stem-cell therapy


New Questions Emerge Over Stem-Cell Research Claims


Scientists open stem-cell conference at Vatican


Real Hope for Stem-Cell Research


'Mengele Lives!' if FDA rule approved


US Government to Authorize Nazi-Like Human Experiments


New breakthrough with adult stem cells


Senators Denounce Scientist's Stem Cell Claims


College Women Asked to Cash-In on their Eggs


Media Jumped on ESCR Bandwagon Prematurely


No Stem-Cell Triumph: Embryos Were Destroyed


Significant Adult Stem Cell Advance Drew Modest Attention


St. Louis archbishop rips stem-cell "disinformation"


About that Breakthrough...


Ethicists question new stem-cell technique


Vatican: ‘Breakthrough technique’ in embryonic research does not satisfy moral test


Latest Supposedly Ethical Embryonic Cell Technique Condemned by U.S. Bishops' Conference


New Embryonic Stem Cell Study Smoke and Mirrors Says Bioethicist


Embryonic Stem Cells Have Never Been Used to Treat Anyone and no Plans Exist to do so


New method makes embryo-safe stem cells


Careful Thinking More Critical Than Ever


Embryonic Stem Cell Researchers Back Pedaling


Healing Potential Discovered In Everyday Human Brain Cells


Cord Blood Real Potential for Cures, Not Embryonic Stem Cells


Pontifical academy schedules major conference on stem-cell research


SIUC to set up stem cell research facility


Illinois Hands Out Another $5 Million In Stem Cell Research Grants


Gov't Split Puts Embryonic Cloning Back on Agenda in Australia


"Anti-Life, Anti-Science"


Scientists Backtrack on Embryonic Research Claims: Bait and Switch Reveals No Hope for Cures for 5 to 10 Years


Women from the US and Great Britain are Paying Big Bucks for an Unethical and Untested Anti-Aging Procedure that Involves Aborted Babies


Researchers Begin to Clamor for Payment of Ova, Despite Unstudied Risks


Woman Dies During IVF Treatment To 'Harvest' Eggs


Barely Studied Risks of Egg-Donation Come Under Scrutiny


Animal-Human Hybrid Embryos a Reality


Has sex become irrelevant?     


Missourians Approve Ballot Initiative to Finance Stem-Cell Research and Human Cloning


The Bad and the Ugly


Woman killed by IVF op


A Front For Abortion


More Hospitals/Governments Push For Organ Transplants 5 Minutes or Less After Heart Stops


Made-to-Order Babies for Sale at Texas IVF Facility


Women Paid to Carry Baby to 12 Weeks before “Harvesting” for Beauty Treatments


Ethical Row Over World's First 'Made To Order' Embryos


Stem-Cell Face Lift Fad


Ka-Ching! You're a Parent


Politician says Jesus would back destructive embryo research; support for abortion ban trailing in S.D.


British Researchers: No Male Children For Families With History of Autism


Science’s Stem Cell Scam


Aussie Union Leader Calls Human Cloning “Nazi-like” Experiments


DeGette appeals to Gates for funding


Australian Health Minister Warns Cloning, Embryo Research: “A Bridge Too Far”


Tony Blair Supporting Embryo Experimentation in San Francisco


Hair Follicles Offer New Source Of Multipotent Stem Cells


Psych Prof Advocates Human/Chimp Hybrids – But only to Offend Christians


Exploring All Sides Of Stem Cell Debate


Slippery-slop concerns are valid over stem-cell research


Human Eggs As Currency?


Some European Countries Hesitate to Back ESCR


Vatican condemns EU's decision to fund embryo research


A Right of Conscience


Stem Cell Work Gets States’ Aid After Bush Veto


Embryonic Stem Sellouts


EU Will Finance Stem Cell Research


Embryonic Research Funding May Lure US Scientists to Europe


Germany Drops Opposition to EU Embryo Research Funding


Blagojevich forced to halt fetus farm plans  


Stem-cell money only widens credibility gap


Stem Cell Politics


EU Ministers To Mull Ban On Stem-Cell Funding


Early Fetal Gender Test Demands Rapid Ethical Policymaking


Pro-Lifers in Illinois are Outraged at Governor Blagojevich’s New Executive Order


Spinal Cord Injuries Improved Years Later with Patients’ Own Olfactory Cells


California to lend stem-cell center up to $150 mln


Ethical Alternatives


Why Embryo Destruction is Worse than Abortion


Lord of the Rings Profits Used to Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Disabled Demonstrators Protest Bioethics Conference


