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13-Year-Old Pro-Life Superstar Tackles Euthanasia


New Findings Cast Increasing Doubt on Terri Schiavo’s Death


Majority Oppose Euthanasia in USA


‘Stop dehydration deaths,’ says Terri Schiavo’s brother in response to new brain scan


Legalizing Euthanasia Would Interfere With Treating “the Elderly as Individuals”


“Everybody Matters, No Matter What”


Non Terminal


Dutch Euthanasia Numbers Rise

Hot Christmas gift: Suicide pills

Compassion and Choice’s Elastic Definition of “Terminal Illness” and “Intolerable Dying Process”

Reason Not to Dehydrate: Man Speaking After 23 Years in Locked-In State


Filing Lawsuit Stops Hospital From Imposing Futile Care Treatment Cutoff Against Infant


Police Raid Offices of Assisted Suicide Organization


Baby RB Father Surrenders


Suicide Nation: Healthy UK Couple Commit Joint Suicide–Blame Anti Assisted Suicide Law


UK Court to Rule Whether Baby Better Off Dead Than Disabled


Father fights hospital, mother, to keep son on life support


Nitschke Brings His Suicide Classes to the USA


Bobby Schindler Wants to “Kill” the PVS Diagnosis


Assisted suicide reaches new level


End of Life Care Should Not End Life


“Assisted Suicide Advocates Seek to Euthanize the Rule of Law”


Obamacare: “Harardous Pathway,” The Road to Death Panels


Do the Math: What Happens when Bureaucrats Counsel Patients?


Man Misdiagnosed With Cancer Dehydrated to Death


Deadly Danger of Treating Patients as Category Members Instead of Individuals


Doctors who Allowed Suicidal Woman to Die Acted Lawfully: Coroner's Inquest


Another state considering 'euthanasia'


Eight Million A Year Contemplate Suicide in USA and the Assisted Suicide Movement

Many U.K. Families are Not Told When Doctors Deny Loved Ones Treatment, Report Has Found


Two Percent of All Flanders Death by Euthanasia


The Creeping Culture of Euthanasia


Obamacare: Assisted Suicide Promoting Congressman Behind End of Life Counseling Provision


"Dr. Death" Says he was Convinced to Embrace Life - But Would not Return the Favor


NHS Meltdown: Death Panels!


“Right to Die” Means a Physician Duty to Kill?

Britain's New End of Life Protocol = Death Sentence for British Patients

Mexican State of Michoacan Approves Living Wills that Exclude Euthanasia

Medical Journal Blames Disabled People "who want to live" for Confusion on Assisted Suicide Debate


Family's Statement on Passing of Father of Terri Schiavo, Robert Schindler Sr.


Obama to Seniors: Take Two Asprin and Call Me When You're Dead


CMA Doctors Warn of New Pro-Suicide Bias in U.S. Law and Policy


Debate Over Department of Veterans Affairs' "Death Book"


Bowling for Death Panels: Euthanasia Group Behind "End-of-Life" Counseling


Obama: 'We are God's Partners in Matters of Life and Death'


Obamacare will be 1 big 'death panel'

Health care end-of-life provision causing anxiety among elderly


British Doctors Practising "Slow" Euthanasia through Deep Sedation: BBC Report


All the President's eugenics advisors


Euthanasia and Health Care Reform


Assisted Suicide and Your End-of-Life Chat With Your Doctor

House Health-Care Bill Would Establish 'Medical Homes' for the Elderly and Disabled


Healthcare reform sets off euthanasia alarm


Obama's system of denial and death


Assisted Suicide Advocate Slanders Physicians as Torturers


Under “Healthcare Reform” Will We Still Get to Decide About End-of-Life Care?


Is Obama Pushing Federally Mandated Futile Care Theory as Cost Control? It’s Hard to Know


General Electric to Use Embryonic Stem Cells for Testing, Phase Out Lab Rats


Obama promotes euthanasia in healthcare plan


“Non Medical Right to Die Organizations” Story Reveals the Non Medical Nature of Assisted Suicide


Save Money by Killing the Sick: Euthanasia as Health Care Cost Containment Not Such a Parody as the Author May Think


Montana Doctors Refusing to be Complicit in Assisted Suicide


Mother of Suicide Victim Exhorts MPs to Criminalize Online Suicide Counseling


Assisting Suicide is not “Free Speech”


Journal of Critical Care Medicine Pushes Futile Care Theory as a Social Duty

Assisted Suicide Endangers All

“Obsessional” Fear of Suffering Ushering in Euthanasia Culture: Prominent Bioethicist


Al Pacino Set to Play “Dr. Death” Jack Kevorkian


Assisted suicide claims 1st victim in Wash.


