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Baby Saved as Pro-Abort Mantra Crumbles under Scrutiny


13-Year-Old Pro-Life Superstar Tackles Euthanasia


Woman Conceived in Rape Takes Message to the United Nations


The Impact of "KIDS"


How a Pro-Life Encounter Changed an Olympian's Life

Spanish Pro-Lifers Deliver More than One Million Signatures against Abortion Law


Big Victories, Babies Saved as 40 Days for Life Kicks Off Campaign


Young Counselor Threatened with Knife Learns that Baby Was Saved from Abortion


Largest-Ever Spring 40 Days for Life Set to Start Wednesday


Susan B. Anthony museum opens today amidst abortion controversy

Millions Reconsider Pro-Abortion Views After Watching Super Bowl Ad


Pro-life Congressman Exhorts U.N. Ambassadors to “Push Back” for Right to Life


Personhood Colorado Announces Successful Signature Campaign


Interview: Cut from American Idol, but Thrilled for Chance to Spread Pro-Life Message


Illinois Students Send Sweet Message to Springfield


Ohio Speaker Reverses Decision, Will Allow Honor for Pro-Life Teen


Tebow Ad Celebrates Life and Family


New Country Music Star Born as Pro-Life Ballad Climbs the Charts


The Duggars Under Fire


“Please don’t kill the child. I want the child. Please give me the child.”


Pro-life organization responds to needs of pregnant women in Haiti


Canadian TV Tonight to Air Pro-Life Ad Rejected in U.S.


Voice against abortion funding grows louder


Tebow's Defensive Line: 50,000 and Counting


Michelle and Josie Duggar Update


Confessions of a former feminist

Personhood Rocks Three New States

12-Year-Old Homeschooler Releases Pro-Life Song, CD


Illinois Pro-Life Conference Draws Prominent Young Advocate

Baby Isaiah Granted Another Three Weeks for Medical Assessment


Tim Tebow Defends Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad under Fire


While the Nation Remembers Roe v. Wade, a New Book is Hot Off the Electronic Press

Personhood Kansas Launches Campaign to Amend Constitution


U.S. Congressmen Decry Abortion on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Pro-life marchers flood D.C. in protest of legalized abortion

Pro-Life Majority Takes Charge of Nation's Capital

Tens of Thousand of Pro-Lifers Fill San Francisco Streets


On 37th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Poll Finds Majority of Americans, and Nearly 6 in 10 Young Adults, Say Abortion 'Morally Wrong'


A Choice for Life


Governors Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee Join Virtual March for Life


Babies Go to Congress


40 Days for Life Campaigns to Oppose Abortion in 156 Cities

Futile Care Theory: Parents Fight in Court for Life of Baby Isaiah

Youth prepare to promote pro-life movement

Former Fox News Anchor’s Mother Considered Abortion after Being Raped


Test Your Knowledge of Roe v. Wade


Virtual March for Life drawing thousands

Randy Travis to headline first annual Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Concert

Thousands of Pro-Lifers Rally at Massive Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility

Abortion Mandate in Senate Health Care Bill Energizes Pro-Life Activists Ahead of National Rally

Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad Set to Run

Personhood USA Announces Coast-to-Coast Personhood for 2010 Roe vs. Wade Memorial


Week puts focus on pro-life effort

International Pro-Life Leaders Come to US Capitol to Protest U.S. Anti-Life Policies

Baby Blue Laces Campaign Raises Funds For Pro-Life Organizations


'Sarah's Choice' film 


American Idol: 9th Child of 12, Daughter of Award Winning Pro-Life Blogger Advances to Next Round


A March to Strike Abortion from Health Care


'Personhood' to be theme at 2010 Roe anniversary


Sarah and Bristol Palin In Touch cover: "We're glad we chose life"

GOD TV Calls Believers to Stand Up for the Unborn

N. Illinois pro-life dinner to benefit 40 Days for Life campaign

$10,000 Reward Offered to Abortion Whistleblowers


Seeing Is Believing: The Powerful Technology of Ultrasound Images


Pastors Commit Sanctity of Life Sunday to Petitioning for Preborn Lives


Bush to receive Cardinal O'Connor Award for pro-life efforts

Abortion mill deathscorts fume when "Life Escorts" don identical orange vests


Tim Tebow Pro-Life Superbowl Ad in the Works?


News Update: The Christmas Miracle


Mainstream Media Puts Young Pro-Lifers Front and Center


Abortion clinic escort strikes Planned Parenthood investigator Lila Rose


Rejected By Rotary


Michelle and Josie Duggar update


Vatican daily reminds Obama that U.S. is increasingly pro-life


New York magazine asks, "Just how pro-choice is America?" and answers, "Not so much"


Pro-life conference sells out months early


New Pro-Life Website, Educates and Activates Pro-Lifers to Speak Up


4th Pro-Life World Congress Calls Abortion "Mega-Genocide"


Newborns cry with accent learned in womb


Former Planned Parenthood director to appear on O'Reilly Friday


Planned Parenthood Leader Changes Sides


Pro-Life Activists to Lie Down on Pennsylvania Ave, in Front of the White House, to Form a Large Number 71


Landmark graphic abortion display ends at liberal Berkeley


40 Days for Life Reaches Milestone: 2,000 Babies Saved from Abortion


Handheld Ultrasound: A Peek at the Future of the Pro-Life Movement?


