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Full Undercover Video Released of WI Planned Parenthood Covering Up Child Sex Abuse


Taxes prop up 'dying' abortion industry


University of Wisconsin Documents Reveal Taxpayer Funding of Abortion: Pro-Life Group


Shipments of Medical Aid to Haiti Delayed by Massive Condom Overload


The abortion clinic and other novel ideas of Adolf Hitler


Portland Pro-Lifers Rally against New Abortion Supercenter


'As America Celebrates Black History Month Planned Parenthood Continues in the Tradition of the KKK'

What is Planned Parenthood really doing in Haiti?


Abortion Cartel Continues to Implode as Number of Abortion Clinics Drops


Sex Valentines issued by Planned Parenthood


Probation levied against abortion clinic

NARAL Dedicates Annual Report to Late-Term Abortionist Who 'Compassionately and Heroically Served Women'


Botched abortion = suspended license


Late-term abortionist Hodari's Livonia mill closed... for now


Pro-Aborts Clash over Short, Sweet Tebow Ad


Fundraiser should drop pro-abortion group


Two Top Pro-Abort Pioneers Die

'Pro-choice' really means 'pro-abortion'


New IPPF Document Pushes Adolescent "Sexual Rights"

Planned Parenthood sparks teen-pregnancy boom?


Surprise, surprise: Edwards wanted mistress to abort their baby


'Nothing Happened Here' -- Except a Botched Abortion Ending in Fatality


Planned Parenthood Uses Teens to Distribute Injectable Birth Control in Rural Ecuador


License Revoked, but Abortion Clinic Continues Operations


Planned Parenthood is ‘lying’ about MLK, Alveda King charges

Anti-Lifers Rip Latest Study - by their own people - on Abortion/Breast Cancer Link

Rutland Banned From Abortions But Retains License For Now

Abortionist Faces Revocation in Wake of Abortion Death

Pro-life leaders criticize 'abortion super center' in Texas

Chicago Catholic college posts internship for Planned Parenthood PR position

Abortion mill deathscorts fume when "Life Escorts" don identical orange vests

Pro-Abort Decade Wish List: Repeal Hyde, Recruit More Abortionists

Pelosi: My Pro-Abortion Stance is Consistent with Catholic Faith

Planned Parenthood Doubles "Abortion Services" From 2007 to 2008 to Over 1 Million

Pro-Abortion Group NARAL Nominates Personhood USA to Abortion 'Hall of Shame'

Abortion clinic escort strikes Planned Parenthood investigator Lila Rose

What Happens When a "Pro-Choicer" Faces the Gruesome Truth about Abortion?

Planned Parenthood Says Live Action Video "False and Inflammatory"

Evidence of Counseling Abuse at Planned Parenthood Continues to Surface in Undercover Student Video

Planned Parenthood Partnered in Safe School Czar's "Fistgate" Scandals

Special Report Shows 'Handwriting On The Wall' for Failing Abortion Industry

Schaumburg Planned Parenthood Express clinic will be closing

Obama Education Czar + Planned Parenthood Sex Education = High Teen Pregnancy Rate

Planned Parenthood 'runs on fear,' former clinic director charges

NOW DC rally protesting Stupak amendment fo shizzle fizzles

Abortion business announces its own 'termination'

Abortion proponents attack Planned Parenthood, NARAL

Newly Identified Corporate Supporters of Planned Parenthood Named

Planned Parenthood had abortion quotas, says former director

Former Planned Parenthood director to appear on O'Reilly Friday

Planned Parenthood's President Lashes Out at USCCB

Officers hush pro-life speech

Move over, KKK

Planned Parenthood Missouri Attempts to Shut Down Personhood by Lawsuit Against State of Missouri

Planned Parenthood Leader Changes Sides

Planned Parenthood: 'Expect to have STD'

The connection between 'the Cure' and abortion

YouTube video records attack on pro-life advocate near abortuary

Fr. Jenkins Reelected as President of Notre Dame

Planned Parenthood recruits abortion volunteers thru Obama's

Aurora Planned Parenthood says staff intimidated by prolife demonstrators

Abortionist Reflects on Dismembering One Baby While Feeling Her Own Flutter in Her Womb

Mother Says Miss. Doctor Refused Care to Baby Girl Born at 22 Weeks

Principal to boy: Strip off 'insulting' pro-life shirt

Planned Parenthood Conducts Clinical Trials on Underage Girls

America's pro-life, pro-abortion gap oh so slight

Dan Rather to Headline Planned Parenthood Event

Rockford Abortion clinic mocks pro-life demonstrators

Notre Dame's Father Jenkins Begins Pro-Life Measures at University, but Still not Dropping Charges against Pro-Life Protestors

Another Ex-Abortion Worker Comes Forward to Allege Illegal Acts by Carhart

Obamacare will put Planned Parenthood Clinics inside Public Schools

Workers detail complaints against late-term abortionist Carhart to newspaper

A Pro-Lifer Eulogizes Ted Kennedy

Nebraska Abortionist Vows to Train Others

Abortionist Carhart denied hospital privileges

Pro-abort blog encourages pregnant mother to jump off abortion cliff

Why pro-aborts went silent

Planned Parenthood Continues Boasting Close Ties with White House on Obamacare Bill

NRLC Webpage Exposes Pro-Life Movement's Benedict Arnold in Congress

Audit finds Planned Parenthood affiliate overcharged $629,000 to Medicaid

Planned Parenthood fined for overbilling

Urgent Petition Launched To Block Plans For New International Late-Term Abortion Clinic

Obama Committed to Women's Health in Health Care Reform: White House Staffer to Planned Parenthood

USA Today shows how pro-aborts try to misframe abortion debate

New 'Science Czar' is From a Different Planet

"YouTube serially aborts pro-life videos"

Walter Cronkite's Push for Abortion and Homosexuality, 1965-2003

NARAL Officially Backs Sotomayor

Violence against pro-lifers continues - Rockford

Governments Maintain IPPF Funding Despite Financial Crisis in 2008

Abortion Employee Runs into Pro-Lifer, Keeps Going at Bizarre Rockford Abortuary

At meeting, NEA declines to remain neutral on abortion

Planned Parenthood - a primary healthcare provider?