Assisted Suicide as a "Prophylactic" Against Future Suffering


Should Medical Associations Be Allowed to Sanction Physicians for Participating in Executions?


More Final Exit Network Busts--This Time, for Manslaughter


Doctors face orders to 'kill on demand'


Doctor-assisted suicide legalized, ignored


New Award-Winning Documentary of the Terri Schiavo Case Explores Important Issues Overlooked by the Mainstream Media


Teens' abortion technique: Drink poisonous mixture


Oregon assisted suicides hit record in '08

Doctors Can Unilaterally Decide to Push People into the Grave


Parents Accuse Hospital of Killing Son to Harvest Organs

Why Can't Society be Unequivocal in Opposing Suicide?


Some doctors oppose 'death-on-demand,' some don't


New Award-Winning Documentary of the Terri Schiavo Case Explores Important Social Issues Overlooked by the Mainstream Media


"Brain Death" is Life, Not Death: Neurologists, Philosophers, Neonatologists, Jurists, and Bioethicists Unanimous at Conference


"Brain Death" Test Causes Brain Necrosis and Kills Patients

Final Exit Network "Ring" of Suicide Assisters Arrested


"Brain Death" as Criteria for Organ Donation is a "Deception": Bereaved Mother


Assisted Suicide -- "Taking Care of Business"


Responses to the Death of Eluana Englaro


Italian Government Ready with Draft Law to Stop the Killing of Eluana Englaro


Eluana Transferred Late Tuesday Night to Clinic for Death by Dehydration


Disability and Health care


Public Health Group Supports Assisted Suicide, Abortion


The March of Death


The New Rx Cure: Assisted Suicide As Medical Care

New Book Pushes Futile Care Theory


Doctors Refuse to Dehydrate Italian Woman: The Fight Over "Conscience" Has Begun

Second International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide on May 29-30, 2009


Noted Bioethicist: "Give Face Transplant Woman Option of Assisted Suicide"


Who Decides Who Lives and Who Dies?


What We Are Becoming: Creating Undetectable Suicide Kits


"Take the Pledge" Campaign Calls for Loyalty to Patient Health rather than Assisted Suicide


Husband Saves Wife from Forced Starvation as Sister-in-law Sought to Remove Food and Hydration


Book about a Comatose 15-year Old Teaches About the Value of Life


Terri-Schiavo-Like Disabled Woman Allowed to Live after Parents Reconcile


Euthanasia approved in Terri Schiavo-esque case (different story than the one above)


Fear of suffering the 'motor' of promoters of euthanasia, writer explains


Doctors, Hospitals Stand Against Washington's Assisted-Suicide Law


“Suicide is a Human Right”: Dignitas Suicide Doctor


New Study Shows 26% in Oregon Who Requested Suicide Were Experiencing Depression


Do the Demented Have a Duty to Die?


Crime of euthanasia will always be immoral, warns Colombian cardinal


Euthanasia Activist, Convicted Murderer Robert Latimer to be Transferred to Victoria, BC


"Kids: Your Time Is Up"


Pope Speaks Against Assisted Suicide, Points to Divine Grace


Disabled California Woman Saved from Government-Sanctioned Starvation


Alaska Woman's Feeding Tube to Remain in Place


Deadly intentions


Grieving Family Wants Suicide Book Banned


Wikipedia Publishes Suicide Instructions


Assisted Suicide Gets Push From Out of State


Neurologist Calls Withholding Hydration from Patients in "Vegetative State" "Euthanasia by Omission"


California Man Fights to Restore Wife's Feeding Tubes


Father: 'System' killing my disabled daughter


Spanish Euthanasia Advocates Launch Legalization Campaign


Comatose Italian Woman Faces Euthanasia!!!


