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Archives - Chemical Abortion

Pro-life groups voice concern about new Ellaone ‘emergency contraceptive’


School Refused Title X Funds for Blocking Access to Morning-After Pill


2nd Breast Cancer Scandal: National Cancer Institute Researcher Louise Brinton Reverses Position, Finally Admits Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk in Study that Fingers Oral Contraceptives as a Probable Cause of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer


Study Finds Half of Women on "Birth Control Shot" Suffer Bone Problems


Using Abortifacients to Covertly Abort Another’s Baby


New Abortion Pill Hits Market Soon


RU safe and simple?


RU-486 - an abortion 'gray area'


Loyola University Researchers: Contraceptives Nearly Double Chance of Stroke


Un-natural Selection: Birth Control Pills May Alter Choice of Partners


FDA OKs generic 'morning-after' pill


Did you know the World Health Organization ranks The Pill as a Group I carcinogen?


The 'ineffective' morning-after pill


Will court enforce rules about RU-486?


Pushing contraception on children


Study Finds Injectable Contraceptive Leads To Obesity


Abortion Pill Kills 1 in 4 Children Aborted Early in U.S.


RU-486 Cited in Rise of Chemical Abortion


Challenge filed against court order permitting ‘Plan B’ for 17-year-olds


School Board's Decision in Willamina, Oregon Will Put Students at Risk for Three Cancers


Altered RU 486 Protocol Increases Risk of Surgical Intervention


The Morning After Pill and the End of Parenthood


FDA Caves, Makes Plan B Available to 17-Year-Olds without Prescription

Plan B decision treats pregnancy as disease, U.S. bishops' official says


Plan B No Substitute for Plan A--Parental Involvement


Judge: FDA must revisit 'morning-after' pill


Evangelical Decries "Rivers of Blood" Flowing from Chemical Contraceptives


Use of Morning After Pills "Fall Within the Sin of Abortion


American Society of Reproductive Medicine Statement Confirms the Pill Causes Abortion


London Hands Out the Pill to Teens without Prescription


'Pregnancy Pact' Prompts High School to Hand out Birth Control


Wisconsin Offers “FREE” Birth Control with Your Money


Pro-life pharmacy owner explains his no-contraception policy


Planned Parenthood Gives Abortion Cocktail via Webcam


Contraception, Abortion 'Intimate Partners'


Long-term Use of Oral Contraceptives Increases the Risk of Certain Cancers


Teens Abuse Morning After Pill, Study Reveals


RU-486 Estimates: 900,000 Babies Killed in US


Acne Drug 'May Lead To More Abortions'


Australian Woman Dies from Taking Birth Control Pill


What about the Choice to Say No?


Oral Contraceptives Disrupt Ability to Choose Genetically Favorable Mate


Contraception is Never Abortion?


HHS chief denies new rule to attack contraception


'Morning After' Abortion Pill Sparks Debate in Canada


Contraceptives affect environment too, water expert tells conference


Judicial Watch Investigates Side-Effects of HPV Vaccine


US News & World Report Provides Link to Online Abortion Pill Sales


People Buy Pills (RU-486) Online for 'Home Abortions'


AMA, Pharmacists for Life butt heads




American Medical Association Considers Policy to Restrict Pharmacists' Rights


Rat Study Clarifies Abortion Pill Deaths


Abortion Drug Off-Label Use Could Be Fatal


Pro-Life Drugstores Rely on Large Doses of Conviction


New Pharmacies Protect Life


'Pro-life' Drugstores Market Beliefs


Mother's Heartbreak as A-Level Student Dies Two Weeks After Taking Abortion Drugs


Teen Succumbs to Abortion Pill


South Florida 'Pill Kills' Protest Successful


June 7: The Pill Kills Day


Pharmacist in California Refuses to Dispense 'the Pill'


Protest the Pill Day ‘08


New Booklet Outlines Frightening Facts about Contraception


Killing Rape Babies With Plan B Stirs Up Medical Community


Pregnant Teen's Drink Spiked With Abortion Pill


Birth Control Pill Linked to Hardening of the Arteries


'Abortion' Drug Makers Near Old Goal: A Legal Shield


Use of RU-486 Is on Rise


Opposing Groups in Abortion Fight Plan News Conferences in S.Dakota


Head of Pontifical Academy for Life Reconfirms Morning After Pill Cannot be Used Even in Cases of Rape