Planned Parenthood’s Animated Cartoon Advises Teens on Benefits of ‘Sex Play’ and ‘Outercourse’

Investigation sought into abortionist's practices

Planned Parenthood shuts doors on 7 clinics

Undercover Student Video Shows Planned Parenthood in Alabama 'Bending the Rules' of Mandatory Reporting for Sexual Abuse

PBS Wages War on Pro-Lifers

Planned Parenthood is all About Sex

“Terrorists”: What Late Term Abortionists Leroy Carhart and Warren Hern Call the Pro-Life Movement

Angry abortion advocates target pro-lifers

Catholic Colleges Support Internships with Pro-Abortion Orgs, Including Planned Parenthood, NARAL

Abortion Arsonist Set Fire to Facility Because Ex-Girlfriend Was to Abort His Child There Next Day

Carhart to Continue Late-Term Abortions in Nebraska

How George Tiller Drove his Own Employee to Join Operation Rescue

Tiller's Abortion Facility to Close Forever

The Biggest Danger From the Killing of George Tiller

A Good Journalist May Be Hard to Find, But Not a Late-Term Abortionist

Tiller's Abortion Clinic May Remain Closed

Pro-life movement decries murder of Kansas late-term abortion provider

Pro-Lifers Say Abortionist’s Murder Undermines the Right-to-Life Movement

The PBA president "outraged" by Tiller's death

Wisconsin Right to Life Continues to Expose the Truth Behind the Madison Late-Term Abortion Plan

Tiller Abortion Worker Honored at White House by Obama

Defunding Planned Parenthood

Opposing an abortion industry bailout

Notre Dame to be given 'Collaborator' status?

Obama on Collision Course with Public Opinion on Abortion Policy

Planned Parenthood Attempts to Carve Out Special Privileges for Abortion Cases

2009 Planned Parenthood Mother's Day fundraiser

State Lawmakers Clash with Planned Parenthood Officials Over Undercover Footage; Unedited Undercover Videos Submitted to TN Law Enforcement

First 300,000 Petition Signatures Delivered to Notre Dame Board Members, Fr. Jenkins

Planned Parenthood shows ‘institutionalized indifference’ to statutory rape

11th hour: Notre Dame newspaper backs out of ad

Student Undercover Video Shows Tennessee Planned Parenthood Coaching 14-year-old To Lie About Age Of "Boyfriend"

Notre Dame President Rejects Students' Requests for Dialogue over Obama Scandal

How the Lenos' 'help' actually harms women

Planned Parenthood pledge drive makes money off Good Friday protest

Planned Parenthood claims to play a ‘unique role’ in Obama administration

Beware of Raising Money for 'Good' Causes that also Support Abortion

Abortion, Obama – Now Georgetown – 'Catholic' Georgetown University Follows her Treacherous Sister Notre Dame, Invites Obama to Speak; Pro-Lifers to Protest

Planned Parenthood's Annual Report Shows Record Net Assets, Increased Abortions

Planned Parenthood: Annual Budget Still Over $1 Billion; More Preborn Children Killed

Planned Parenthood 2007-8 Report: Abortions Break 300,000 in Year, Highest-Ever Taxpayer Funding

Abortionists Ignore Real Needs of Women

State University Refuses Honorary Degree to President Obama: Catholic Notre Dame Still Plans to Honor President

Tiller's Troubles Far From Over as More KSBHA Complaints Advance

Evading Planned Parenthood's Clutches 

Four More Bishops Make Thirteen Opposed to Notre Dame Obama Invitation

"I Just Can't Take it Any More": Thanks to 40 Days for Life, Woman Wants Out of Abortion Business

"Infuriating" Pro-Abortionists Doesn't Take Much

Abortionist Tiller's medical license at risk

It's Not Over: Tiller Charged With 11 Counts By Kansas Health Group

Owner of the Nation's Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain, Dies in Montana Plane Crash

PP says "blame abortions on the economy, not us"

20-Year-Old Lila Rose Squares up against Planned Parenthood

Tens of Thousands Sign Petition Asking Notre Dame Not to Honor Pro-Abortion Obama


Live Action Undercover Video: Two Planned Parenthood Clinics Conceal Sexual Abuse of 15-Year-Old


Two More Undercover Videos of Planned Parenthood Rape Cover-Ups Set for Release


Good News and Bad News on Planned Parenthood


Illogical abortion outrage


Planned Parenthood of Arizona Unapologetic for Sexual abuse Cover Up, Live Action Sends Unedited Undercover Footage to State Attorneys


5 groups profit from Mexico City policy repeal


Pro-Abortion Activists Renew Attacks on Pregnancy Resource Centers


Video Exposes Breast Cancer Group, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, its Gifts to Planned Parenthood


New Undercover Video Shows Tucson Planned Parenthood Hiding Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl


On 36th anniversary, Obama reaffirms support for Roe


With Obama in power, now backs abortion rights


Abortion Rights Advocates Want Abortion to Be 'Pro-Family'


D.C. cops ban pro-life messages

The Coming Anti-Life Onslaught: Alabama's Abortion Agenda at Home and Abroad


Full Undercover Tape Showing Abuse Cover-up Released, Planned Parenthood Ignores Requests for Records


Planned Parenthood Covers Up Ohio Incest


Abortion Group Ipas Defends Abortion Targeting Unborn Girls


Planned Parenthood pressured to give answers


Pro-abortion groups have ‘long list’ of desired U.S. abortion policy changes

Abuse Pattern Develops as Second Indiana Planned Parenthood Covers Up Statutory Rape of 13-Year-Old


Pro-Abortion Groups Attack Religion


'Deceitful' Planned Parenthood report ignores abortion


Abortion Establishment Presents Obama With Marching Orders


Planned Parenthood Escapes Legal Charges after Now-Former Employee Caught Covering up Rape


Hewlett Foundation Giving Millions to Planned Parenthood


Unhealthy gift certificates in Illinois


New Video Shows Indiana Planned Parenthood Covering Up Rape of 13-year Old Girl


New Planned Parenthood Report Boasts of Abortion Advocacy in Traditionally Pro-Life Regions


Just In Time for Christmas - Gift Cards for Abortions from Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood head lashes out at Cardinal O’Malley


Infanticide exposed: Planned Parenthood's secret endorsement


Tiller's PAC in Ethics Trouble, Faces Fines


Following the PPFA Money Trail


Planned Parenthood Still Planning for New Entrance


Smithsonian ‘Celebrates’ Planned Parenthood Founder, Anarchist


Don't Ask, Don't Tell at Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Ohio?