Another Disabled Young Person Dehydrated to Death in Terri Schiavo's Hospice


Euthanasia Provider to Alzheimer's Patients: The Best Remedy is Death


Winnipeg Doctors Offer To Treat Patient Golubchuk After Colleagues Refuse


Australian Web Site Tells Kids: ‘Die to Save the Planet’


'Death Teachings' Skyrocketing on Amazon


Doctors Refuse to Work at Hospital Unless they are Allowed to Deny Treatment to Patient


Bobby Schindler Decries Current Plague in US of Hospitals Denying Life Sustaining Treatment


U.S. Bishops Move Towards Strengthening Stance on Artificial Nutrition/Hydration


Oregon Offers to Pay for Cancer Patient to Kill Herself


Canadian Doctors Do Not Have the Right to Remove Life-Sustaining Treatment against the Wishes of the Patient


Doctor Claims Efforts to Keep Disabled , Still Responsive Man Alive "Grotesque" and "an Abomination"


Oregon Offers to Pay to Kill, but Not to Treat Cancer Patient


Fight Over Feeding Tube Reminiscent of Schiavo Case


Cuban Communist Government Takes Stand Against Euthanasia


Swiss euthanasia center boasts of nearly 900 deaths


"Assisted Suicide and the Corruption of Palliative Care"


“Death tourists”


When brain death isn't terminal


Netherlands Euthanasia Statistics: Not Even Telling Half the Story


On Basic Care For Patients In The 'Vegetative' State


University of Washington Medical School Teaches Futile Care Theory as if the Right to Refuse Wanted Treatment Already Exists


'Right-to-die' cards for the healthy


An Update on Haleigh Poutre


Ignorance of meaning of suffering leads to acceptance of euthanasia, warns Mexican expert


Late Mayor of Brisbane Bequeaths $5 million to Australia's "Dr. Death" for Euthanasia Advocacy


Internet Sites Offer Suicide Methods, Not Help


Media Distorts New Medical "Hard Case" to Promote Assisted Suicide in France


Euthanasia similar to Hitler’s racial purging, says Nuncio in Spain


Grandparents Increasingly Ostracized, Even Led to Euthanasia by Individualistic Society


Euthanasia for Children in Government Care "Just a Joke" says Tory Councilor


Disposing of the disabled


Oregon sets record for assisted suicides


Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation and Priests for Life Call for 'Terri's Day' Observance


Doctor Says about "Brain Dead" Man Saved from Organ Harvesting - "Brain Death is Never Really Death"


Deep Sedation is Often "Slow Euthanasia"


The Duty to Die: Scouting the Next Pro-Life Battlefield 


Oregon Report on Legal Assisted Suicide Admits to 341 Deaths


Oregon Death with Dignity Act Annual Report 2007


Samuel Golubchuk to Remain On Life Support While Trial Date Is Set


Terri Schindler-Schiavo's Legacy to Live on - Radio Show Dedicated to Anti-Euthanasia


Oregon Patients Prescribed Lethal Drugs for "Fear" of Pain and Loss of Dignity


Euthanasia violates human dignity, Pope says 


George Soros is a big fan of euthanasia and assisted suicide and wants to see it legalized everywhere


World Congress of Families Shocked by Vote to Legalize Euthanasia in Luxembourg


Action Call to Save Samuel Golubchuk


Divorced parents contest life-sustaining feeding tube for brain-damaged adult daughter


Oregon Man Kills Wife, Tests State's Assisted-Suicide Law


Oregon Homicide Exposes the Fallacy that Euthanasia Can be Controlled Says Fr. Pavone


Delaware Dad Fights to Save Brain-Injured Daughter


"Dr. Death" Jack Kevorkian Speaking at the University of Florida Today


Washington State Pursues Assisted-Suicide Ballot Initiative


Robert Latimer Unrepentant of "Euthanasia" Killing of Disabled Daughter Denied Day Parole


Misinformation continues to spread about Terri Schiavo's death


NHS Nurses Given Power to End a Life Under Controversial New Guidelines


Comatose Mesa man walks out of hospital


Not so Silent Minds




Subliminal Understanding That What Happened to Terri Schiavo Was Wrong?