'Statewide' Plan B Abortion Pill Giveaway Draws Protest


EC Giveaway Called “Irresponsible”


Site Maps Stores That Don't Sell Plan B Abortion Pills


FDA Should Inspect Chinese Plant That Makes RU-486, New York Times Editorial Says


Misoprostol and the Hidden Pro-Life Crisis


U.S. RU-486 provider investigated for contaminated leukemia drugs


Use of RU-486 Abortion Pill Is on Rise


Growing Debate Over Abortifacients


Adventures in Pill Land


Man allegedly laced girlfriend's smoothie with 'abortion pill'


Morning-After Pill 'Given To Children 12-Years-Old


Update on 'RU-486 Used As Murder Weapon'


RU-486 Used As 'Murder Weapon': Man Accused of Slipping Abortion Pill to Girlfriend


Morning-after pill is not medicine and does not cure illness, says Chilean cardinal


Maine Middle School Under Fire for Birth Control Plan


Pharmacists Can Refuse to Sell Plan B Abortion Pills


Abstinence education group: Report on contraception poll left out key factor


Birth Control Pill's Heart Risks Extend to Ex-Users


American Bishop: Catholic Disobedience on Contraception has caused "Tremendous Harm to Society"


Morning-after pill is no cure and kills a human being, Italian expert says


Birth Control At School? Most Say It's OK


Pope Tells Pharmacists Not to Dispense Drugs to Inhibit Implantation; Implications for Plan B at Catholic Hospitals


Middle-School Birth Control Plan Suggests Crimes, Group Says


Pope Benedict challenges pharmacists to refuse to dispense abortion pill


Connecticut Catholics Criticize Plan B Order


Maine Middle School Reconsiders Birth-Control Plan


Maine town launches recall effort over controversial middle school contraceptive policy


Perspectives: Failure is assigned to Maine students


School Approves Birth Control Pills for 11- to 13-Year-Olds


New FDA Documents Reveal Abortion Pill RU-486 Made in Substandard Chinese Plant When Approved


Prescribe 'The Pill' to 11-Year-Olds?


Pill Pushers Defy Parents and Harm Children


Judicial Watch Obtains New FDA Documents Re: Abortion Pill RU-486


Prescribe 'the pill' at middle school?


Pro-Life Pharmacists Do Not Sign Illinois Settlement -- Court Rules Pharmacists Have Rights of Conscience


Pharmacist Hopeful for Plan B Abortion Pill Challenge


'Compromise' for Pharmacists that Work for Baby Killers


Expect to See More Women Die After Taking RU-486


Colorado Springs Bishop Says He Does Not and Would Not Permit Plan B in Catholic Hospitals


The women who use the morning after pill as everyday contraception


Connecticut bishops reverse stand on Plan B


There's No Proof that Plan B Is Safe


Side Effects of Plan B Outlined


Pharmacy Panel Hears Plan B Case Friday


Abortion Pill Lobby Continues to Mislead Public


Bishop says university plan to distribute abortion pill “immoral”


Pro-life leader: Abortion crowd not telling truth about 'morning-after pill'


Morning-After Pill Sales Jump as U.S. Access Eases


Controversy swirls as sales of Plan B soar


FRC blasts study on health impact of 'early option' abortion pill


Reaction to RU-486 study: Omission of non-abortive women taints fin


Medical Abortions Carry Same Risks as Surgical Abortions for Later Pregnancies


Birth Control Pill Creates Blood Clot Causing Death of Irish Woman


RU 486 abortion pill unsafe despite media reports


Abortion Pill not 'Safe' Despite Media Spin - Study only Suggest Pill as Safe As Surgical Abortion


Federally Funded Study to Make Killing Little Babies Look 'Good'


ACLU Wants to Force Druggists to Prescribe Plan B Abortion Pills


Advocates of Plan B Abortion Pill Want Age Restriction Removed


Noted Endocrinologist Dispels the Myth of Health Benefits of the Pill - Part 2


Noted Endocrinologist Explains How the Birth Control Pill Causes Abortion


Abortion Pill Seller to Close Clinic


Massive Chinese Recalls, but FDA Silent Over RU-486 Chinese Manufacturers


RU-486 Reversal!