Celebrity Hospital In Abortion Row


Video Catches Planned Parenthood Covering Up Statutory Rape


Aurora Planned Parenthood Clinic Open A Year


Planned Parenthood Desperate to Stop Protest in Colorado


Alveda King cites personal experience in call to defund Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood under investigation for fraud


Pro-Abortion Forces Air TV Ad That is Deliberately Misleading


MLK’s Niece: Planned Parenthood Lied to Me


Tiller Patient Feared 'They're Liable to Kill Me'


Pornographic Planned Parenthood Videos Taken Off Site after Protests


In the Middle of Election, 40 Days 24/7 Pro-Life Fasting and Prayer Vigils in 179 Cities


Expert warns that upcoming summit on young people is anti-life and anti-family


Troubled Planned Parenthood Re-Opens With New Name


Video shows abortion supporters harassing Catholics outside church


'United Way' Provides Financial Support to Planned Parenthood


Arson Fire Set At Crisis Pregnancy Center


Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Is Sex Abuse


Birth Control, Eugenics Advocate Honored With Postage Stamp


Pro-Abort Hospital Moves to Counter Abortion Foes


'Nanny' Star, 'Pro-Choice' Fran Drescher Named U.S. Public Envoy


Prominent Feminist Admits "Abortion is Murder" but "I Am a Firm Supporter"


International Planned Parenthood Abortion Primer Distorts International Law


Houston Planned Parenthood Facility Draws Protests


Botched Abortion at Nebraska Planned Parenthood Sends Woman to Hospital


Adult Stem Cells Help Crohn's Patient


$37 billion a year at stake


Dean of law school fights Planned Parenthood-funded web site


Planned Parenthood Accused of 'Genocide' on Blacks Since 1921


Under Planned Parenthood's Plan, It Profits


Pelosi's Abortion Statements a Scandal Says EWTN Program Host


Washington Times: Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks


Largest Black Pro-life Organization Outraged Over Planned Parenthood Website


Baby Killer Neocons to Give Keynote, Take Center Stage at GOP Convention


SF School Directory Has Abortion Advertisement


Planned Parenthood in Ohio Tries New PR Ad Campaign


Some Call for Hospital Regulation on Abortionists to Be Overturned


Abortion Clinic Raided


Planned Parenthood In Texas Sees 21 Percent Rise In Clientele


Planned Parenthood's Sex Mis-Education


Work to Start on Catholic Abortion Clinic


Abortionist Arrested for Violent Attack on Pro-lifer


Life Advocates Continue to Fight Aurora, Ill., Planned Parenthood


Risk Factors Shut Down Abortion Businesses in South Dakota


Explicit Sex Advice Videos on Oregon Planned Parenthood Site "Over the Top"


Planned Parenthood Web Site Offers Sex Ed Videos for Teens


Planned Parenthood Promotes 'Murdering Babies' During Economic Recession - at Obama Events


Planned Parenthood to Open New Clinic In Dubuque, IA


Federal Children's Health Program Partners with Planned Parenthood Abortion Chain


South Dakota's Abortuary Is 'Open'


Former Abortionist Bernard Nathanson Exposes Lies of American Pro-Abortion Movement


Face Painting, Magic Shows and Birth Control: Planned Parenthood Infiltrates Children's Event


WIC Provides Planned Parenthood Referral


Planned Parenthood: Going after Wealthier Suburbanites


Feminists ignore baby girls killed by sex-selective abortions, pro-life leader says


Life Advocates Continue to Fight Aurora, Ill., Planned Parenthood


South Dakota Abortion Provider Closes Doors Instead of Obeying Laws, Old Media Silent


Aurora Planned Parenthood's Neighbors and Opponents File Appeal Citing 'Intentional Falsehoods' by the City and Developers


Chicago Suburb Tries to Quietly Issue Permit to Largest Planned Parenthood in the Nation - Appeal Filed


Abortion Mega-Clinic Targeted By More Complaints


Activists Turn To Aurora Board of Appeals


S.D. Planned Parenthood Fails to Open Doors


Pray for Repentance: Abortion Workers List Released


Planned Parenthood -- 'the LensCrafters of family planning'?


‘Catholics for Choice’ to publish open letter to Pope criticizing Humanae Vitae


Planned Parenthood in Hysterics over Bush Memo Defining Abortifacient Contraception as Abortion


Tiller Abortion Collaborators Exposed


World Bank Promotes Abortion


Batavia Library to Keep Sex Ed Link


Illinois Pastor challenges United Way for funding abortion group


NAACP Challenged to Condemn the Racism of Planned Parenthood


Success: After Public Exposure, Psychiatrist Quits Signing Off on Late Term Abortion


ALL: Who is Planned Parenthood Kidding?


Planned Parenthood targets suburbs, makes millions


Odenheimer Okays Tiller's Late Abortions, Becomes Abortion Collaborator


Planned Parenthood clinic builders meet protest


Planned Parenthood's Denver Mega-Clinic Opens Three Months Early


Abortionist: I cancel human souls before they become babies


Eyewitness Confession: Live Infant Stabbed to Death by Tiller Abortionist Shelley Sella


Late-Term Abortion Facility in Dallas To Close - Eighth Closure Since Bishop Began Prayer at Clinics


Planned Parenthood's Stealthy Practices Lead to Death


BUSTED: Pro-Abortion Filmmaker Caught in Documentary Deception


Katie Couric Honored by Radical NOW


Planned Parenthood Hits Suburbia


Kentucky Abortionist Suspended, Indicted for Medicaid Fraud


LA Times Ignored Planned Parenthood Scandal But Promotes Group's 'Sex Ed Girl'


Planned Parenthood Goes After Native Americans


Targeting teachers with protests urged


Pill Protests at Planned Parenthood Outlets


Planned Parenthood 'Earmark' Sparks Protests


Planned Parenthood Uses Fake Name to Sneak into Cincinnati


Habitat for Humanity Ends Land Deal With Planned Parenthood


Pro-Life Leaders Promoting Nationwide Prayer & Picket of NEA Teacher Union Convention & Offices


Planned Parenthood Move Near High School Protested


Planned Parenthood does it again


Documentation Fails to Verify Governor's Story About Tax-payer Funded Pay-back Event


Habitat for Humanity Partners with Planned Parenthood


Archbishop Naumann Defends His Call for Pro-Abortion Politicians to Refrain from Communion


Baby Murderer Dies


U.S. House Asked to Investigate Planned Parenthood's Response to Racist Donations


The abortion lobby's attacks on crisis pregnancy centers and pregnant women


KS Archbishop Tells Pro-Abortion Gov. Sebelius to Refrain from Communion and Amend Her Life


Jane Fonda boosts Planned Parenthood during Orlando visit


Planned Parenthood Racist, activists say


Planned Parenthood's Use of Mother's Day for Fundraising Called 'the Ultimate in Insensitivity' by 'Silent No More' Leaders


'Margaret Sanger' Protest held at UMW


CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Wisconsin U Student Senator Vandalizing Pro-Life Display of Crosses


Birth Control or Dinner Planned Parenthood Scheme


Ex-Abortion Clinic Owner Tells Pro-life Group Truth about Abortion Business


Defund Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Puts A Hit Out On Black Children


Planned Parenthood of New Jersey Rallies Forces against Crisis Pregnancy Centers


Racism Charges Dog Planned Parenthood


EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Kerry, Dodd Receive Communion at Papal Mass


Bigotry and Hate Speech Video at IL Abortuary


Planned Parenthood Has 'Racist Agenda,' MLK's Niece Says


'IDOL Gives Back' ... To Pro-Abortion Groups


Is Tiller Above the Law?