Italian court upholds feeding tube for coma patient


Death with dignity is not the same as euthanasia, says president of Colombian bishops’ conference


Patients' 'living wills' will give legal 'right to die'


Euthanasia Critics Challenge Pro-Euthanasia Study Research Methods


HLI president encourages Catholics who supported Schiavo killing to "seriously repent and re-evaluate consciences"


National Pro-Life Religious Council: Proposed California Assisted Suicide Group Demonstrates False Compassion


The Vindication of Terri Schiavo by Vatican's Clear Answer on Nutrition and Hydration


Doctors Pull Plug, Comatose Woman Wakes Up


Pope Rules Patients in Permanent Vegetative State May Not be Denied Artificial Nutrition and Hydration


German politician pushes euthanasia machine


Euthanasia Video, Turning the Tide, Incredibly Well Received


International Conference Tackles Assisted Suicide


Suicide Group Secretly Kills Woman


Broadbased Coalition Key to Defeating Assisted Suicide Laws


A threat to the disabled & everyone


Schiavo Brother Says Few Believe “Terri’s Wish”


Parole Board to Rule on Kevorkian Appearance


Kevorkian Plan to Speak in Florida May be Too Soon for Parole Board


Brain-Damaged Man "Awakened" After Six Years of Semi-Consciousness


'Dr. Death' at University of Florida


Coroner: People should have option to die


Doctor "Death" Kevorkian to Speak at Florida University for $50,000 Speaking Fee


Assisted-Suicide Advocates Target Mentally Ill


Nurses Investigated In Oregon Assisted Suicide Case - Killed Patient Without a Physician


Study Suggests Treatment Over Suicide


McMaster University Receives Multi-Million Dollar Gift for Embryonic Stem-Cell Research


Man wakes after order to end life support


New Orleans Nurse Offered Immunity in Euthanasia Deaths


The Mutation of "Choice" into Coercion


Patients Who Would Choose Assisted Suicide Would Do So Not Because of Pain, but Depression/Fear of Being a Burden


California Considers Assisted-Suicide Bill


Assisted suicide clinics in Switzerland killing those suffering only from depression


“60 Minutes” Releases “scandalous”, “irresponsible” Program on Kevorkian Prison Release


Polish Man Wakes from 19-Year “Coma”, Talks and Expected to Walk Soon


Do they deserve to be born?


'Dr. Death' Set to Walk Free on Friday


Kevorkian About to Be Released


Assisted suicide - global trends


Timely death


Culture of Death icon to be released from prison June 1st


Kevorkian Vows to Push for Assisted Suicide Laws After Upcoming Prison Release


Emilio Gonzales Dies of Natural Causes


Powerful Anti-Euthanasia Video Now Available


Why nobody else wants euthanasia


Emilio’s Life Spared a Few More Days


'No such thing as a worthless life'


Terri Schiavo's Brother Rebukes Bishop Lynch


Mother Given 10 Days to Find New Hospital For Sick Child or Hospital Will Remove Respirator


Watching Texas With Increased Alarm


Toddler’s Mom Fights for His Right to Live


Oregon's Assisted-Suicide Law Draws Attention


Assisted suicide has nothing to do with medicine, NCBC says


Woman in 'Vegetative' State Like Schiavo Wakes for Three Days, Speaks, Eats Cake - Relapses


Woman awakens for 3 days after 6 years


Toledo cardinal weighs in on euthanasia controversy in Spain


Death With Dignity? An Interview with Rita Marker


One-Third of Australian Doctors Would Euthanize Sick Babies, Survey Finds


From Eliminating Disease to Eliminating the Diseased


Woman Suffers Painful Death at Zurich Suicide Facility--Investigation May Follow


Diocese of Rome Refuses Catholic Funeral for Catholic Right-to-Die Activist


New UN Convention Forbids Withdrawal of Food or Fluids from Disabled like Terri Schiavo


Kevorkian to be Paroled


Judge's 'no' to Italian man's euthanasia request


Muscular dystrophy euthanasia case due in Italian court by Francoise Michel


World’s first guidelines to help health professionals respond to patients who say they want to die


Spanish Woman Seeking Death by Respirator Removal Not Euthanasia, Says Expert


Swiss Publish Meaningless Assisted Suicide Guidelines


Czech Nurse Confesses to Murdering Seven Patients


The Church and Infanticide


Euthanasia Robs Dying of Opportunities for Reconciliation, Family Connections, Says Leading Ethics Professor


'Mercy killing' charges dropped 


UK Doctors Face Jail if They Refuse to Euthanize Patients


German nurse jailed for killings


Why not Allow Euthanasia for Disabled Infants?- A Satire


Prestigious British Medical Group Advocates Debate Over "Mercy Killing of Newborn Babies"


Anglicans Church Hit For Backing Baby Euthanasia


UK Docs: "Active Euthanasia" on Disabled Newborns Will Cut Abortion Rates


Euthanasia? How Can a Secular Society Claim Anyone is “Better Off Dead”?