Pregnancy resource centers save lives


Students for Life of Illinois to Host Pro-Life Leadership Summit


Pro-life supporters observe day of silence


Silence Will Rock Thousands of Campuses Tomorrow While Students Protest Abortion as Part of the 6th Annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity


One million protest abortion in Spain in massive weekend rally


Mother Successfully Battles for Right to Deliver Healthy Baby Despite Terminal Cancer


Pro-Lifers Exploiting Facebook's Enormous Potential


Mom wants baby after trying to have it killed


Aurora Planned Parenthood says staff intimidated by prolife demonstrators


Groundbreaking In-the-Womb Photos Now Improved and Republished


News anchor gives birth on expressway


Ever Wonder Who Took Those Aborted Baby Pictures?


New York Times Shows Photos of Aborted Babies on Its Webpage


Organizations Representing Over 30 Million People Voice Opposition to Healthcare that Funds Abortion, Violates Conscience, Rations Care, or Limits Freedom


Hundreds of Thousands of Students Will Refuse to Speak on October 20th, as They Stand in Solidarity with Those Who are Killed Every Day by Abortion


Hospital Counselor Leaves Abortion Unit during 40 Days for Life


Woman births child wrongly implanted


America's pro-life, pro-abortion gap oh so slight


Pro-Life Activists Display 140 Foot Image of the Number 71 on the Lawn of the United States Capitol


Pope calls for respect for life and protection of consciences in the U.S.


Pro-Life Leaders to Set Up Large Display on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol Building to Oppose Taxpayer Funded Abortions in Health Care Reform


Historic In-Depth Pregnancy Resource Report Spotlights Contributions of Heartbeat Affiliates


National Life Chain Sunday October 4


38 Babies Saved Since Beginning of 40 Days for Life Campaign


Fear grows among pro-life activists


Life Chain to Be Held Across North America on Sunday October 4, 2009


Notre Dame's Father Jenkins Begins Pro-Life Measures at University, but Still not Dropping Charges against Pro-Life Protestors


Pro-life group's demise 'grossly overrated'


A Young Pro-Lifer Writes to the President


Tens of Thousands to Protest Obamacare in Washington This Weekend


Well-Known Michigan Pro-Life Activist Shot and Killed in Michigan


Religious left now speaking up against abortion in healthcare plan


Prayer vigil seeks to keep abortion funding out of health care reform


No atheists in birthing centers


New BarlowGirl Post-Abortion Song


Pro-life students urged to respond to Obama's speech


Youth pro-life groups ask teens to protest Obama on abortion in health care Tuesday


Humans never 'too expensive ... too inconvenient'

Illinois pro-life clinic to offer women alternative to Planned Parenthood

Family Attacked for Too Many Children: "Thrilled to be Preparing for Baby Number 19

'In the Womb' is Now on the Net: Amazing 4-D Footage of Growing Baby

Pro-Life Convictions Worth Risking Career For: "The Passion" Actor Jim Caviezel

Pro-Life Activists Travel to Martha's Vineyard to Challenge President Obama on Taxpayer Funded Abortions in His Health Care Plan

A Peek into Fetal Memory

Pro-life groups organize prayer and protest in response to 'abortion mandate'

Kourtney Kardashian is Singing Our Song

Pro-lifers announce mass protest at Carhart's clinic

Pamphlet-bearing pro-lifer exonerated by court

Trek across the country reveals a pro-life America

Susan B. Anthony List Praises Pro-Life Leadership of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

The Unborn Child: Amazing Beyond Words

Pro-lifers released from 'economic bondage'

Urgent Petition Launched To Block Plans For New International Late-Term Abortion Clinic

Grassroots Initiative Calls for Clarification of Common Ground Through On-line Petition: Contraception, Root of Abortion

Life Advocates Continue to Fight Aurora, Ill., Planned Parenthood

Giant Webcast Thursday to Educate and Mobilize Pro-Life Americans Against Great Dangers of Obama Health Care Bill releases 3rd "Imagine" ad

Abstinence Education Is the Key

86% of Americans Would Significantly Restrict Abortion: New Poll

‘Groundbreaking’ invention creates life-sized 3D models of unborn children

Montana and Colorado Join National Momentum With New Personhood Campaigns

Is Pro-Choice the New Pro-Life?

Music in Utero - The Smiling Unborn Child

One Solitary Child

Coulter Mocks Pro-Abort Rhetoric: "If you don't believe in shooting abortionists, then don't shoot an abortionist."

"Our Finest Hour": Chris Smith Invokes Churchill's Words in Keynote Pro-Life Address

"Eight new pro-life films shine"

'Amazing' Grace: Baby Survives 'Incurable' Illness

League's Message to Obama: "Abortion Is Not Health Care"

Pro-Faith, Pro-Life Broadway Play, Irena’s Vow, Receives Critical Acclaim

Pro-lifers' pitch irks Planned Parenthood

Prolife leader Jill Stanek threatened by abortion advocate

Pro-Life Profs Marching: “Why not go in Drag?”