Report Reveals Komen Gave Over $700 Thousand to Planned Parenthood in One Year


Planned Parenthood income tops $1 billion for first time


The Google Taboo: Search Engine Won't Give Christian Group a Voice on Abortion - But Will Allow Adverts for Porn and Adultery


Planned Parenthood Kills Record Number of Preborn Babies


Pro-Abortion Politicians 'Must' be Denied Communion


Planned Parenthood Continues to Crack: New Video Outs More Racism


Planned Parenthood Increases Revenue, Abortions


Pro-choice's guinea pigs


More racist Planned Parenthood clinics exposed


Tiller's Attorneys Lash Out at Operation Rescue's Effort to Prevent Corruption


Settlement Conference with Aurora


An Embarrassment of Riches


Wider probe of Planned Parenthood sought amid new allegations of fiscal wrongdoing by abortion giant


Planned Parenthood hawks "free love" and encourage promiscuous sex for Teens


Planned Parenthood 2006 - 289,650 Abortions, $112 Million Profit, $336 Million in Public Funds


Abortion Leads the PAC


Planned Parenthood's Biggest Advo-Kate


Abortion Rights Groups Plan Fall Push; Unprecedented Spending Raises Concerns From Conservatives


Tiller's appearance at NEA-hosted event draws pro-lifers' attention


Michigan Tells Abortionist to Retrain His Employees


Pro-Abortionists Blog to Protect Obama


The abortion industry


Got Plan B? Essay Contest for Young Women!


Planned Parenthood Woes Continue as National Office Closes South Florida Mills


Convicted Felon Abortionist is Now the Principal of a Chicago Elementary School


Pro-lifers should avoid 'Idol Gives Back,' organization leader says


In Heap of Trouble, Planned Parenthood Funds Pro-Abortion Candidates


Abortionist Tiller Admits to Performing Abortions the Day Before Delivery


Planned Parenthood Attacks the Whistleblower after Student Group Reveals Racism


Planned Parenthood Apologizes for Its Handling of 'Offensive Call'


Michigan Abortionist Tosses Records, Aborted Babies into Trash


Is Planned Parenthood A Cover For Black Genocide?


Banks Urged to 'Come Clean' on Support of Planned Parenthood


Porn-Maker Praises Planned Parenthood's Teenwire Web Site


Lawyers Chide Marie Stopes for 'Irresponsible' Abortion Hotlines


Alleged Adulterer and Whoremonger Cancels Planned Parenthood Speaking Engagement


Planned Parenthood Defraud Taxpayers of Millions


Planned Parenthood Accused of 'Extensive, Organized Fraud'


From Darwin to Sanger to Planned Parenthood's Racism


Murderers and Lairs Target Legislators


Nurse Practitioner Seeks Right to Perform Abortions


'Pro-Life Cross' Display Vandalized in Montgomery


Stopping Genocide: Planned Parenthood's Targeting of Alaska Natives


Idaho Planned Parenthood Faces Growing Controversy Over Racially Motivated Donation


Planned Parenthood Consolidating Affiliates


Sex Predator Abortionist Arrested for Practicing Medicine Without License


Seven-State Investigation Organized By UCLA Students Shows Evidence of Racism at Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Web Site Promotes Porn to Teens


'Planned Parenthood, Stop Using and Lying to My Family'


Planned Parenthood Builds Bigger Abortion Clinic in Massachusetts


NBA Star Charles Barkley Calls All Pro-Life Conservatives "Fake Christians"


"Philosopher of Abortion Movement" Says Obama A Better Choice than Hillary


Mass. Abortionist Relinquishes License in Wake of Abortion Death Investigation


How Planned Parenthood Uses Religion to Push Its Agenda


Murderous Fool: 'Abortion is here to stay'


LAT Reports Abortion Clinic Atrocities; Will They Follow Up?


Bankrupted Hospital to Reopen as an Abortion 'Hospital'?


Planned Parenthood Works to Increase its Share of Abortion Market


Five Planned Parenthood Affiliates To Merge


Abortionist Says He'll Obey Law Yet Bar Men from Room


Abortionist: "World is a Kinder, Gentler Place" because of Abortion


Denver abortion clinic builder issued warning


Absolute Perversion: For Humanistic Man, Death is His Solution for Everything


Planned Parenthood Tries to Get U.S. Pro-Life Ads Booted From Radio Stations


Pro-Lifers ready to declare 'collaborators'


Abortionist Inflicts Demonic Psycho-terror on Pro-life Protestors in Vienna


Abortion Leaders Admit that Pro-Life Arguments are Convincing


Killer Seawitch Spreads Death by RU-486


National Memorial for the Pre-Born and their Mothers and Fathers Removed from Capitol Buildings


Magazine Portrays Partial-Birth Abortion as Fashionable


City stands by Planned Parenthood support


Vogue Magazine Attempts to Bring Partial Birth Abortion into Vogue


Non-profit mega-clinic fails to meet zoning


Planned Parenthood Entices Teens with "Mile High Club"


Planned Parenthood Use Sodomites to Promote Birth Control


Planned Parenthood's "Choice on Earth" cards


Did Attorney General Shield Planned Parenthood?


Abortionist Tells Medical Students to Lie to Patients


Abortion promoters see man as just an animal, Spanish bishop warns


Planned Parenthood Denies Botched Abortion Responsibility


The Stupid Abort Children to Save the Planet


Save The Planet, Kill A Baby!


Ecofascist Aborts Her Baby to Help 'Save' the Planet


Sierra Club joins Planned Parenthood to offer conferences on "Sex and the Environment"


Catholic Bishops of Colorado Denounce New Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility in Denver


Colorado bishops speak out against new Planned Parenthood headquarters


Mega-deception at mega-clinics!


Not Allowing the Facts to Get in the Way


One Man's Construction Project Is Another Man's Nazi Death Camp


Inside Planned Parenthood


College Sends Freshmen to Volunteer at Abortion Clinics


Abortion providers expanding in Chicago and nationwide?


Construction Company 'Digs in Their Heels' to Build New Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility


Operation Rescue Calls for Nationwide Suspension of Planned Parenthood's Federal Funding on Light of Kansas Criminal Charges


How to Cover Up Statutory Rape


Support for HPV Vaccine Gardasil Helps Planned Parenthood Says LDI President


Kansas Planned Parenthood Clinic Charged With Providing Unlawful Abortions


Catholic College Welcomes NARAL, Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood wins fight for California funding bill


Fence Erected on Vacant Lot to Keep Out Clinic Protesters


Planned Parenthood's Unseemly Empire


Nobel 'Peace' Prize Awarded to De-Population, Abortion Advocate Al Gore


Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute Said to Play "fast and loose" With Abortion Stats


S.Dakota Abortion Supporters Go Door-to-Door


Group Seeks to Stifle Abortion Issue


First She Backs Abortion and Now "Dear Abby" Supports Homosexual "Marriage"


Whoopi gets it wrong again


Alabama Health Official: Clinics are in Compliance to Kill Babies


Aurora Abortion Clinic Opens


Now that the Nation's Largest Abortion Clinic Is Open...