Moral Decisions Affect Life and Death


Study Shows Doctors Affected by Euthanasia Practice


UK Parents Who Fought to Keep Disabled Baby Alive Now Judged Unfit for Child’s Care


Top Vatican official opposes euthanasia


Infant Euthanasia Practiced in North Korea on Disabled Children


“Euthanasia Blues” YouTube Music Video Warns of Euthanasia Dangers


Italy's Itch for Euthanasia


Upswing Predicted in Popularity of Physician-Assisted Suicide


Doctor Charged in Katrina Deaths Denies Committing Murder, Euthanasia


Euthanasia is assassination, Vatican official says


Swiss Euthanasia Group Demands Assisted Suicide for the Depressed


Physicians Recommend Strategies When Facing Requests to End Supplemental Oxygen


‘Right’ to be Dehydrated Key Right to Die Strategy


La. Nursing Home Owners Face Cruelty, Homicide Charges


New study questions “brain-death” criterion for organ donation


Montana Doctor Sentenced to 6 years for Euthanasia


Nations Move to Ban Suicide Counseling; Euthanasia Movement Complains


Today Media and Scientists Said 'Vegetative Brain Shows Surprising Activity' – Yet Court Refused Tests for Terri Schiavo


Unraveling the Reasons Behind the Dutch Suicide Craze


Doctor, Nurses Face Murder Charges


Reports Raise Concerns About Patient Euthanasia After Hurricane Katrina 


UN Convention on Disabled Raises Grave Concerns


Children Fight to Save Comatose Mom From Life Support Removal


Dignity on the Deathbed


Brits Empower Secret Courts to Decide Life and Death in Living Wills


Woman plans ‘death with dignity’ in suicide clinic


Belgium Palliative Care Workers Unable to Kill Patients Due to Shortage of Euthanasia Drug


Doctors Dehydrated My Husband To Death: U.K. Widow


Doctors Kept Asking To "Let" My Father Die: Wall Street Journalist


Heed deadly example of euthanasia in other countries


Ethicists: No way to justify mercy deaths


Doctor, 2 nurses charged with murder in Katrina hospital deaths


One Terry Reminding Us of Another Terri


Brain-Injured Patient Regains Nerve Connections After Two Decades


What's the Difference Between Terry and Terri?


Legalizing euthanasia 'hurts disabled'


Man's Brain Heals after 19 Years of Limited Consciousness


Terri Schiavo's family carries on fight against euthanasia


Coma Recovery After 19 Years Poses Questions About Terri Schiavo


UK Doctors Move From Neutral to Rejecting Assisted Suicide


Controversial Organ Donation Method Begins in Canada


BMA gives a thumbs-down to euthanasia


Euthanasia Poll Questioned


Death wish


Being Had


Man Fights To Stop Mom Ending Comatose Brother's Life


Non-Voluntary Euthanasia


Neighbors Complain Swiss Euthanasia 'Clinic' Parade of Dead Bodies Disturbing


Legalise Non-voluntary Euthanasia, Says Professor Of Medical Ethics


Nitschke plans NZ euthanasia workshops


Sleeping Pill May Reverse Comatose Patients, Study Says


Schindlers: Drug might have saved Terri


Mom Fighting Ruling To End Infant's Life Support


Docs Who Assist Suicides Suffer "Substantial" Psychological Effects


Michael’s World


Woman's Feeding Tube Removed


Andrea Clark: Rest in Peace


Opposition Mounting to House of Lords’ Assisted Suicide Bill


Andrea Clark Dies of Natural Causes – Family Grateful for Pro-life Intervention


UK Man Goes to European Court Asking that He not be Starved to Death in Hospital


Dutch Oversight Authorities find Euthanasia on the Rise


Success in Fight to Save Andrea Clark: St. Luke’s Hospital Backs Down


Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation Center for Health Care Ethics, Inc. Rallies Against Judges Participation in Pro-Euthanasia Symposium


Hospital Served “Cease and Desist” Order After Threatening Life-Support Removal


"We never say no."


Groups to Protest at University of Pennsylvania Symposium on Euthanasia and Terri Schiavo's Death


72,000 Letters Demand UK Government Halt Plans to Legalize Assisted Suicide


Hospital to 'kill' sick woman?