Fast and Furious


The Beverly Killbillies


Harvard's Human Embryo Stem Cells Favored Over Those Produced With U.S. Funds


UK Researcher Hopes to Sell Vatican on Umbilical Cord Stem Cells


Cord Blood Initiative Banks On The Future


Stem-Cell Research Foes Mobilizing


New test in Britain likely to mark more embryos for death; Wilmut endorses reproductive cloning


Irish woman says frozen embryos have right to life


Catholics Could Be Excommunicated Over Embryonic Stem-Cell Research


Is Human Cloning Constitutionally Protected


NIH Revision of Controversial Grant


Saved by Stem Cells As Senate debate nears, ethical therapies build track record


Bone Marrow Adult Stem Cells Repair A Damaged Heart


Adult Stem-Cell Success Ignored by the Media


Those Involved In Stem-Cell Research Face Excommunication


Sheep Cloner Ian Wilmut Applying For License To Clone Humans


Another "Miracle Cure" Found Wanting


Disgraced South Korean Scientist Heads Back To Lab


BioEden, Inc. Launches the First Baby Tooth Stem Cell Bank


Patients said to offer stem-cell solution 'we can all live with'


Australian PM Holds Line on Embryonic Cloning


$10 Million For Stem Cell; $144,000 Against


World Congress Decries EU Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Stem Cell Institute Auditor Refuses State Controller's Request for Audit Documents


Stem Cell Research is 'Baby Part Business,' Say Prolifers


New Genetic Testing Opens Door to Designer Babies


Beijing “Miracle” Cures with Cells from Abortion are Bogus say US Researchers


Gene Could Help Reprogram Adult Stem Cell to Embryonic State


Wealthy Come to U.S. to Choose Baby's Sex


Adult Stem Cell Research: True Potential Sacrificed for Other Possibilities Says Biotech Writer


AEI Interview With Bush's Bioethics Council Head Leon Kass


Harvard Review Board Should Reassess Institution's Entry Into Human Cloning Research, Opinion Piece Says


Veritas? Harvard's Stem Cell Initiative


MD Calls Harvard-Children's Hospital Embryonic Research Plans 'a Shame'


Christian Doctors to Explore Healthcare, Bioethics at National Meeting


Two American Teams Are Trying To Clone Human Embryos


Harvard to Clone Human Embryos for Research


Harvard Announces Private Project to Make Cloned Human Embryos


'Rhythm Method Killing Embryos' Study is False on Science and Morality


From Unthinkable to Morally Imperative: Dolly Cloner Flip Flops on Human Cloning


Christian Medical Group Calls for Ethical Vaccine Production


Call To Clone Babies To Wipe Out Diseases


Wringing Sense Out of Nonsense


Brave New Babymaking


IVF Puts Woman And Fetus At Risk Of Placenta Disorder


Biotechnology and the Vulnerable


The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number


$250 Million Taxpayer Subsidized Stem Cell Institute Bill is a Loan to Clone Scheme


Designing Children


Couples Flock to U.S. to Choose Next Baby's Sex


Gender Testing Company Inaccurately Tell Moms That Babies Have Defects


Prosecutors Indict South Korean Cloning Scientist On Fraud Charges


Human Embryos in Britain May Be Screened for Cancer Risk


Why Embryonic Stem Cell Research? It's About Human Engineering, Not Ending Disease


UCSF Resumes Human Embryo Stem Cell Work, Scientists Hope To Generate Lines By Cloning Donated Eggs


Embryonic Stem-Cell Researchers Plot How to Label Opponents


State-sponsored Liberal Eugenics Has Just Begun


California's Embryonic Stem Cell Research Program Awards First Grants


'Designer Baby' Planned To Save Child's Life Through Embryo 'Selection' Process


CBHD Denounces NIH Funding of Genetic Re-Engineering Project


Bone Marrow Stem Cells May be Successful in Treating Parkinson's and MS


Another Example of Medical Progress Using Adult Stem Cells


The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Denounces NIH Funding of Genetic Re-Engineering Project


Babies to Order


Celling Out: Bioethics and the Culture of Cool


Life Without Father


CBHD Disappointed by Blagojevich Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Adult Stem Cell Surgery May Have Teen Walking Again


Missouri: Pro-Life Groups Oppose Pro-Cloning Petition


Stem Cell Research Under Way at UCSC


Canadian Health Research Institute Delays Embryo Stem Cell Experiment Decision


Medicine's Intrinsic Good


Senate May Bypass Funding of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research


Cloned dog celebrates first birthday in S.Korea


American Scientists Announce Intent to Clone Humans for Research


A "Conceptual Revolution"


Fetuses and Pain


Biotech Industry Reminded That Human Dignity Must Remain Paramount


Perdue signs executive order on cord blood banks


Scientists in U.S. to Attempt Human Cloning South Koreans Faked


N.Y. Gubernatorial Candidate Says He Would Seek $1 Billion Bond Funding for Stem Cell Research


Human Nature on Trial


Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Welcomes BIO 2006 to Chicago


Finding the Human in Christian Bioethics


CBS Accused of Giving Embryo Adoption Short Shrift


Better for All the World?