Sales of 'morning-after' pill boom following new over-the-counter policy


Sales of Morning-After Pill May Double in a Year


Enslaving Women One Pill at a Time


Birth-control pills poison everyone?


Plan B Use Surges, And So Does Controversy


Local drug store caught in controversy


New Study Finds Strong Evidence for Abortifacient Effect of Plan B “Emergency Contraception”


Plan B “Emergency Contraception” Now Available Over-the-Counter in British Columbia


Experts confirm abortifacient potential of morning-after pill


Catholic Bishops Scramble for Plan B as Law Mandates Connecticut Hospitals Carry Abortifacient Rape Drug


Widespread Use of Birth Control Pills Harming the Environment


The pill and cancer: what women should know


Feds Increase Birth Control Prices for Pharmaceutical Companies


Wal-Mart USA promises to Stock Bush's Plan B Abortion Pill in all Stores, No Exceptions


U.S. Senate Committee Considers Curbing RU-486


Plan B Pill Patrol: Planned Parenthood-Armed Secret Shopper Group


Pharmacy Board: Druggists Must Prescribe Plan B Abortion Pills


Wal-Mart USA promises to Stock Abortion Pill Plan B in all Stores, No Exceptions


Planned Parenthood to offer Plan B for Free in Indiana


Iowa Pharmacy Panel Drops Morality Proposal on Bush's Plan B


NARAL: Kroger Still Stalling on Bush's Plan B Abortion Pill


Planned Parenthood in Washington State Hands Out Bush's Plan B Abortion Pills for FREE


NARAL Bullies Kroger over Abortion Drug


Kroger Stores to 'Make Accommodations' for Bush's Plan B Abortion Pill


Morning-after pill “is not emergency contraceptive but rather emergency abortion”


Girls As Young As 13 to Get Plan B Abortion Pill


Merck Ends Push for Mandatory (HPV) Shots for Girls


The FDA: An Agency Out of Control


Pro-Life Groups Want Safety Review of RU-486


FDA Considers Lowering Acceptable “Failure” Rate on Approved Contraceptive Pills


Pharmacist Denies Couple Bush's Plan B


EC pill use doesn't lower abortion rates


Morning-After Pill Fails Tests


Plan B Manufacturer for New Zealand Admits it Causes Abortion


Christian Groups Protest Wal-Mart Support for Homosexuality, Abortifacient Birth Control


Chilean leader sees "emergency contraception" as justice issue 


'Nurse' accused of handing out fatal abortion drug


Barr Laboratories' Plan B Available For Nonprescription Sales At Pharmacies Nationwide


Drugmaker Makes Chewable Contraceptive


RU 486 Not Likely to Be Used for Breast Cancer Prevention / Drug Would 'Essentially Give Women Addison's Disease by Chronically Neutralizing Their Cortisol,' Says Scientist


Planned Parenthood Gives Away Bush's Plan B at 350 Abortion Clinics


Planned Parenthood to give away Plan B


Poll backs nurses being allowed to give abortion pills


Expressway billboards about birth control generate debate


Planned Parenthood Plans Free Morning-After Pill Giveaway


Plan B in Conflict With Laws Regarding Minors


Morning After Pill Available Over-the-Counter in U.S. Pharmacies Mid November


Advisory Doctor to FDA Confirms Plan B Pill Acts as Abortifacient


The Links Between Plan B and the Pill


US Bishops Draft Document to Warn of Harm Caused by Contraception to Marriage, Family & Society


Increased Access to Contraception Not Linked to Decrease in Numbers of Unplanned Pregnancies, Abortions, Letter to Editor Says


'Pill' Causes Breast Cancer


Planned Parenthood Battles Scheidler over Contraception


Catholic Church in New York Must Provide Contraceptives for Employees Court Rules


Chilean high court agrees to investigate abortifacient effect of morning-after pill


The contraception controversy


Advisory Doctor to FDA Confirms Morning-After Pill Acts as Abortifacient


US Bishops Conference Set to Release Document on Contraception and the Culture of Life