Alert Woman Threatened With Death After Houston Hospital Votes to Remove Life Support


Terri Schiavo’s Brother Exposes Role of Biased Media in Sister’s Death


Suicide clinic defends right to die


Swiss Assisted Suicide Entrepreneur Wants to Open Chain of Suicide “Clinics”


The Next Schiavo?


Better Late Than Never


'A Life That Matters'


Foundation named for Terri to aid the vulnerable


The Battle for Hearts and Minds


Belgium to Consider Legalizing Under-18 Euthanasia


Terri Schiavo – the first  anniversary


Call for under-18s to be given euthanasia rights


Schiavo Remembered, Honored


Schiavo, Schindlers Offer Dueling Books


Schindlers Continue Battling Euthanasia


Japanese Surgeon Accused of Euthanasia


Marylandd puts out end of life guide


A Minnesota Woman's Quality of Life


Sioux tribe plans to scalp its own


Forced and Widespread Euthanasia Continues to Rear Its Ugly Head in the Netherlands, Will America Learn from the Dutch?


Faith Groups to Set Up Memorial at the Supreme Court to Honor Terri Schaivo and Commemorate the First Anniversary of Her Death


An Open Letter to Michael Schiavo


Michael Schiavo Caught in Serious Distortion of Truth on NBC Interview


Fr. Frank Pavone to Observe Passing of Terri Schiavo One Year After Her Death


Christian Medical Fellowship Challenges ‘Dignity in Dying’


UK Catholics Launch Biggest Political Campaign to Fight Assisted Dying Bill


Italian Minister Accuses Holland of “Nazism” for Euthanasia Laws


Polls Show Once Public Understands the Issue Doctor-Assisted Suicide Fails


Schindler Family Seek to Establish National Day of Remembrance


Oregon Releases Eighth Annual Assisted Suicide Report


Family wins right-to-life fight 


French Favour Doctor-Assisted Suicide


Chinese Official Proposes ‘Euthanasia Experiments’


Let God decide, on our son, say right-to-life case parents


Boy at center of right-to-life battle 'enjoys TV and songs'


Doctors Seek to Withdraw Life Support from 17-Month Old With Muscular Disorder


Holland to Allow Baby Euthanasia


Doctors: Let This Baby Die, Parents In Court Fight For Son


No charges for Woman who helped son die


Comatose man wakes up to give daughter away


The Elephant in the Living Room


Doctors and executions


Hospital Gave Lethal Injections to Patients During Hurricane Katrina


Is hospice movement going beyond end-of-life care to hastening death?


New Orleans Hospital Staff Discussed Mercy Killings


Recent Changes May Render Hippocratic Oath Harmful to Patients, Critic Warns


At the Other End of the Spectrum


Alliance 'Care Not Killing' Releases DVD on Euthanasia


Who should decide when life should end?


Euthanasia Rates Double in Belgium


Battle over Schiavo starts anew in books


Montreal Woman gets Three Years Probation for Euthanasia of Son


On Assisted Suicide, Gov. Says Voters Should Decide


Doctor’s Assisted Suicide a “Disgusting Publicity Stunt” say Life Advocates


Governor Calls for Review of Decision to Remove Life Support


Briton commits assisted suicide


Comatose 11 Year-Old Girl Breathing on Her Own May Still be Dehydrated to Death


Ore. Lawmakers Brace For Assisted Suicide Challenges


Euthanasia: doctors aid 3,000 deaths


Is California Next in Line?


Dutch Study Shows Patients Requesting Euthanasia Likely Depressed


Euthanasia's Growing Acceptance


Nitschke to continue euthanasia meetings


EU says Catholic doctors must be forced to abort


Belgian Pharmacists Given Green Light to Supply Euthanasia Cocktail


Swiss Hospital Sanctions Euthanasia


Euthanasia woman free


Michael Schiavo Tarnishes Terri's Legacy


Docs' Yes to Suicide


Michael Schiavo Turning Terri into Poster Child for Euthanasia


Legal protection afforded to euthanasia pharmacists


Just When You Think You've Heard Everything...