Women Must be Told about Risks of Abortion: Pro-Abortion Columnist

'Choose Life' Specialty License Plate Celebrates its 10th Anniversary: Illinois Still in Battle for Plate Approval; 24 Other States See Profit and Success

Teens for Life Launches Social Networking Site

First Major Pro-Life Prayer-&-Picket Event Since Tiller Death will Focus on NEA Teacher Union Convention in San Diego & NEA State HQs Across America on July 2

"Love Really Can Make Suffering Bearable": Woman with Spina Bifida Grapples with the Answer to "Unbearable Suffering"

Former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) Donates $50,000 to Susan B. Anthony List Education Fund to Launch Young Leaders Board

“Pop Can” Miracle Baby Set to Go Home – Born at 12.5 Ounces

Baby Faith Dies at 93 Days – Doctors Had Pressured Mother to Abort Anencephalic Daughter

Ultrasound technology and laws credited for pro-life shift

Abstinence ed 'outperforms' comprehensive sex ed

New Pro-Life Video Provides Updated 'Window to the Womb' and Historical Perspective

12,000: Canadian 2009 March for Life Smashes Previous Attendance Records

ND rally honors graduates, praises 'sanctity of life'

Chicago 'March For Life' Organized to Protest Freedom of Choice Act

Pro-life ‘Imagine’ adoption ad approved to run during ‘American Idol’

Priests for Life Head Will Lead Alternate Notre Dame Ceremony

Mother "Sacrifices" Herself: Delays Cancer Treatment to Have Her Child

Pro-Life Students Send Letter to President Obama Over Terrorist Labeling

Jack Kemp: RIP

"Pro-Lifers" Plan to Get Arrested -- 'Until the South Bend Jail Is Overflowing'

National Financial Accountability Organization Announces Partnership with Care Net and Its Network of More Than 1,100 Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pro-lifers Put up Billboards on Indiana Toll Road Decrying Obama's Notre Dame Appearance

Former presidential speech writer gives ‘witness to life’ at Notre Dame

Pro-Life Harvard Prof Refuses Award from Notre Dame Because it is Honoring Obama

‘Choose Life’ License Plates Approved in 24 States

Americans Support Medical Professionals' Freedom of Conscience

Hundreds of babies saved from abortion in recent pro-life campaign

White House confirms it got 2 million red envelopes

1 million red envelopes deluge White House

Pro-lifers plan protest for Obama's visit to Notre Dame

On Tuesday, Drop Red Envelopes in the Mail

Pregnancy centers, not abortion clinics, best solution to financial crisis, pro-life leaders say


Life Saved in Rockford because of Grotesque Display in Abortion Facility Window

Courageous Mother Delays Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer, Saves Lives of Twins


College Buckles Under Public Pressure, Lifts Campus Ban on Pro-Life Students Who Videotaped Planned Parenthood Event


'Raise Your Hand' Video Breaks New Ground; Gives Voice to Aborted


Babies"Biking for Babies" Videos Now Online


Octomom's gift to the pro-life movement


Pro-Life Petition Launched


Husband of Woman in Coma for 17 Years Visits Wife Three Times Daily


University of Illinois Students Go "Biking for Babies"


Fox Valley Activists Scuttle Planned Parenthood's "Community Forum"

Red Envelope Project Tells President Obama of Outrage over Abortion Promotion


Pro-Life Short Film "Volition" Now Being Sold on DVD


Students for Life of Illinois Helps You Join Fight to Stop UW Abortion Clinic with Email Campaign

Hope For The Heart's Efforts Double to Help Pregnancy Centers


Star Trek Actor Who Paid for Three Abortions Now Condemns "Right to Kill Her Baby"


Don’t Count the Pro-Life Movement Out


Pro-Life Senators Take a Stand


The battle lines are drawn: the pro-life challenge in America today

Niece of Martin Luther King to Speak at Pro-life Rally at White House on Friday


Historic Door to Door Life Initiative Launched

Lutherans Join Pro-Life Activists, Urge President Obama to Protect the Unborn

Abortion Opponents in 118 Cities Launch 40-day Campaign to Counter Roe v. Wade and New Administration


Redoubling Our Dedication as the Obama Presidency Begins


Story of Woman Who Chose Homeless Shelter over Abortion


Pro-life Activists Plan Major Display and Vigil Along the Inaugural Parade Route on Tuesday, January 20

Thank You, President Bush

'Culture of life' made progress, Bush says during final address


National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2009

Pro-life mini-movie ‘Miracle of Life’ released


Free Premiere of Pro-Life Movie "22 Weeks" to Show in D.C. Before March for Life

Pro-life policies atop ERLC '09 agenda


Georgia Right to Life Launches the Nation's First 'Virtual' Abortion Holocaust Memorial Wall


The Reasonableness of the Pro-Life Case for Life

Heroes for Life


Pro-life summit discusses pro-life future in U.S


Former “Card-Carrying Member of NARAL” to March for Life in January West Coast Walk for Life

The Political Future of the Pro-Life Movement


Nation's First Government-Funded Abortion Alternatives Program Serves Over 150,000 Women Since 1995


'Terri's Day' to be Observed in Remembrance of Terri Schiavo

Richard John Neuhaus, 1936–2009


Obama Faces Pro-Life Opposition During Inauguration Week

Pro-Life Message Needed as Economy Falters


Abortion restrictions enjoy significant support, survey finds


New Survey Finds Only 9% of Americans Support Unrestricted Abortion


'Abortion Hurts Women' Billboard Erected at San Francisco Bay Bridge Approach


Pro-Lifers Are Primed and Ready

Lila Rose Chosen as Operation Rescue's 2008 Person of the Year


Pro-Lifers Prepare for March for Life 2009 under Obama's Shadow


Peaceful Singing and Disruptive Counter-Protest Mark League's 6th Annual "Empty Manger" Caroling Day


Christmas Caroling at Abortion Facilities


Pro-life ad campaign to target MTV and BET viewers


Fr. Pavone to Receive A. D. King Advancing the Culture of Life Award


Bella Babies


Donation drive for pregnancy hotline to counter abortion ‘gift certificates’


Pro-Life Students: 'Abortion is Bad for Women'


Look out MTV, Here Come Pro-Life Ads which Have Been Shown to Decrease Abortion Numbers


Pro-Life Activists Announce Major 'Prophetic Art Demonstration' In Front of the White House during Presidential Inaugural Week