Bioethics Senior Scholar on Stem Cell Research, Cloning


Complete Bladders Grown from Patients’ Own Cells


More Good News Showing Embryonic Stem Cells Not Needed


Following the Money


Dolly Cloner Now Says Others Did Most of the Work, Award May be Withdrawn


Menstrual Blood has 30 Times more Stem Cells than Bone Marrow Says Study


Pro-Abortion and Pro-Life Women Join Forces to End Exploitive Harvesting of Human Eggs


IVF Three Times More Likely to Cause Genetic Brain Defects


The Real Lesson of the Korean Cloning Scandal


Cloning Requires Exploiting Women


Stem-Cell Research Plagued by Bogus Claims


Stem Cell Research Funding May Be Derailed Over Political Battle


Disgraced Scientist 'Admits' Faking


Human Engineering Ban Initiative Filed for November Election


S.Korea prosecutors grill Hwang in stem cell fraud


The Biotech Century Dream or Nightmare?


BioEthics and the Pandora's Box of Genetic Engineering


The Pursuit of Enhancement


Experts Speak Out Against Human Cloning


Scientist Used Fake Stem-Cell Findings To Secure $16M Federal Grant


Lupus Patients Respond Well to Stem Cell-Based Treatment


Researchers Identify New Cord Blood Stem Cell


Co. Puts Stem Cells in Failing Hearts


"Blind Orthodoxy Requires Denial of Fetal Pain"


Pontifical Academy for Life Will Address Moral Implication of Artificially Conceived Human Embryos


Franciscan Brother and Medical Doctor Denounces Sliding Scale of Human Value


Concern Over 'Spare Part' Babies


Study: Key Bone Marrow Cells Hide at Edges


Morally challenged cloning research


Mohler: 80-90% of Down syndrome babies killed in push for ‘human perfection’


Cloning Expert's Stem Cells Do Not Exist: Prosecutor


Stem cell tensions increase


Groups Urge Iowa Governor to Stick to Cloning Ban Promise


Federal Grant Helps Promote Embryo Adoption


Britain's Junk-Science: Human-Rabbit Hybrid Planned


Coercion Is Cited In New Report On Stem Cell Fraud


Peter Singer Meets Dr. Hwang


Journal To Retract Stem Cell Paper


Ethical Stem Cell Study May Pave Way for Brain Injury Cure


Use Dying People For Embryo Stem Cell Experiments says British Cloning Researcher


Shamed Stem-Cell Scientist Coerced Women For Eggs


Disgraced Korean Cloning Doctor may face Charges of Fraud and Embezzlement


Cloning Expert: Use Embryonic Stem Cells on Terminally Ill


US Journal to Retract Discredited Stem Cell Paper


Another Cloning "Breakthrough": The world's first phony stem cells


Cord-Blood Procedure on Rise


Research of Korean Embryonic Stem-Cell Scientist Declared “intentionally fabricated”


Finnish Study finds IVF Increases Risk of Deformity


Singer Don Ho Says Procedure Saved Him


Sweden to probe dark eugenics history


Australian Report Urges "Therapeutic" Procedure


South Korean Stem Cells Paper Did Not Exist


Second Journal Probing Stem Cell Research


Australia Urged to End Ban on Embryonic Stem Cell Cloning


Embryonic Cloning 'Embedded in Lies,' Says Ethicist


Epoch-Making Korean Cloning Study now Believed Faked


South Korea panel seizes stem scientist's computer


Clone Scandal: 'A Tragic Turn' for Science


Landmark Stem Cell Feat in Question After Research Said to be Faked


Cloning Whistleblower says Korean Cloning Breakthrough "Fabricated"


Deeper and Deeper into the Murky Abyss


Face Off - and Back On


U.S. Scientist Questions Korean Clone Study, S.Korean scientist falsified cloning of human embryo