Pro-Abort Newspaper: Change the Grand-Jury Process


First Barry Manilow, Now Whoopi Goldberg Hassle The View's Hasselbeck over Conservative/Pro-Life Views


Disputed Planned Parenthood Opens


First Full Day at Clinic Quiet


Controversy Embroils U.S. Abortion Services Clinic


Mayor will allow abortion facility to open


Planned Parenthood's bulletproof glass


Abortion supporters disrupt Mass at Nicaraguan cathedral


Aurora Gives up Fight against Planned Parenthood


Aurora Abortion Clinic Allowed to Open


NARAL uses Heavy Pressure Tactics on Internet Provider to Gain Text Service


After 5 Years Without Inspection, Abortion Clinic Closed


Planned Parenthood Applies With Lies


In Reversal, Verizon Wireless to Allow NARAL Text Messaging


SHOCKER: Catholic Georgetown U. Will Now Fund Law Students to Lobby for Abortion


16 U.S. senators accused of rejecting Catholic faith


Whoops - Gemini: for-profit; Planned Parenthood: nonprofit


Planned Parenthood's free publicity


Abortion Clinics Often Go Without Inspection


Planned Parenthood Prepares for Faceoff


Illinois Stealth Planned Parenthood Clinic Remains Closed


Rotary Club criticized for supporting pro-abortion groups and promoting population control


What Do Pro-Abortionists Really Think about Pro-Lifers?


List of Local/Regional Pro-Planned Parenthood Businesses Released


Planned Parenthood's idea of public disclosure


Media Give Planned Parenthood Pass for Lying to City Re Abortion Clinic


Lamaze For the Pro-Death Set


City of Aurora Initiates External Investigation Into Planned Parenthood's Deceptive Building Permit Applications


Planned Parenthood Chicago's tax returns


Pro-Aborts Pray to 'Abortion God' to Bless Planned Parenthood Employees


Planned Parenthood bombs itself


Planned Parenthood lies when attacking pro-lifers


Planned Parenthood: Web of Deceit and Destruction


Aurora Planned Parenthood opening "likely delayed"


Shopping Mall Pit Stops of Death


Planned Parenthood Being Sued for Shredding and Perforating Womans Uterus


Colorado Gov Wants Planned Parenthood in State Budget


Planned Parenthood deceptive in plans to build new abortion facility


Abortion express: Faster than ever!


Abortionist Carhart Won't Say if he Complies with Law


Planned Parenthood Has Cash to Spare


International Planned Parenthood Federation Launches New Abortion Campaign in Europe


Rock for Life Corrects Times of London: Christina Aguilera Actually Supports Abortion


Residents Say Planned Parenthood Lied on Giant Abortion Mill Application - City Investigates


AETNA Insurance Will Cover Any Abortion, for Any Reason, Any Time During Pregnancy


Opposition Escalates to Amnesty International's New Abortion Policy


Planned Parenthood driven underground


NFL franchise accused of aiding abortion industry


Amnesty International: What Part of Human Rights Don’t You Understand?


Planned Parenthood Secretly Buys Land for New Offices


Pro-Abortion Protestors Arrested for Harassing "40 Days for Life" Witnesses


Aurora Planned Parenthood mill: largest in US


Wanna know where your $$$ go? Some will kill babies in Aurora


Largest Ever Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill Threatens to Open Near Chicago


Planned Parenthood Tries to Sneak New Building into Denver


Amnesty International Says Abortion on Demand is a Human Right


Amnesty rejects Vatican criticism on abortion policy


Tiller Reopens to Sparse Business After Record Closure


2 Pro-Aborts Arrested Outside Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood to Build New $4.2 Million Killing Center


Amnesty Int'l Affirms It Has Dropped Neutral Stance on Abortion


Amnesty affirms pro-abortion policy; bishop withdraws from group and calls for end of Catholic support


Storage Co.'s Pro-Choice Billboard Causes Uproar


NOW Plans 'Freak Show' Outside Community Center


New York Storage Co. Runs Pro-Abort Billboard Ads


911 Caller in Abortion Death Quits Tiller


Abortion forum cracks whip on 'dissidents'


Amnesty International May Reconsider Abortion Stance


Amnesty International will defy Vatican pressure on abortion


'Crunch' Time on Abortion as Top Amnesty Inter'l Body Meets


Planned Parenthood Challenges Colorado's Ballot Proposal


Major U.S. Newsweekly Offers Sanitized Version of Racist Margaret Sanger


Abortionist Tiller Temporarily Shuts Down


New boycott targets added to abortion-supporter list


Planned Parenthood Involved In Sex Assault Cover-Up Again


Amnesty International Faces Last Chance to Change Pro-Abortion Stance


NJ Abortion Clinic to Remain Closed


Abortion Clinic Sneaks into Chicagoland


Abortion Clinic Owner Says It's Filling A Need


Amnesty International defiant on pro-abortion stand, ridicules Catholic criticism


Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Event Turns Into a Protest Scene


Violations Keep Abortion Clinic Shut


Newly Identified Boycott Targets Named


'Pro-choice' Dems charged with hypocrisy for pushing universal abortion coverage


Amnesty International Announces Support for Abortion


US Pro-Abortion Organizations Begin Major Assault on Peru


County Commissioners to Spend Tax Dollars to Aid Planned Parenthood


Amnesty International Calls for Abortion "Decriminalization"


Planned Parenthood Plans to Protest New Missouri Regulation


No Charge Against Second Abortionist in Tiller Case


NAACP again denies resolution reading on abortion


Atlantic City abortion doctor banned in two states


What’s So Bad about Planned Parenthood?


Pro-life leader says Planned Parenthood promotes promiscuity


Dangerous Abortionist Resurfaces at Troubled NJ Abortion Mill


Day Gardner, President of National Black Pro-Life Union Comments on Resolution Urging NAACP to Help Reduce Abortion


Planned Parenthood opposes choice


State Still Inspecting Closed Abortion Clinic


Planned Parenthood Blamed for Woman's Death


ABORTION: Planned Parenthood kills


Behind Closed Doors: Planned Parenthood’s Cover-ups and Lies


Amnesty Int'l Defends Abortion Stance After Vatican Speaks Out


YMCA Official Fired Over Planned Parenthood Field Trip


YMCA under fire for taking kids to abortion clinic


Amnesty International is now part of evil it set out to oppose


NARALers Hold Mother's Day Brunch


U.S. Planned Parenthood Reports Record Profit, Record Amount of Taxpayer Funding


Philadelphia, City of “Brotherly Love,” Declared Officially "Pro-Choice” by City Council


Planned Parenthood Budget Continues To Rise, But Pace Slows


No Matter What You Think About Abortion You Should Be Disturbed by the Situation in Kansas


Pro-aborts pushing baby carriage?