The Common Struggle to Protect the Unborn


Winners Announced in Students for Life First Annual Pro-life Video Activism Contest


The 'Pro-Life Good News Story of the Week': Hope of Pregnancy Centers Advances


Pro-life students start scholarship fund for pregnant college women


At Least 32 Babies Were Saved From Students' Efforts During the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity Yesterday


Pro-life pharmacy debuts in Virginia, touts freedom of conscience


Catholics “Morally Obliged” to Oppose Roe v. Wade


Pro-lifers pick up where MLK left off, says African American pastor


Hundreds of Thousands of Students from Over 4,000 Campuses in 22 Countries Take Part in Silent Pro-Life Protest Tomorrow


Survey shows self-described ‘pro-choicers’ favor significant abortion restrictions


Father Who Agreed to Abort Down Syndrome Son Seeks Redemption


Woman Says No to Aborting Down Syndrome Baby: ‘He’s a Human Being’


After Two Weeks of 40 Days for Life - 114 Babies Saved from Abortion


While Political Abortion Rhetoric Picks at Tender Wounds, a New Outreach Offers Hope


Remarkable Pro-Life Women Share Their Stories


U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade in Award-Winning Pro-Life Movie


Pope Commends Knights of Columbus for their Pro-Life Work


National Life Chain Sunday 2008 Brings Prayer to Nation's Sidewalks on Oct. 5


Anti-Abortion Group Holds Demonstration at High School


Abstinence Education: A Selection of Research


Indiana Grassroots Crack Down on Abortionists


New Pro-Life Movie Wins a 'Redemptive Storyteller Award'


'Vote Pro-Life' Radio Ad Begins Running on US Radio Stations Today


Life Advocates Stand Up to Planned Parenthood


Down Syndrome Tests Risky for All Babies, Study Shows


Adult Stem Cells from Teeth Could Heal Stroke Damaged Brains


Thousands of 'Tourists' Desperate for Miracle Cure Made from Aborted Babies


Pregnancy Center Volunteers Receive Presidential Volunteer Service Awards


Pro-Life Groups Plot Demise of Planned Parenthood Clinics


World Premiere Documentary Helps Launch 40 Days for Life's Fall 2008 Campaign, Largest Pro-life Mobilization in History


Pro-Life Activists Arrested at Cathedral for Handing Out Anti-Obama Literature


Pro-Life Organizations Launch Nationwide Campaign Against Planned Parenthood


Pro-life pharmacy owner explains his no-contraception policy


Men and Abortion Conference


Man Drowns Saving Son with Down Syndrome


U.S. bishops’ Pro-life Secretariat announces free pro-life ad designs


New Effort Launched to Decrease Eugenic Abortion of Down Syndrome Babies


Abortion-Free States: Focused Objective of 40 Days for Life Fall Campaigns


Churches Become Safe Haven for Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy


Knights Sponsor Chicago Conference on Abortion's Effects on Men


Texas Pro-Lifers Want More State Health-Car Tax Money


Peaceful Teenage Demonstrators Arrested at the Democratic National Convention Near Senator Obama's Hotel


Stephenson County Right to Life Billboard Vandalized


Dr. King's Dream Includes the Unborn Says Dr. Alveda King


Tens of Thousands of Christian Youth Cry for Life in Washington and Ottawa


Large Prayer Rally at Denver Planned Parenthood During Democratic Convention


13 Pro-lifers Arrested at DNC Convention


The World's Largest Abortion Protest Sign: DNC's Sheets Of Shame


Pro-Life Activists Plan Peaceful and Prayerful Protest Outside of Senator Obama's Hotel in Denver This Evening, August 27


Thousands March Around Denver Planned Parenthood


40 Days for Life Campaign Coming to 170+ Cities in US and Canada this Fall


Olympian shunned abortion; now has son & bronze medal


New Campus Publication Coming Soon


50 Activists Protest Catholic Abortion Clinic Groundbreaking


Christians Gather on National Mall for ‘Call’ to End Abortion


Niece of Martin Luther King Jr. to Lead Prayer Vigil Outside Largest U.S. Abortion Centre


Group Holds Pro-Life Rally At Busy Intersection


New Jersey Right to Life Holds Counter Protest of Planned Parenthood


University of Maryland Will Accommodate Pro-Life Group


"Why I Love the Baby of the Man Who Raped Me"


K of C calls Catholics to protect life, marriage, family


The Four Ingredients for Success


Pro-Life Hero Dr. Clement Persaud


Pro-lifer attacked at Santa Ana abortion clinic


Pro-Life Demonstrators March on City Hall to Protest Construction of Planned Parenthood


Woman Told of Fetal Abnormalities: "I Will Not be the Killing Hand."


Motherhood is "the Most Rewarding Experience of My Life" says Feminist Icon's Daughter


100 Youth to Lead CEC For Life Prayer Vigil at Florida Abortion Clinic


Culture of Life Foundation expands pro-life outreach to laymen in ‘hopeful’ moment


Over 70 Colorado Physicians Sign Statement Saying Personhood Begins at Fertilization


Woman Gives Birth to Her 18th Child


'BabySteps' DVD Introduces the Preborn Person to an International Audience


Activist Says His Tax Dollars Will NOT Pay for Abortions Anymore


Abortion clinic prayer vigils coming to 100 cities


Organization Protests Funding of Planned Parenthood With Tax Dollars


Pro-life groups still waiting for City of Denver’s approval for DNC vigil


World Premiere Documentary Spotlights Life-Saving 40 Days for Life Campaigns


U.S. bishops launch Natural Family Planning Awareness Week


Pro-Life Groups Ask City of Denver to Give Them a Commitment to Conduct a Prayer Vigil at the Pepsi Center before DNC


Truth Truck 'Held Hostage' at St. Louis Planned Parenthood


40 Days for Life launches fall 2008 campaign, reports 500 babies saved


Fire Destroys Life & Liberty Ministries Office


40 Days for Life Prepares for Largest Pro-Life Mobilization in History


Why Is the Pro-Life Movement So Christian, and Should it be?