Michael Schiavo launches PAC targeting lawmakers


Doctor may face charges over death


Dutch 'suicide consultant' is jailed for a year


Man 'Who Put Girl In Coma' Begs That She Be Kept Alive


Euthanasia Advocate Seeks New Base in New Zealand


Euthanasia Doctor Commits Suicide after Finding Patient He Killed Was Not Terminally Ill


Daughter 'shocked' by dad's pro-death caregivers


Revoked' living-will death stirs fervent online debate


Still in the World: A Pro-Life View of Death and Dying


Parents: Online newsgroup helped daughter commit suicide


The Killing Fields of Holland: Next It's the Kids


Legalization of assisted suicide eroding medical care, says doctor


Assisting suicides is bad law, policy California Is Considering Creating an Oregon-Style System to End Lives


Did 'revoked' living will kill communicative man?


Suicide-tourism websites shut down


Swiss Company Offers Same-Day Assisted Suicides


Terminally ill make suicide pill


Life or Death Controversy Brewing at University Hospital


Dozens subpoenaed in hospital deaths


200 deaths examined in euthanasia probe


Blessing the Grave


A matter of life and death


Euthanasia in the Big Easy


"Law & Order" Does it Again


Will you be the next Terri?


Doctor Reinforces Suspicions of Euthanasia at New Orleans Hospital


Media 'malpractice' exposed in Schiavo coverage


Medical Ethicist Describes Holland's Inevitable Progress from Mercy Killing to Murder


Was autopsy the final word?


Man Wakes from Two-Year Coma - was Aware and Remembers Everything


Swiss Euthanasia-Providing Group Branches Out to Germany


Kevorkian: Terri a potential patient


Netherlands Set to Give Go-Ahead to Child Euthanasia


Flawed Scientific American Article on Russel Ogden’s Euthanasia ‘Research’


Disability Rights Group Charges Missouri With 'Medical Killings'


New Orleans Doctors Kill Patients Rather Than Leave Them to Looters, Then Flee


Attorney For Terry Shiavo Family Explains Causes of Tragic Result of Schiavo Case Robert Destro Warns Many Similar But Unpublicized Cases are "Happening Every Day"


Euthanasia Activist Gives up Starvation Death Effort as Too Painful and "Undignified"


Christian M.D. Says Dutch Euthanasia Study Raises Questions, Concerns


Terminally Ill Can Be Starved to Death, UK Court Rules


UK Court Rules Doctors May Withdraw Life-Sustaining Food and Water


British Medical Association Drops Opposition to Assisted Suicide


Euthanasia Bill Debated by Virulently Pro-Death British Medical Association


Autopsy Reveals Terri Schiavo Would Have Lived "At Least" another 10 Years


Family Struggles to Keep "Brain Dead" Woman Alive for her Unborn Child


Schindler Family's Statement on Medical Examiner's Report


Schiavo findings don't justify 'cruel death'


Pot Ruling Could Affect Assisted Suicide


UK Doctor's Group Appeals Man's Right not to be Deprived of Nutrition and Hydration


Wife of Brain-Damaged Man Urged to Let Him Live


Brain-injured man's wife wants feeding tube pulled


Schiavo-like woman speaks after 2½ years


Council of Europe Rejects Euthanasia - Vatican Praises Move




Happy ending for 'grandma'?


Closest kin prevented from visiting 'grandma'


Action in Wake of Terri's Death Saves Grandmother From Starvation and Dehydration Death


Euthanasia of Infants by Doctors Responsible for Nearly Half of Newborn Deaths in Belgium


Schiavo's Death Marks America's Move Toward 'Neo-Barbarism'


Million Dollar Baby: Right Question, Wrong Answer


'Grandma' airlifted to medical center


Priests for Life Head Fr. Pavone Preaches to Standing Ovation at Schiavo Funeral


Granddaughter yanks grandma's feeding tube


Terri's Supporters Wonder Why Congress Choosing Not to Intervene


They treated Jesus better


Terri's Mother Appeals Directly to Michael Schiavo


Activist Minister to Make Congressional Calls From Sick Bed After Brain Surgery


Terri's Father: She's 'Very Weak' but Valiant in Battle to Live


Jesse Jackson Sees Schiavo Case As Profound Moral Issue


Terri Schiavo - Denied Rehab, Food, Water and Now a Christian Burial


Gov. Jeb Bush Must Do More, Terri's Advocates Say


Death by Dehydration Symptoms Regarded as "Cruel and Violent" in 1986 Brophy Case


Tell the Truth!


Hackers target pro-Terri website


Baby Dies after Exceptional Court Ruling Mandates Ventilator Removal against Parents' Wishes


Mel Gibson Expresses Support for Family of Terri Schiavo Against "Cruel Starvation"


Last Update: March 4, 2010