Lawmaker Targets Funds That Go to Planned Parenthood


Pro-Abortion Regulators Trade Jabs Over 'Right to Know'


Most Pro-Choice Americans Still 'Conservative' on Abortion


"The Core of the Pro-Choice Philosophy"


Planned Parenthood Bullies UCLA Student Who Ran Exposé


Lawmaker Expresses Dismay Over Planned Parenthood Conduct


Kansas governor lends support to Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Continues to Harbor Men Who Rape Children


Pro-Abort 'Pedophile Protection Racket' Still Going Strong


Planned Parenthood Looked The Other Way, Rape Victim Says


Amnesty International blasted for pro-abortion stance


Abortion Provider Caught Encouraging Minor to Lie About Age


UCLA Student Magazine Reports Local Planned Parenthood Disguising Statutory Rape


LEARN Demands Full Investigation of Planned Parenthood Abortions


Naming Names - 12 Catholic Colleges have Pro-Abortion Commencement Speakers for 2007


Buffett Defends His Foundation's Gifts To Planned Parenthood


Pro-Life Group to Protest Hillary Clinton at Catholic Charity Event


US Amnesty International Adopts Secret Pro-Abortion Policy, "Not to be made public"


Pro-abortion Sen. Hillary Clinton to Speak at Chicago Catholic Charity


Pro-Abortion senator prohibited from speaking at Catholic high school graduation


Pro-Abortion Senator Disinvited From Daughter’s Graduation


March of Dimes marches for death


License Prevents Dutch Abortion Boat from Operating in Countries Outlawing Procedure, Pro Life Group Says


United Methodist Church criticized for pro-abortion alliance


Planned Parenthood Organizes Protests in Favour of Gruesome Partial Birth Abortion Procedure


"American Idol" Charity Cash Going to Groups which Support Abortion


Abortion advocates often use scare tactics against pro-lifers, says attorney


Planned Parenthood Condom TV Ad Mocks Religion, Angels


Operation Rescue Uncovers Tiller History of Illegal Abortions


Pro-lifer challenges 'Race for Cure' connection to Planned Parenthood


New York Governor Declares Himself A 'Cold-Blooded Murderer'


Planned Parenthood Launches 'Pill Patrol' Campaign


Planned Parenthood Offering 'Untested' Vaccine to Girls 9 and Older


'Anti-Catholic' Pelosi Accused of Promoting 'Culture of Death'


Pro-Aborts Launch E-Card Service to Show 'Sympathy' for Baby Killers


'American Idol' Criticized For 'Giving Back' Through Deadly Groups


3rd annual Abortionist of the Year award


Abortion Clinic Fails to Correct 'Safety' Violations


Tax-funded abortions top 200 per week at San Jose-based Planned Parenthood


Phone a Friend, Support Abortion


Planned Parenthood and African-Americans


Sprint Nextel Teams With Planned Parenthood to Provide 'Pro-Choice' Wireless Service


Planned Parenthood Closing 'Abortion-Pill Distribution Clinic' In Wash. State


Owner of Abortion Facility Arrested for Employing Unlicensed Staff

NOW Pushes for 'Choose Death' License Plate


Abortionists envision huge new clinic in Portugal 


Abortionist Who Killed Christin Gilbert Attacks Man with Car


Pro-Lifers Question Girl Scout/Planned Parenthood Connections


New Hampshire newspaper rejects anti-Planned Parenthood ads


Open letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi


“Roe v. Wade Week” at Yale Features Do It Yourself Abortions


Democrats Plans for Dividing and Demonizing Pro-Lifers


Abortion rights activist who deceived New York Times takes aim at pro-life law in Nicaragua


Barack Obama opposes civil rights for babies


Newly Identified Corporate Supporters of Planned Parenthood Named


N.O.W. is Pushing for a 'CHOOSE DEATH' License Plate


Christians Praying Pelosi Changes Abortion Views


Born Alive Veterans for Truth


Planned Parenthood Targets Kids


Agenda Clear in Premarital Sex Survey


Ministry Leader Sees Public Schools Stepping Up Censorship of Pro-Life Viewpoint


Fire Destroys Abortion Clinic


Will New Archbishop of Washington Deny Pro-Abort Nancy Pelosi Communion at Jan. 3 Showcase Mass?


Abortion Giant’s Sphere of Influence Dwindles


'Year of Struggle' for Planned Parenthood, Pro-lifers Claim


Abortion business closes because clients 'too poor'


Nativity Scene “Aborted” By Tiller Employee


Generation Life Exposes Abuse of Young Women by Planned Parenthood During 'Emergency Contraception' Celebration


Actor's Death a Loss to Many--Including Planned Parenthood


Numbers continue to show that Planned Parenthood is not welcome


Alabama Abortion Administrator Arrested


Obscene and Belligerent N.O.W. Pro-Abort Sues Gettysburg Pa.


Pro-Abortion University Group Retracts Slander Against Pro-Life Group After Lawsuit Threat


Pro-Lifers: 'Improper' for Pro-Abortion Obama to Speak at Rick Warren's Church


Famed pastor defends invitation to Obama


Abortion Clinic Cited for Violating 10 State Laws


Keep Obama from pulpit


Christian Defense Coalition Joins Call Asking Pastor Rick Warren to Drop Senator Barack Obama from Speaking at Saddleback Church


O'Reilly's Investigation of Tiller the Killer


Planned Parenthood to Target Hispanics for Family Planning (Extermination)


Hillary Clinton and Abortion


Abortion 'Study' Claiming 68,000 Women Die Per Year Only Based on Pro-Abortion Guesses


Abortion Activists Blame U.S. for Maternal Deaths


Dems in Congress Protest Pro-Life, Pro-Abstinence Nomination


"Mainstream"? Hardly


Abortion Groups Expect Postelection Results


Al Gore Raises $300K For Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Gives $325,000 to Defeat S.Dakota Abortion Ballot


Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Funding Abortion


Phoenix Diocese Calls for End to Susan G. Kormen Breast Cancer Foundation Funding of Abortion


Planned Parenthood Belittles Pro-Lifers in Video Game


Abortion Provider Says Lawsuit Suit Was A Nuisance


Phoenix Diocese Calls for End to Breast Cancer Funding of Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Contributes $325,000 To Defeat Abortion Ballot


Illinois Planned Parenthood Uses Bigotry in Online 'Game' to Promote Blagojevich


Amnesty International Midwestern US Branch Proceeds with Divisive Abortion Policy


Chicago area abortion provider shuffle


Planned Parenthood Strategy Memo Reveals Abortion Chain's Insecurity


Aborting Child Protection


Abortion Doctor Evicted, Chicago Clinic Closed


Planned Parenthood Marks 90th Anniversary with Celebration of Abortion


"And At What Cost?" The Dilemma Deepens


Pro-abortion Democrat faces up to 1 year in jail for battery


We Had Abortions' Campaign Ignores Women With Regrets


"Any such limits would be completely preposterous": Living in "a rather special world."