$600,000 in Prizes to be Awarded to Best Pro-Life Organizations or Individuals this Year


YouTube Replaces Censored Video


Walkers Take Anti-Abortion Protest on the Road


Norma McCorvey Takes Pro-Life Message to Television


Pope Links the Eucharist with the Right to Life


Black Pro-Lifers to Protest NAACP Convention


Students Against Margaret Sanger


Son: Falwell's pro-life goal close to reality


Pope Says Defence of Life and Family Urgent as "Numerous Forces Are Trying to Weaken Them"


Pro-Lifers Campaign Against Pill-Induced Abortions


Miracle babies outwit nature and the knife


Brazilian Mom Rejects Doctors' Advice to Abort


More Teens Remaining Chaste New Study Reveals


Darlene Davis


Rock Star Courtney Love Resisted Coerced Abortion, Reports Memoir


Mom rejects abortion after Down syndrome diagnosis


Defense of Life Summarized in 10 Points


Care Net reaching out to new areas


Eagle Forum's Schlafly Awarded Honorary Doctorate


Pregnancy Resource Group Asks High Court to Encourage Doctors to be Honest with Patients Considering Abortion


"Grateful Father thanks Sidewalk Counselor for his two year old daughter"


A Miracle Story in Two Acts


Heath Shuler: Rare pro-life Democrat in Congress


Want to Avoid Arthritis? Breastfeed, Have More Children and Don’t Take the Pill


How many human lives have you saved from death! . . . do not be afraid"


New Outreach Casts Wider Net for After Abortion Care


Punishing Pro-Life Kids


Thousands Attend Pro-Life March in Canada


Pro-Lifers: Let's Picket NEA Teacher Convention in Washington, DC & NEA HQs in State Capitals July 2


Pre-order sales of Bella DVD Make it #1 Selling Romantic Movie on Over Weekend


Life Memorial Replaces Abortion Clinic in Alabama


Italian Mother "Lays Down Her Life" for Her Unborn Child


With Adoption of Second Disabled Child Jim Caviezel Makes Good on Pro-Life Convictions


More Than 70 Virginia Students Bring "Prayerful, Peaceful" Presence to D.C. Planned Parenthood


Saturday's Great Rally


Hundreds of Life Advocates Gather at Abortion Clinic


Patricia Heaton Comments on New FFL Study


Major Protest Saturday at Nation's Largest Planned Parenthood


Abortion Protest Tomorrow in Front of Supreme Court Buildings in DC and Every State


New York Abortion Clinic Closes Today; Facility Was Site of 40 Days for Life Vigil


New Web Site Establishes Safe Environment for Those Changed by Abortion


Michigan House Doesn't Vote on Partial-Birth Abortion Regulation


St. Thomas Law School Dean Rejects Planned Parenthood Volunteer Work as "Public Service"


Student in Trouble for Planning Abortion Protest


Abstinence programs reaffirmed through research


"He Is Supposed to be Here With Us"


Trusted Pro-Life Voice Reaches a Milestone


Studies Demonstrate Abstinence Education Works


Priests for Life Mourns Passing of Cardinal Lopez-Trujillo


Nothing More Natural


That Horton Movie Is Actually Pretty Pro-Life


40 Days for Life Team Encouraged by Pope's Words, Impact of Spring Events


Heartbeat Pregnancy Centers Deliver Hope for Life


True rights come from human nature, not special interest groups


"Truth Booth" Shows Fetal Development in Ohio Mall


New Movie Gives Clinton and Obama the Answer to 'When Life Begins'


Award-winning movie “Bella” to be made into novel


For Pope Benedict XVI, Defending the Right to Life is Very Personal


Bella Available on DVD


Larger than Life Hollywood Icon and Pro-life Advocate Charlton Heston Dies at 84


College Clubs Spread Message of Abstinence




Distinguished Pro-Life Defender Celebrated


New Outreach for Those Touched by Abortion


William Wilberforce's Great Grandson Says if Alive Today Wilberforce Would Fight Abortion


Famous Mexican Actress to Star in Pro-Life Play Authored by Herself


Women turning to natural methods of birth control


Vatican Official to U.N.: 'Protect the unborn and the seriously ill'


Fertility Treatment is Hugely Successful but Largely Ignored by Medicine


New Pro-Life Book 'Return of the Children' Ponders the Return of the Aborted


40 Days for Life Effort Wraps Up Sunday; Lives Saved, Awareness Raised


Pro-Life Activists See Message in Dr. Seuss's Famous Children's Book


Little Soles  


Dr. James Dobson Calls for Future Generations to Rise to the Call of Pro-Life Leadership


'Window to the Womb' Creator Puts 4D Ultrasound, Pro-Life Video Footage on YouTube


Leaders call blacks to act against abortion


New Book Narrated by a Fetus -- Womb Child


"Friday Night Lights" And the Two Most Important Things


Dr. Alveda King to Join Pro-Life Civil Rights Activists for Black History Month Events Today


Doctors Advised Abortion; Baby Born Healthy


ProLife Ob/Gyns Oppose Attempt to Shut Down Their Conscience Convictions


Pro-Life Activists to Meet with Denver City Attorney to Secure Park Permits for Peaceful and Prayerful Witness During the Democratic National Convention