Debate Between Antiabortion, Abortion-Rights Supporters Now Focusing On Contraception, Opinion Piece Says


Conservatives Take on Contraception


Pro-life institutions in Bolivia call for prohibition against sale of morning after pill


Republican Pro-Life Senator Vows to Block FDA nominee over RU-486


FDA Continues to Fail to Protect Women


Plan to Ensure Pill Access Worrying Pro-Life Pharmacists


Court ruling in Peru recognizes anti-implantation effect of abortion pill


Chilean youth demand that government halt distribution of morning-after pill


Abortion Rates Continue to Climb Despite Increasing Emergency Contraception Use


Chile Court Suspends Gov’t Plan to Distribute Free Morning-After Pill


Plan B Is a Bad Plan


FRC Letter to President Bush on FDA Nomination


Catholic Charities argues for exemption from contraceptive coverage


Plan B Manufacturer Admits Morning After Pill Can Cause Death of an Embryo


FDA Ruling Puts Pharmacists in Crossfire


And now, Plan C


Enough is Enough!


M.D. Blasts Pediatrics Group for Calling to Lift Plan B Age Restriction


Have they no shame?


Plan B backers fight age limit


Babes in Thailand rapists needn't leave U.S.


Vermont Allows Minors Access To Abortion Pill


Free access to Plan B offers sex “with no muss and no fuss,” for virile men


Focus Says Plan B Decision a 'Disaster' and 'Dangerous'


Pharmacists in Buenos Aires denounce schoolbooks that teach how to cause chemically induced abortions


Pastor Says Plan B Is 'Sin In A Pill'


Family Group Plans Legal Challenge To 'Plan B' Decision


'Plan B' Decision Influenced By Political Pressure, Doctors Group Says


FDA's Plan B Decision Irresponsible


FDA Approves Nonprescription Sales of Plan B


FDA Scheme for 'Plan B' is Medically and Legally Questionable


FDA's Press Release on Killing Babies With 'Plan B'


Wal-Mart mulls non-prescription Plan B sales


Pro-Lifers Upset with Bush Over Implied Support for Plan B OTC


Bush Clarification Requested


FDA to 'Act Quickly' on Abortion Pill


President Bush Inconsistent on Life Issue, Groups Say


Pro-life leader raps Bush stance on "morning-after" pill


The Noesen Saga


Law or Free Market?


New FDA Leadership Has Strong Ties to Big Pharma, Wall Street


“He who denies me before men…”


NPR Examines Application for Nonprescription Sales of Plan B


NYCLU files complaints against pharmacists


U.S. Bishops strongly oppose over-the-counter sale of abortion causing drug


FDA Prepares Sell-Out on MAP


Abortion Pill Maker To Resubmit Application For Nonprescription Sales Of Plan B; Agency Expected To Act Quickly


Morning After Mania


FDA Move to Allow 'Plan B' Without a Prescription is Unsafe and Unwise


Plan B Could Be Available Over-the-Counter in U.S. Within Mere Weeks


Illinois Oversight Committee Approves Ruling Requiring Pharmacies That Sell EC To Post Signs About Regulations for Dispensing Pill


Plan B: Just Another Abortion Pill


U.S. Bishops strongly oppose over-the-counter sale of abortion causing drug


Gov says he'll push morning-after pill


Pharmacy signs to advise women Will back up right to buy contraceptives


Abortifacients: Like Picking Up Aspirin


Clear Thinking About Plan B


FDA Commissioner Hearings Begin: Nominee Takes Heat from Both Sides of Abortion/Plan B Debate


Pro-Family Voices Condemn FDA's Reconsidering Plan B for OTC Sales


CWA Calls on FDA to Ensure Women Have Access to Health Care When Getting the Morning-After Pill


FDA to OK Abortion Pill Sales?


Killing Babies With Abortion-Drug Plan B More Than Doubles


Policies challenge conscience rights of Oregon pharmacists, doctor


Woman Tells of Trauma of Birth In Toilet After Taking Abortion Drugs


'Morning-After Pill' As a Protest Tool?