Women Who Regret Abortion Respond to Ms. Magazine


Ms. Magazine's 'We Had Abortions' Campaign Disgusts Pro-Lifers


CWA Appalled at Ms. Magazine's 'We Had Abortions' Campaign


Yale Medical Students Train at Planned Parenthood


Pro-Choice Rhetoric Leads to Violence against Pregnant Women and Children


New Study Shows Pro-Choicers More Likely to Spread Violence


New York Times Writer of 138 Stories on Abortion Admits Pro-Abortion Bias


Bias Makes Media Overreact to Embryonic Stem Cell Hype, Researcher Claims


Google Bans Pro-Life Ad, Shows Favor to Pro-Abortion Ads


Potlucks for Abortion


Yale's Med School Hosting Planned Parenthood-Backed Abortion Training


Chicago Planned Parenthood's South Dakota Project


Abortion Advocates Target S.D. Law


Bankrolling Hostility


Associated Press Embraces Bias and Supports Abortionists in News Coverage


Margaret Sanger & 'The New Woman'


Pro-Aborts Protest Pro-Life Pharmacy


Fashion, Child Killing Advocates Join Forces


Bob Jones University Invites Pro-Abort Republicans


Professor Says Pro-Aborts Face A 'Fertility Gap'; Not Having 'Enough Children'


Motives, Methods of NARAL Abortion Poll Challenged


States Urged to Boost Inspections of Abortion Clinics


Updates on 5 Abortion Clinics Close


Abortion Industry's Cover Blown


Five Clinics to Close After Florida Abortion Doc Suspended


Planned Parenthood and chastity


UK Bishop Warns of Catholic Break with Amnesty International over Pro-Abortion Stance


Unborn Child a Parasite, a Tapeworm: Columnist


Guttmacher Wants Public Funding For Contraceptives


'I Have Had an Abortion,' Mag Asks Women to Declare


CWA Opposes Guttmacher Recommendation


Amnesty International Considering Proposals To Support Contraception Access, List Abortion in Some Cases as Human Right


Ms Magazine Launches Women's 'Abortion' Petition


Amnesty abortion proposal draws ire


CWA Repudiates Pro-Abortionists' Baseless Attack on Pregnancy Centers


Amnesty International should not take position on abortion, says pro-abortion advocate


South Dakota Abortion-Ban Backers Harassed


The CEO for Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette gets bent at Bush about more than abortion.


Warren Buffett Donates $3 Billion to Pro-Abortion Groups


Bill Gates Funding Of Abortion Reveals Him To Be Liar


Family Offers $500 Reward To ID Pro-Abort Vandals


Planned Parenthood and Walt Disney World


Pro-lifers against Buffett-Gates alliance


Gates-Buffett Linkup Troubles Pro-Life Activists


Buffett gift means millions for abortion


Warren Buffett Gives $31 Billion to Gates Foundation


Warren Buffett Gives until it Hurts: Hurts Women, Hurts the Developing World and Kills Preborn Children


More Buffett Money Likely Headed to Pro-Choice Organizations


Billionaire Buffett giving away his wealth


Washington Teachers Union Refuses Union Dues Transfer Away from Abortion Support


China Forces Woman to Abort Baby at Seven Months


Vatican Condemns Amnesty International’s Move Towards Abortion Advocacy


The New Anti-Life Counter-Attack


Ambulance Transports Botched Abortion Victim From FPA in Montclair, CA


Alabama Abortion Mill Surrenders License Rather Than Reveal Slipshod Conditions


Birmingham Abortion Clinic Surrenders License After Baby's Death


Planned Parenthood Profits at Taxpayers' Expense


Planned Parenthood fights order in fraud probe


Just what is it that Planned Parenthood is trying to hide?


Planned Parenthood Rapidly Nearing One Billion Dollar Annual Budget


Race for the Cure funds abortion service


Planned Parenthood Reports Record $882 Million Income, $63 Million Profit


Planned Parenthood Abortionists Swimming In Profits While Raking In Fed Bucks


Amnesty International Abortion Agenda: Decriminalization in '06 and On Demand in '07


Abortion Mills Face New Troubles in Two States


Bishop, Author of Amnesty International Prayer, to Resign over Abortion Stance


Right to Life Offices Evacuated in Toronto after Bomb Threat


Noted neurologist Dr. Ronald Cranford dies


The pro-aborts' paradox


The Bite of “Choice”


Amnesty International: We're Supporting Abortion because of Gay Rights


Wichita Abortion Mill Sells Out, Holds Yard Sale


Lakewood Abortionist Regains License, His Receptionist Still Faces Charges


Prof Faces Criminal Charges After Urging Vandalism of Pro-Life Display


Pro-lifers Galvanized by 'Right to Abortion' Move


Texas Allocates Tax Money to Planned Parenthood


The Passing of a Powerful Enemy of Life


Abortionist Tiller Trashed by Garbage Service


Planned Parenthood Solicits Mother's Day Donations


NPR Examines Plans To Open Abortion Clinic on SD Reservation


Planned Parenthood Institute Report Shows Desperation of Abortion Lobby


Critics Suggest Guttmacher's Pro-Abortion Report Ignores Negative Evidence


Pro-life Display Destroyed at Washington University - Vandal Arrested


A Neat, Clean Culture of Death


Pro-Abortion Vandals Desecrate Princeton Group's Pro-Life Display


Vampires on campus


Imitation: the Sincerest Form of Flattery


Amnesty International Actively Considering Becoming Pro-Abortion


Pro-Life Priest Demands 'Johnson & Johnson' Stop Funding Planned Parenthood


Michigan Abortion Advocates Rally For Contraceptive Access


More Pro-Abortion Violence at U.S. Universities – Now it’s Princeton


Help Fight Planned Parenthood's Graphic Teen Sex Tax Funded TV Commercial


Kentucky Literature Prof Removed for Vandalizing Pro-life Display


Planned Parenthood: No Clinic On Indian Reservation


Abortion Supporting Native Indian Chief in South Dakota May Be Impeached


800 Child Killers Rally for Choice at Georgia Capitol


Abortionist Commits Hit-and-Run Two Days Before Groups Ask For Grand Jury Investigation says Operation Rescue