Embryonic Stem Cell Therapies to Cure Disease is “Pure Folly”, Says MIT Prof


Salk Institute Grows Human Brain Cells in Mice; 'Man-Mice' Creations Show How Far Medical Ethics has Degraded


Largest Cord Blood Stem Cell Storage Facility In The World Opens In Tucson


S. Korea stem cell pioneer back in lab, inquiry due


Natural Child Birth


Lutheran Report Gives Biblical Response to Stem Cell, Cloning, In-Vitro Fertilization


South Koreans pledge human eggs to support scientist


How the media quietly gives cloning advocates a pass


Stem cell research to get cash boost


Embryonic Stem Cell Research Mired in Ethics Row


Young Women Have Different Outlook Toward Abortion


Abortions Dropped After Arson, State Rep. plans bill to force taxpayers to buy insurance for abortion clinics


U.K. Investigation of Babies Surviving Abortions


Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Offer Hope to MS-Stricken Teen


Ethical Lapses Alleged in Procurement of Human Eggs for Cloning


US Researcher Leaves Korean Cloning Team over Ethics of Ova Donation


In Vitro Fertilization Can Let Parents’ Choose Child’s Gender


Stem Cell Initiative Cleared For Petition Gathering


Doing the Right Thing and Finding Meaning as a Result


Earlier Screening for Down’s Syndrome May Fuel Eugenic Pogrom Against Disabled


Fetal Screenings Can Mean Life-Or-Death Decisions


Med School Ethics Board Okays Embryo Gender Selection Study


Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells To Fix Windpipes


Baylor Medicine College to study controversial sex selection


Stem Selling: Korea to Traffic in Human Remains


Assisted conception ups adverse pregnancy risk


Gene responsible for controlling first 15 minutes of life identified


Sex-Selection by Embryo Screening Approved for US Trial


Fertility clinic in US gets green light for sex selection trial


Alternative 'Ethical' ESCR Approaches Still Present Problems, Says Christian Doc


The Great Stem Sell and Other Mistakes


Two New Studies in "Nature" Raise Hopes, Questions


Echoes of eugenics movement in stem cell debate


You call that 'ethical'?


42 percent of all embryos created in fertility clinics have genetic defects


Alternative Embryonic Stem Cell Procedures Miss the Mark say CMA Doctors


Three-Parent Embryos


Nations United on Bioethics


Pre-natal testing: weeding out society's undesirables?


"New Ethical" Embryonic Stem Cells Not New and Not Ethical


Pro-Lifers Unconvinced About 'Ethical' Embryonic Research


Stem-Cell Survey Challenged


Brits Launch Largest Ever Stem Cell Study for Heart Disease


Frist Stumps for Embryonic Stem-Cell Research


Dr. Frist's Dilemma


South Korea Catholic Church offers $10 Million for Adult Stem Cell Research


Wisconsin Pro-Lifers Hope Governor Sees Cloning Ban's Merits


Adult stem cells restore feeling in paraplegic


Cord Blood Treatment Shows Regeneration of Injured Spinal Cord, When Will Tax Funded Killing of Human Embryos Stop?


Fetal Farming is on the Horizon


Stop Tax Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Illinois


Illinois launches stem-cell research institute without public approval


Aborted Baby Stem Cells in Mouse Experiments a Medical and Ethical Disaster


Leon Kass, a Bioethics Legend, Steps Down


Organ "Harvesting" Policy to Allow Terminal Patients to be Killed for Parts?


Embryo Research Oversight Agencies Ruled by Utilitarian Eugenic "Ethics"


Study Findings Suggest over 6.7 Million Embryonic Children Have Died During IVF


First Human "Clones" Created Without Use of Sperm


Embryo Stem Cells Genetically Unstable after Long Cultivation


Cord Blood Produces Embryonic-Like Stem Cells


The Stem-Cell Conspiracy


"Think fetuses can't feel pain? Try telling them that"


New Study Finds Babies Cry in the Womb - "Even the Bottom Lip Quivers"


Despite Study's Claims, Expert Insists Unborn Babies Do Feel Pain


Christian Group Hails New Ethical Stem Cell Sources


“Fetal Pain:  A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review of the Evidence” Objections


Abortion Fetal Pain Study Authored by Abortion Rights Activists


Fetal Pain Unlikely Until After 28 Weeks' Gestation, Review Says; Critics Claim Authors Have Politically Motivated Bias


Harvard Researchers Seek to Find Ethical Stem-Cell Source


Finding Showing Skin Cells Can Be Reprogrammed Into Human Embryonic Stem Cells Might Have Little Political Impact