The Oral Contraceptive Pill: Can a Christian afford to take it?


Boycott brewing after store owner refuses to stock morning-after pill


Morning-after pills to be free


Despite Fussing Feminists Store Owners Refuse to Stock Abortifacient Plan B


Canada’s Plan B Sales Double, Linked to Purchase by U.S. Women


Store Owners Refuse to Stock Plan B for “Moral” Reasons, Activists Threaten Boycott


Grocery Store Owner Refuses to Stock Abortifacient Pills, Pro-Aborts Plan Boycott


Mother of 13-Year-Old Girl Given Emergency Contraception Without Her Knowledge Outraged


Birth Control Prescription From School Angers Mother


FDA Rejects Abortion Group Petition to Have Morning After Pill Over the Counter


FDA Planned to Approve Over-The-Counter Sales of Abortifacient Pills, Ex-Commissioner Testifies


FDA Denies Request To Allow Nonprescription Sales of Plan B


Morning-after pill spreading out of control in Spanish schools


Abortion doctor to wait over RU486


Doctor first Australian to import RU-486


Illinois Pharmacist Raises Doubts About Rule


Governor Blagojevich Wants Drug Stores To Post Abortifacient Morning-After Pill Rule


Illinois Holds 3rd Public Hearing On Abortifacient Plan B Sale Proposal


Women's Groups Complain About Less $$ for Contraceptives


“Plan B” Signs Could Be Going Up At Drug Stores


Contraception war


Morning-After Pill Debate Brings Passionate Response


Two Views of the Abortion Pill on Capitol Hill


US urged to allow wider emergency contraception


FDA Defends Response to Deadly RU-486 Abortion Drug


Members of Congress Call for an End to RU-486


The Pill That Kills: Available at a Doctor Near You


Clinton Pushed RU-486 in First Official Act, Report Shows


OR to FDA: Pull Dangerous 'Human Pesticide' RU-486 From Market Immediately


Insisting on Another Look


FDA chief's secret 'Plan B' meeting


NPLAC Renews Appeal to FDA to Remove Deadly Abortion Pill, RU-486, from Market


Important Conference Underway in Atlanta


7th woman's death reported as panel delves into RU-486


Experts split on pill's link to deaths


Germ found to harm women not just in abortion-pill cases


FDA Conference on RU-486 Deaths to Examine Bacterial Connection


ACOG Puts Politics Ahead of Patients


U.S. Health Experts to Examine Infections, Ties to Abortion Pill


Feds to look at RU-486 infections


Future Pharmacists Tackle Ethical Scenarios On Birth Control, Abortion, Assisted Suicide


Controversy Continues Over Safety of Mifeprex, Abortion Pill


Philippines Mayor Orders Police to Continue Abortion Pill Crackdown


Advocates Nervous About Deaths Associated with RU486


State Deaths Lead to Meeting on Abortion Pill


Abortion Pill Has Potential To Destroy Women's Lives


Abortionists doubt safety of RU 486


RU-486: And What about 607 Adverse Events?


Renewed Call to Remove RU-486 from Market


FDA Issues "Information" on Two Recent RU486 Deaths


Researcher: Abortion Advocates Manipulate Data To Make RU-486 Look Safe


Trying to Minimize the Fallout


MAP to be Given to British Girls as Young as 12


RU-486 ruled out in one of two recent deaths initially linked to the abortion pill


Congressman Ratchets Up Campaign Against Abortion Drug


Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire


U.S. Mainstream Media Reports on RU-486 Deaths


Pro-Life Spokeswoman Renews Call for 'Holly's Law' After Two More Women Die From RU-486


UK Catholic Leader Clashes With Gov't Rules on 'Morning-After Pill'


Abortion Pills Generate Worry Among Providers


Little Movement on RU-486 Bill


Governor Blagojevich Orders Plan B compliance


Anti-Contraception Campaign Decries Actions of Illinois Governor


Abortion Pill RU-486 to Be Used As Regular Birth Control Pill


Pro-Lifers Cite Need to Pull RU 486 From Market, Review Drug's Approval Process


Deaths Rekindle Call for Feds to Revoke Approval of Abortion Drug


Illinois Governor Defends State Birth Control Law


Two More Women Die After Medical Abortion with Abortion Pill RU-486, FDA Warns


NRLC Responds to Two More Deaths of RU-486 Patients


12-Year-Old Girl Given Abortifacient Pill


National Campaign Blasts Wal-Mart for Plan B Emergency Contraception Decision


The Pill: “the largest unregulated human trial that’s ever been conducted”