CNN Travels With  Baby Killer to South Dakota to Do Abortions


Parental Consent Laws Costs Idaho $380,000 in Planned Parenthood's Attorney Fees


Planned Parenthood Lures Teens with iPods and Movie Tickets


Planned Parenthood's 'Prayer Breakfast' At The Washington Hilton


UK Government to Provide Abortion Nurses in all Primary and Secondary Schools


Nebraska Senate Puts Planned Parenthood back on State Pay Roll


Abortion Coalition faces tough task vs. pro-lifers


Clinic's Renovations Will Prevent Pro-Lifers From Speaking to Abortion Bound Mothers


Pro-Abort Wisconsin Group Seeks To Refer South Dakota Law


Posters Celebrating Fetal Development Ripped Down at Harvard


Following Abortion Rights Logic


Christian University Pro-Life Display Stolen


Pro-Abortion Group Wants More Federal Money


Planned Parenthood South Dakota Plans to Defy Law, Continue Committing Abortions


Pro-Aborts Expected to Challenge South Dakota's Abortion Ban


Groups counterattack strict S. Dakota abortion law


Professor Lies to Get Pro-Abortion Group into Catholic College


Abortion Workers: Why They Quit


Abortionists Admit Humanity of Unborn; Now Claiming Right to Feel Good About Killing


Why An Abortionist?


Planned Parenthood activists in Washington, D.C. protests South Dakota pro-life vote targeting Gov. Rounds


Politics of Choice


Pro-Abortion Group 'Delighted' Wal-Mart Must Stock 'Morning-After' Pill


Jewelry made of birth control pills has a message


How the Pro-Choice Movement is Losing America


PPFA Chooses Political Operative


Pro-Abortion New Yorkers Open Their Homes


Abortion Activists in U.S. Say They Are Losing the Battle


Psychiatric Association's Pro-Abortion Agenda Made Clear


US Abortion Advocates Fear State-Level Incremental Gains for Right to Life


Innocent blood: How lying marketers sold Roe v. Wade to America


NOW to present abortion rights act in Illinois


Resistance to the pope


Italy Under Pressure from Pro-Abortion, Gay Civil ‘Marriage’ Demonstrations


Abortion Organization Planned Parenthood Issues Blasphemous Condom Key Chains


Possible Super Planned Parenthood site found in New Rochelle


Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Has over 800 Centers Across U.S.


Nation's Largest Terrorists Group Names Pro-Abort Gov's Daughter As Its President


Planned Parenthood Targeting Minority Children, Watchdog Group Says


Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Exposed Via New STOPP National Survey


Closed Jackson abortion clinic ordered to pay $500K


Planned Parenthood To Give Away Free Abortifacients


The 'Menacing Backdrop' of NARAL's rhetoric


Planned Parenthood Caught Concealing Rape of 11-year-old


11-year-old's rape swept under rug?


It's 'Choice on Earth' time again


American Girl Tries to Restore Image, Pro-Life Group Declares Victory


Planned Parenthood: You Won't Find 'Christmas' Here


Planned Parenthood Committed More Abortions in 2004


Planned Parenthood Wants More Money


New Boycott Targets Named


Planned Parenthood protests against Wal-Mart for not selling abortifacient


Planned Parenthood targeting Latinos


American Girl Not Alone In Funding Pro-Abortion Girls Inc.


Log Cabin Exec to Lead Planned Parenthood's Outreach to GOP


Group Identifies Abortion Supporters


Planned Parenthood Challenges Hospital Mergers


Interruption at Abstinence Conference, says Abstinence Clearinghouse


American Girl boycotted


Planned Parenthood Continues 'Social Marketing' says Life Decisions International


Obama: Boycott of American Girl `silly'


Abortion Clinics’ Failure to Hand over Underage Records Leaves Child Rapists on Streets


Planned Parenthood protests pharmacist working at Target over refusal to fill Abortifacient Plan B prescription


Dr. Phil Urged to End Ties to Pro-Abortion Groups


Teen Magazines Send Mixed Messages


Secret Abortion for 17-year-old Lands Planned Parenthood in Hot Water


ACLU & Planned Parenthood Declare War on Abstinence Education in Illinois


California's Prop. 73 Heavily Opposed By Planned Parenthood


'American Girl' Assailed for Teaming with Pro-Abortion Charity


American Girl Protest in Chicago


American Girl teams with pro-abortion group


ACLU Attacks Abstinence Education


Planned Parenthood in McHenry County


Planned Parenthood's Fundraising Motives Questioned


Ex-Scout Leader Warns Parents of Girl Scouts of America's Dangerous Agenda


Concerned Women for America Asks Abortionists to Come Clean: Are You Assisting Child Rapists?


Left-Leaning Speakers Take Girl Scouts Stage


Planned Parenthood should lose tax funding For exploiting Hurricane Katrina relief


Documents Shredded At Abortion Clinic Despite Dispute Over Records


Planned Parenthood Solicits Funds to Offer Chemical abortion for Hurricane Victims


Corporate Watch Update Articles Expose Business Influence on Life and Family


U.S. Needs to Cut Off Rich Abortion Mill's Taxpayer Funding


Contraceptives Giveaway Blasted


Girl Scouts National Conclave to Feature Pro-Abortion, Pro-Lesbian Speakers


Planned Parenthood Strikes Deal on Plan B


Planned Parenthood cut sweetheart deal with producer of 'emergency contraceptive' Plan B


See pro-aborts run


Planned Parenthood Claims Pharmacist's Refusal to Dispense an Abortifacient is 'Criminal'


Calling on Planned Parenthood to 'Put Up or Shut Up' About Pregnancy Help Centers


NARAL Falsely Accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts


Planned Parenthood Speaker Got Teen Pregnancy Facts Wrong


Planned Parenthood Video Depicts 'Elimination' of Pro-Life Activists

The eight-minute animated feature is posted on Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's web site

click here to view


NOW's faces of death


Abstinence Foes Launch Strange Attack


NARAL: The Finer Points of Vulgarity


NARAL hosts 'Screw Abstinence Party'


Abortion Doctor Loses Medical License On Account of "Vile, Disgusting" Clinic, Allegations of Cannibalism


Planned Parenthood's War Against Choice


Planned Parenthood Celebrates the Birth Control Pill


Planned Parenthood Affiliate Files Lawsuit To Prevent Enforcement of S. Dakota Abortion Informed Consent Law


Abortion Activists Give Bit of the Truth for a Greater Lie


Loyola Honor for Abortion Advocate Rudy Guiliani Leads to Boycott by Cardinal Keeler


Abortion Babysitter


13 US Catholic Colleges Caught Honouring Abortion Advocates and Dissidents


Planned Parenthood launches campaign against Pope Benedict XVI


Senator Clinton Snubs Dialogue with Pro-Life Groups


Planned Parenthood, Others, Caught on Tape Protecting Child Rapists


Boycott Costs Planned Parenthood $35 Million


Contraception: Newest effort to defeat pro-lifers


Last Update: March 4, 2010