Placenta Cells Share Characteristics of Embryo Cells Without Tumor Formation


Dr. Dobson Answers Critics Over Stem-Cell Comments


Irish Designer Baby’s Stem Cells a Perfect Match for Ill Brother


Bone Marrow Stem Cells Help Restore Fertility in Sterile Mice


Vatican Official Clarifies Stand On Vaccines From Fetal Tissue


Catholic Church in Australia Offers $100,000 Grant for Adult Stem Cell Research


Why Blagojevich loves embryonic stem cells


Research Technique That Could Produce Stem Cells Without Harming Embryos


Fetuses Exposed to Average of 200 Environmental Pollutants Through Umbilical Cord, Report Says


10 Million Dollar Cloning Fraud by Illinois Governor Blagojevich


Stem Cells Get Complicated


The Moral Retrieval of ES Cells


Chicago Tribune Examines How IVF Could Be Next Target of Some Antiabortion Advocates


Hens, clones, foolish loans


New Home Test That Allows Pregnant Women To Determine Sex of Fetus


Adult Stem Cell Breakthroughs Exciting Interest from Private Investors


US Clinical Researcher Supports Pregnancy-at-Implantation Myth


Useful Barbarism


Scientists may Create Human Ova and Sperm from Embryonic Cells


Prestigious British Medical Journal Calls for Caution in Touting Embryo Cures


Scientists Create Brain Cells, Predict Possible Rapid Development of Treatments for Alzheimers and Parkinsons


Italian Referendum That Would Have Loosened Restrictions on Fertility Treatment, Embryo Research Fails With Low Turnout


Cloners in State of Complete Moral Disconnect


Name Games


Scientists Attempting To Create Embryonic Stem Cells Without Destroying Embryos; Could Make Bioethical Issues Moot


Prenatal Screening Leading to Designer Children


Michigan Catholic Conference Objects to Possible Lifting of Cloning Ban


Frozen Embryos: Stem Cell Source or Human Life?


Pharmaceutical Scientists Boast on Adult Stem Cells: "Therapies Without Controversy"


Cloning for Dollars


Sen. Brownback Calls for Limiting Number of Embryos Created During IVF To Reduce Number of Unused Embryos


Leading Biochemist Calls Embryonic Stem Cell Research 'Sloppy Science' -- Recent Scientific Discoveries Support President's Ban on Funds for Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Abortion: "The Greatest Killing of Human Life in Human History" Says Supreme Knight


Bipartisan Group of Senators Asks Bush To Reconsider Position on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill; Bush Refuses


Umbilical Cord-Blood Transplants Save Lives of Babies with Rare Genetic Disorder


Stem-Cell 'Advance' is Actually Decline


The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Responds to Cloning Around the World


Adopt Human Embryos, Republican Lawmakers Say


British Scientists Announce the Survival of one of their Cloned Embryos


Israel Tells Parents it’s OK to Sort IVF Embryos to Choose Sex of Baby


South Korean Scientists' Creation of Genetically Matched Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Could Affect Legislative Debate in Congress


Don't Clone Humans Like Barnyard Animals says Christian Medical Association Doctors


New Poll: Most Americans Oppose Federal Funding of Stem Cell Research Using Human Embryos


Bioethics Journal: U.S. National Cancer Institute Covers Up Abortion-Cancer Link


Poll: Most Americans Oppose Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research


President's Council on Bioethics Report Outlines Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Alternatives


Cloning Around the Nation


Brain, Mind, and Person: Why We Need To Affirm Human Nature in Medical Ethics


Boston Doctor Uses Stem Cells from Amniotic Fluid to Repair Birth Defects


Adult Stem Cells used to Cure Blindness


The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Responds to NAS Report


Adult Stem Cells Do Not Turn Cancerous Studies Suggest


Misleading Scare Headline on Adult Stem Cells: "Adult Cells Cancer Threat"


GE to Pursue Embryonic Stem Cell Research; Children of God for Life Calls for Boycott


Large U.S. Companies Pursuing Embryonic Stem Cell Research; Move May Increase Spending, Acceptance of Research


Bone Marrow Stem Cells can Become Neurons New Research Finds


Harvard University OK's Human Cloning Experiments


Group of Conservatives Drafts 'Bioethics Agenda' in Response to Congressional Failure To Ban, Limit Human Cloning, Embryo Research


Feminist Revolutionary Warns of Exploitation of Women with Cloning Research



Last Update: February 5, 2010