Wal-Mart Bows to Abortion Zealots on Plan-B


Attorney Hopes Illinois Will Pass Measure Protecting Pro-Life Pharmacists


Wal-Mart Caves in to Pro-Abortion Extremists on 'Morning After Pill'


Website Exposes Dangers of Contraception to Marriage and Society


‘Morning-after’ pill fight spreads nationwide


FDA Approves Another Abortifacient Contraceptive, Loestrin(R) 24 Fe


Retailers Have Right Not To Stock All Products


Pro-Abortion Lawmakers Lobby for Plan B


RU-486 – Some May Die But It’s Worth the Risk?


Pro-life Dems slap chief for backing ‘morning-after’ pill


British Government doing Pilot Study of RU-486


Australia ends abortion drug 'ban'


The Aerosol Abortifacient Spray: Acrux to Commercialize Contraceptive Spray


Wal-Mart Ordered to Carry Abortifacient Morning After Pill


FDA schedules workshop on abortion pill


U.S. Investigates Four Deaths Linked to Abortifacient RU-486


Women Aborting Babies Because of Acne Drug Use


RU-486 decision close to father's heart


Australia Senate Backs RU-486 Abortion Drug Bill


Wal-Mart May 'Rethink' Abortion Pill Policy


Denial Of Abortifacient Morning-After Pill Sparks Protest Over Prescription


Bill Would Allow Colorado Pharmacists To Prescribe Abortifacient ‘Morning After Pill’


The Human Pesticide That Kills Mother, Too


200 Catholic Doctors Resign Australian Medical Association over RU-486 Support


Wal-Mart Sued Over Morning-After Pill


Women Sue Wal-Mart Over Access To Abortifacient Contraception


Pharmacists in Manitoba Refuse to Dispense Abortifacient “Morning After” Pill


Abortion Drug Maker Issues Warning


Target Pharmacist Fired for Refusing to Dispense Abortifacient Morning-After Pill


Pro-Life Group Files Suit Against Walgreens for Pharmacists' Firings


Lawmakers hope to reverse order on 'morning-after pill'


Drug Maker Barr's Plan B Efforts Blocked


Thousands of 13-Year-Olds Given Abortifacient Morning-After Pills without Parents Knowledge


Abortifacient Morning-After Pill Handed Out to 13-Year-Olds in UK


Abortifacient 'Plan B' Complaint Filed With State


Pope condemns abortion drugsGirls of 13 given contraceptive implants in UK


Plan B more than a contraceptive


Birth Control Pill Could Cause Long-Term Problems With Testosterone, New Research Indicates


FDA Reveals 607 Adverse Events Related to RU-486 Abortion, Including Five Deaths


Walgreens pharmacists speak about Plan B pill controversy


Doctors hit RU-486 reactions, FDA system


Eight Deaths Blamed on RU-486


Pharmacist Vows He Will Not Dispense Abortifacient Despite Job Loss


Pharmacist Stands By Refusal To Dispense Abortifacient Contraception


Pharmacist disciplined over emergency contraception says he won't back down


Romney Reverses Position on Emergency Contraception


'Morning-After Pill' Splits States


Push to overturn ban on pill fails - Australia


Plan B Supporter Admits Shortcomings


Romney Does Flip and Forces Catholic Hospitals to Distribute Morning-After-Pill


Mass. Changes Hospital Contraception Rules


Discipline of Pharmacists Spark Complaint


FDA pulled from both sides on abortion pill


Plan B Activist Admits: Easy Access Has Not Reduced Pregnancies or Abortions  


Many pharmacists against morning-after pill law


Walgreens Disciplines Four Pharmacists for Refusing Abortifacient Morning-After Pill Prescriptions


Illinois Governor Mandates Pharmacists Dispense Abortion Causing Morning-After Pills or Face Consequence