First Amendment Rights Denied in Georgia as Pro-Life Activist is Arrested on Public Sidewalk


YouTube apologizes, restores pro-life video


Pregnant Woman Told that she was Carrying "Handicapped" Twins, Refuses Abortion, Gives Birth to Healthy Girls


Bush's Them and Us - "Abortion on Demand" vs "Adoption and the Right to Life"


Prayer and Fasting Campaign Works to Protect Preborn Life


Youth Celebrate the Fifth Annual Day of Purity With a Positive Message of Change -


'Terri's Day' Information Now Available


The Sanctity of Life


Nationwide 40 Days for Life Effort Focuses on Bringing Abortion to an End


Preborn Twins Save Mother’s Life


Abortion Protesters Hold Super Bowl Block Party


Speak Out Illinois a Success


Pope Benedict prays for those who defend life


Brian Bundy's Courage


Pro-life film festival


Pro-Life Youths Make Their Voices Heard


Abortion Protest at Church Serving as Polling Place Angers Voter


The Real Lessons of "Juno"


Population Research Institute Releases Groundbreaking Video


Dr. Alveda King Named One of the Top Ten People of 2007 by Inside the Vatican Magazine


225,000 Take Part in National March for Life in Washington


Unexpectedly Finding New Hope at the 2008 March for Life


NCAA Lets Pregnant Athletes Keep Their Scholarships — and Babies


Mayor Establishes an Annual 'Respect Life Week' in Yonkers, New York


US Senate Site of Jam-Packed Pro-Life Gathering


SBC's Richard Land Comments on 'Roe v. Wade' Anniversary


Stirring a New Generation of Pro-Life Activists


Women Who Had Abortions Join March for Life


Life is Winning in America


Thousands Protest Roe v. Wade Opinion


Bloggers Fight for the Rights of Preborn Babies


Youth Take the Lead in March for Life


Movement making strong gains, victory in sight


Remarks by the President to March for Life Rally Participants


Pro-lifers converge on DC for Roe anniversary


Pro-Life Rally at Texas Capitol on Sat., Jan. 26, to Commemorate 35th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade


"40 Days for Life" Initiative Launches Second Wave after 340 Children Saved by Earlier Effort


Choosing Life at the Movies


National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2008


Pro-Life Movement is Alive and Well on the Eve of the 35th Roe v. Wade Memorial


Estimated 25,000 Pro-Woman Pro-Life Walkers Crowd San Francisco Waterfront


Abortion Opponents in 59 Cities Prepare 40-Day Campaign to Counter Impact of Roe v. Wade


Care Net Announces Record Level Participation in National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday


Details on National Memorial for the Pre-Born and Their Mothers and Fathers, Washington, DC, January 22, 2008


GOD TV to Air Bound4Life Prayer Rally


National Pro-Life Clergy will be Welcomed in the US Senate


HLI Leader Fr. Euteneuer Issues Ten Challenges for the Pro-Life Movement in 2008


Memorial Service for the Unborn to be Held at Georgia State Capitol


Fr. Pavone to Preach at US Senate Building


Quad City Right to Life Unveils Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


US Experiencing a Baby 'Boom'


Entire student body of Christendom College to march for life


Women Set to Proclaim: I Regret My Abortion


Americans United for Life Releases Ranking of Pro-life States


Pro-life Pioneer Announces New Ultrasound DVD


4th Annual Walk for Life West Coast


Change Will Come from the Grassroots Up: US March for Life Organizer Nellie Gray


Pro-Life Hero Dennis Stafford


National Pro-life Radio Invites Congregational Leaders and Lay Ministers to Join Dr. Stephen G. Peroutka, Esq.; Father Frank Pavone, Priests For Life; and Reverend Dr. Johnny Hunter, LEARN; for The National Memorial for the Pre-Born


National Days of Prayer Designated in Advance of Roe Anniversary


March for Life 2008 Conference and Activities Schedule


'Your Decision in Roe v. Wade has Deformed a Great Nation'


Leading Interdenominational Pro-life Group to Give Awards


Focus on the Family TV Ads Spread Pro-Life Message


Couple Welcome Quintuplets Despite Pressure to Abort


Homeschoolers Rally to Make Pro-Life/Pro-Family Movie


Pro-Life Hero Norma McCorvey


5 Characters Reject Abortion in a Cultural Shift in Movies


'Juno': The movie pro-aborts will hate


Britney Spears' 16-Year-Old Sister Jamie Lynn Decides Against Abortion


Pro-Lifers Convince United Way to Defund Planned Parenthood


MLK niece to lead San Francisco pro-life march


Of Pigs and People


Papal Address to Catholic Pharmacists Congress


40 Days for Life Merely the Beginning; Pro-lifers Redoubling Their Commitment


Archbishop Chaput Says Follow Example of Early Christians in Fight Against Culture of Death


Vatican conference to explore early stages of human life 


Pontifical academies: A culture worthy of human life


Vatican conference to explore early stages of human life 


What a Good Movie Can Do


40 Days for Life Calls for 24-Hour Vigils at all Abortion Clinics Nationwide on November 3


President Bush Notes Pro-Life Stand of Senator Henry Hyde as Reason for Medal of Freedom


New Poll Shows 50% of Americans Pro-Life, 44% Pro-Abortion


National Adoption Month, 2007


This November Pope Urges Church to Pray that Researchers and Politicians Respect the Right to Life