FDA Indefinitely Delays Decision on Abortifacient, Over-the-counter status of Plan B medication still under debate


Five Deaths Linked To Abortion Pill RU-486


Walgreen Punishes Pharmacists For Refusing To Fill Abortifacient Contraceptive Prescriptions


Article To Kindle Abortion Pill RU-486 Fight


U.S. Calls Abortion Pill Risk Low Despite Deaths


FDA is urged to halt sale of RU-486


Holly Patterson's Dad Backs Overseas Ban On Abortion Pill


Abortion Pill Deaths to be Investigated by US Food and Drug Administration


CWA Leader Decries Politicians' Bid to Help Plan B Bypass FDA Approval


Family: Birth Control Killed Our Daughter


Planned Parenthood Takes Aim at Target


Pope Benedict Enters Italian Abortion Debate with Praise for Pro-Life Movement


Cardinals Speak Out Against Abortion Pill


Report on Abortion-Causing Morning-After Pill Shows FDA Used Great Caution


When Plan B is Plan A


Ortho McNeil Corp Admits Birth Control Patch Blood Clot Connection


Audit Faults FDA on Abortifacient Morning-After Pill


Abortion pill ban will stay


CWA Files Response to Plan B Scheme


Warning Issued for Deadly Birth-Control Patch


FDA Official: Review of Barr's Abortifacient Pill May Take Months


A Hard Pill to Swallow


The Contracepted Society


FDA Dragging Its Heels On Contraception, Speaker To Say


FDA Comment Period on 'Morning-After Pill' Ends


FDA Is Deciding How To Proceed On Abortifacient Morning-After Pill


US Bishops Tell FDA Over-The-Counter "Morning-After" Pill Would Be Harmful to Minors


The Moral Dilemma for Pharmacists


Pro-Abort Thinks FDA Took Orders In Rejecting Abortifacient Pill


Mainline church decline caused by fertility rates, study shows


Liberals Push for Wider Plan B Availability


Abortion-Drug Abuse Link, Study Claims


FDA Commissioner Resigns Amid Controversy


Senator Seeks to Cut FDA Funding Over Plan B


Illinois Files Complaints Against Pharmacies That Did Not Fill EC Prescriptions; Pharmacies Sue Governor Over Regulation


FDA Seeks Your Input on Morning-After Pill


13 Senators Ask GAO To Release Findings From Investigation Into FDA's Delayed Decision on Plan B


Planned Parenthood Solicits Funds to Offer Chemical abortion for Hurricane Victims


Planning to Have an Emergency


Leavitt Defends FDA's Decision To Delay Action on Nonprescription Sales of Plan B, Says 'Yes or No' Answer Not Guaranteed


Statement of The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians And Gynecologists on the FDA's  Decision to Delay Action on Over-the-Counter Approval Request for Emergency Contraception


FDA Delays Decision on Nonprescription Sales of Plan B, Calls for Public Comment; Critics Say Decision Politically Motivated


'Pro-Abortion Groups Complain of 'Right-Wing Politics' at FDA


Anti-lifers force pro-lifers to address bigger issue


St. Louis Post-Dispatch Examines Debate Over Illinois Gov. Blagojevich's Rule Requiring Pharmacies To Fill Birth Control Prescriptions


Illinois Boycott Threatened if FDA Approves Over the Counter 'Morning After' Sales


Governor and Lawmakers Ignore Pharmacist's Right of Conscience


MAP’s Medical and Abortion Problems




Ill. Lawmakers Approve for Permanent Status Emergency Rule Requiring Pharmacies To Fill Birth Control Prescriptions


State, Federal Health Officials Investigating Whether Deaths of Four Calif. Women Who Took Mifepristone Linked to Drug


As More Victims Surface, CWA Demands FDA Yank Deadly Abortion Drug


Illinois Conscience Coalition Speaks out Against Gov. Blagojevich's Proposed Rule


FDA to announce Morning-After Pill Decision by end of August


World Health Organization Classifies Contraceptives as Highly Carcinogenic


Morning After Pill Dividing Mexican Leaders


Doctor Claims RU-486 Can Cause Lethal Septic Shock


Leading Researcher Proves RU-486 Causes Septic Shock Deaths


Decision on Plan B Expected in August


Abortion-Causing Birth Control Patch Manufacturer Faces Class-Action Lawsuit


New RU-486 Study Proves Need for Drug's Suspension


American Bishop: "The Use Of Contraceptives, Of Course, Is Always Morally Evil"


US House Investigates Government Coercion Violating Pharmacists' Conscience Rights


US Senators/Congressmen Call for Ban Abortion Drug RU-486 After Deaths Reported


Mexican Bishops call Abortion-Causing Morning After Pill "Lethal Weapon Against the Innocent"


Republican Legislators Urge Approval of Measure To Remove Mifepristone From Market, Launch Safety Review


When White is Blag


FDA Issues Health Advisory for Mifepristone Citing Four Sepsis-Related Deaths Among Users; Drug Labeling To Be Updated


FDA Expected to Rule on Plan B Before Summer's End


Associated Press Examines FDA Data on Blood Clot-Related Deaths Among Contraceptive Patch Users


Birth Control Patch Claims 23 Lives and Counting


FDA To Make Decision on Plan B Application by Sept. 1


Illinois First Lady Launches Web Site Aimed at Helping State Women Gain Access to Affordable Prescription Contraceptives


Abortion Pill RU-486 on Essential Drug List of World Health Organization


Pro-Abortion Groups Target Wal-Mart


Most Doctors Think Pharmacists Should Be Allowed To Dispense EC, Required To Fill All Prescriptions, Survey Says


Abortion Pills are Not 'Essential Medicines'


Nurse fired for refusing to give abortion pill


American Medical Association Targets Catholic and Pro-Life Pharmacists for Extinction


AMA Passes Resolution Saying Pharmacists Should Be Required To Fill All Prescriptions or Provide Immediate Referrals


U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Require Hospitals To Provide Rape Survivors With EC Information, Access


Senate Committee Approves Crawford's FDA Commissioner Nomination; Senators Block Floor Vote Over Agency Delay on Plan B


Prescription for Conflict


Illinois Pharmacists' Battle


Brazilian Government Introduces Free Contraceptives for All, including Abortifacient Morning-After Pill


Sens. Rodham Clinton, Murray Ask HHS Secretary Leavitt To Investigate FDA Panel Member's Memo on Plan B Application


Conservative Doctor Says His 'Minority Report' Might Have Swayed FDA To Reject Nonprescription Sales of Plan B in 2004


Many Illinois Hospitals Do Not Offer Emergency Contraception to Sexual Assault Survivors, Study Says


Wisconsin Officials Investigating Pharmacist Who Allegedly Refused To Fill Emergency Contraception Prescription


Missouri Pharmacists Bypassing Conscience Debate by Not Stocking the Abortifacient Morning-After Pill


Fewer Pharmacies Stocking Morning-After Pill?


55% of Catholic, 42% of Non-Catholic U.S. Hospitals Do Not Dispense EC in Emergency Departments, Study Says


Chicago Tribune Examines How Debate Over EC, Abortion Affecting FDA Leadership


Illinois Federation for Right to Life Statement on Governor Blagojevich's Emergency Order Forcing Pharmacists to Dispense Abortifacients


Canada's National Health Agency Approves Emergency Contraceptive Plan B as Nonprescription Drug


Abortion-Causing Drugs Must be offered by Pharmacies - US Federal Law Proposes


US Pharmacists Battle over Forced Dispensation of Abortion Drugs


Conscientious Objections


Failure to Require Warning Labels on Contraceptives May Have Put Teen Lives at Risk


Illinois Governor Mandates Pharmacists Dispense Abortion Causing Morning-After Pills or Face Consequence


Many Catholics Reject Church Teaching on Birth Control, But New Pope Unlikely To Have Differing Views


Clinton, Other Senators Filibuster FDA Pick over Abortion-Causing Morning-After Pill


Physician Warns Against Hidden Dangers of Abortion Drug


FDA Expects To Make Emergency Contraception Available Without Prescription, Acting Agency Commissioner Says


CWA Applauds Sen. DeMint and Rep. Bartlett for Preventing Further Victims of RU-486


Last Update: February 4, 2010