McDonell High School Students See Babies via Ultrasound


Flags Raise Abortion Awareness During Life Week


40 Days for Life Vigil Reaches Day 30; Campaign Jumpstarts Local Pro-Life Efforts


Fans of Quality, Ethical Movies Urged to Support Bella With Bulk Ticket Purchases and Theater Rentals


“For every woman who chooses life, Planned Parenthood loses between $300 - $700”


Thousands of Students Worldwide Hold 'Silent Protest'


Speaker Urges Fight Against Abortion


Tens of Thousands of Students from Over 4,000 Campuses in 16 Countries Take Part in Silent Pro-Life Protest Tomorrow


Bella: Bringing Respect for Life to the Silver Screen, Opens October 26


Former Kansas AG Still Anti-Abortion Leader


Halfway Through '40 Days for Life' and Planned Parenthood is Already in Crisis Mode


Thousands of Students at Campuses Nationwide Lose Their Voices on Oct. 23


Protest Greets Another Planned Parenthood Center Opening


Former Member of National Abortion Rights Action League Speaks out for Life at Princeton University


A Child's Perspective on Abortion


Hundreds Say Goodbye to Pro-Life Congresswoman


Public funding of Planned Parenthood challenged


Abortion Opponents Denounce Aurora Mayor


Experts to discuss Planned Parenthood, value of life


Faithful Priests Call on All Bishops to Back Archbishop Burke on Denying Communion to Abortion-Supporting Politicians


Jill Stanek


Young Pastor's Powerful Sermon Encourages Parishioners to Take Part in Life Chain


New Campaign Targets Teens, Promotes 'Responsible Sex'


'We've Just Begun to Fight!' OR Says to Aurora Planned Parenthood


Pro-Lifers to form Life Chain


National Life Chain Sunday 2007 - Life Chain's 20th Year


Planned Parenthood Will Close Five Michigan Clinics


Closing of Michigan Planned Parenthood Clinics Serves the Public Good Says Fr. Pavone


Destiny's Team: A Story About Love, Choices and Eternity


Abortion foes buy building next to St. Paul clinic


TLN Program on Clinic Goes Out to Nation


Young Adults Tend to Lean Pro-Life


Jim Sedlak: Bulldoze Planned Parenthood to the Ground


40 Days of Prayer Can Save Lives


Former Miss Atlantic City Comments on Closing of Filthy New Jersey Abortion Mill


New Jersey Abortion Clinic Surrenders License


Abortion Centers in 80 Cities in 33 States to be Prayerfully Picketed for 40 Days


USCCB Pro-Life Committee Issues Statement for Respect Life Sunday, October 7, 2007


Hundreds Rally Over Planned Clinic


Wichita Joins Nationwide 40 Days for Life Campaign at Tiller Clinic


Five Commandments


Fr. Frank Pavone to Kick Off Rallies for 40 Days for Life


Delay of abortion clinic opening saves lives, says president of pro-life organization


Abortion Opponents Prepare Nationwide Campaign Following Victory in Aurora, IL


Bishop Encourages All Priests to Imitate Him by Spending One Hour in Front of Abortion Facility


October 5-13 - 15th Annual International Week of Prayer & Fasting for the Culture of Life


Stopping at Nothing


Protesters March Against Clinic Opening


Georgia Singing Group Makes Available Free Pro-Life Song with Sheet Music and MP3 Audio


Mother of girl who underwent pre-natal surgery hopes her case will lead to fewer abortions


Abortion Not the Only Option in Philly


Pope says abortion "not a human right"


Pro-Life Leaders Pay Tribute to "Christian Warrior" Dr. D. James Kennedy


Teens Protest Planned Parenthood Clinic


Protestors Protest Pro-Life Signs at Planned Parenthood


The Miracle of Little Maria's Rescue From Abortion


Hundreds of Teens Protest Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Protests Set for Fall


Teens Planning Abortion Clinic Protest


Pro-Lifers Rally Against New PPFA Abortion Clinic


Pro-life movie "Bella" to be released nationwide Oct. 26


Life Advocates Pack Aurora City Council Meeting


Groups Join Growing Protest at Planned Parenthood


Over 1,300 Illinois Citizens Protest Largest Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic


Life Advocates Fight Stealth Illinois Abortion Clinic


Protests Intensify At Deceptive Planned Parenthood


Pro-Life Wisconsin demands retraction of defamatory statements by pro-abortion groups


Aurora abortion protestors call for investigation


Massive Pro-Life Protest Scheduled for Saturday at Planned Parenthood 'Abortion Fortress' in Illinois Suburb


Pro-Life Display in Michigan Angers Planned Parenthood


Dueling Rallies Over Planned Parenthood Clinic


"Dear Pro-life College Student"


Illinois Abortion Clinic Sparks Controversy


Chicago Pro-Lifers Launch Massive Effort to Stop New Abortion Clinic from Opening - 40 Day Vigil


OR Joins Massive Effort to Stop Aurora, IL Planned Parenthood


Michigan Governor Removes Stem Cell Research Petition From Website After Thomas More Law Center Lawsuit


Australian Fetus Becomes Newest Facebook Star


Communities nationwide gear up for '40 Days for Life'


Prominent Priest Encourages Prayer Vigil at New 'Abortion Fortress'


Knights vote to ban pro-choice politicians from Knights-sponsored events


New Film: Doctor Seuss's "Horton Hears a Who" to Raise Pro-Life Questions


Knights of Columbus Reaffirms Opposition to Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Communities across America Begin Registering for Groundbreaking "40 Days for Life" Campaign


Abortionist: "God I repent…End Abortion and Bring Revival to America. It's Time."


Anti-abortion group to launch 40-day vigil against Planned Parenthood in Aurora


Planned Protest at Planned Parenthood


Thoughts of a Sidewalk Counselor


Cross-Country Pro-Life Walkers to be Addressed by Alan Keyes at Rally on Capitol Hill


Illinois church challenges candidates, Christians with national newspaper ad


Analysis of US Government Data Shows Abstinence Education Coincides With Teen Birth Decline


Georgians Kick-Off A 'Personhood Amendment' Campaign


Pro-Life Film Bella Set for October Release


Teen leads Colorado pro-life group


Pro-life Youth Organization to Protest MTV in New York City


Media Misses the Point: Pope Says Have Concern for the Planet Yes, but a Greater Concern for Human Life


Americans Urged to Join Nationwide 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting Campaign for an End to Abortion


Pro-Lifers Prepare to Launch Groundbreaking National Mobilization


There's No Time Like the Right Time for Ending Abortion


Inspired Teen Taking Aim At Abortions


Ohio Right to Life Clarifies Position: "Wholeheartedly" Supports Abortion Ban


Report Shows Lower Teen-Sex and Pregnancy Rates


Wichita Awakening draws hundreds against abortion


Week of Anti-Abortion Protests Begins


Missouri sees decidedly pro-life shift in last 15 years


Study Sees 'Turnaround' in Young Adults' Positions on Abortion


Pro-Life Youth Group Demonstrates Outside Clinton Offices in Los Angeles


Letter from an Aborted Child


Pro-Lifers Make Impact at NEA Teacher Convention - Some Delegates 'Shocked'


Schoolgirl Banned from Wearing Pro-Life T-Shirt


Pro-Life Internet Portal Changes its Focus


Pro-Lifers Prepare to Picket NEA Convention


Abstinence Education Vital for the Health of America's Youth


Pro-Life Position Showing Steady Rise Among US Voters


Pro-Life Activists Gear Up for Fall Campaign


Pro-Life Teachers, Parents and Students: Let's Picket NEA Teacher Union / Philadelphia Sunday July 1 and State Capitals Monday July 2


American Bishop: Pro-Choice Equals No Communion For Catholics


Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor Becomes Latest Church Leader to Speak Out on Abortion


President Bush Addresses Southern Baptist Convention Highlighting Veto of Pro-Abortion Bill


Tony Hall to Receive Award from Democrats For Life of America at Annual Hall of Fame Dinner


Pro-Life Music Festival


A diamond in the raunch -- Pro-life positions emerge in Knocked Up and Waitress


“Comprehensive” Sex Education is Ineffective: Abstinence Works, Major National Study Shows


Amid political developments, KC hosts anti-abortion convention


President Deserves Thanks for Pro-Life Stance


Couple Chooses Life and Sextuplets


Incrementalism Vs. Purism In The Abortion Debate


Understanding the House Vote on S.5


New Hampshire Repeals Parental Notification Law


The U.S. Congress and Stem Cell Research: Some Are Listening


Conference for Pro-Life Leadership Among Youth


American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is pro-life advocate


Tribute Video to Short Life of Handicapped Baby Inspires and Touches Tens of Thousands


Abortion rights foes say they're pro woman


Students Begin Walk Across Canada to Promote Pro-Life Cause


Publisher Offers Free Pro-Life, Catholic Books for Bloggers


Pro-lifers ready for a comeback


Tragic end for woman who said no to cancer treatment to save her unborn son


Roe v. Wade Loses Public Support


Catholics urged to support new pro-life film


Dr. Jerry Falwell dead at age 73


New survey reveals Americans in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade


40,000 march against abortion in Guadalajara


A Last-Minute Reprieve


Poll says parents overwhelmingly back abstinence education


Church should fight for the life, marriage and the family, says Peruvian cardinal


Ultrasound Upgrade Produces Images That Work Like 3-D Movies


Pregnancy Center Leaders Work to Strengthen Alternatives to Abortion


TV Star Promotes Abstinence


Dr. Alveda King to Release Pro-Life Music Video on Abortion


Pro-Life TV


Grassroots Pro-Life Effort Calls for Monthly Nationwide Participation


Amazing Grace and Wilberforce Injecting New Life into Pro-Life Efforts


Black Pro-life Congress to hold 3rd Annual Abortion Rally at NAACP Fundraising Dinner


"Day of the Unborn Child" Celebrated Internationally on March 25, Remembrance of Christ's Incarnation


"First Right of Children is that of Being Born"


Pregnant pageant winner quitting


Taxpayer funds dry up for Planned Parenthood in MO


Researcher says pro-life efforts paying dividends


Best Selling Author of 'Gianna: Aborted and Lived to Tell About It' Releases New Pro-Life Novel


Miss Jamaica World Gives up Crown for her Unborn Child


Heartbeat Briefs Congress on Pregnancy Center Work


Vatican Academy for Life Calls For “Brave Conscientious Objection” to protect life


Abortion Foes Plan to Go High-Tech Outside New Jersey Clinic


Sen. Browback says pro-life efforts reducing abortions


Student pro-life group having big impact at Baylor University


Granddaughter of Famous US Black Slave Dred Scott Fights for Unborn Rights to End Abortion


Healthy Baby Born After Prenatal Screening Falsely Showed he "Died"


Pro-Life Citizens to Send 'Stand Firm' Message to President Bush


40 Days for Life


King niece denounces abortion rights


Tennessee Woman Chooses Child’s Life over Her Own


Pope: "Guaranteeing the right to life is a duty upon which the future of humanity depends"


EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers of NYC Launches 'Operation FrontLine' in the South Bronx -- First Free Mobile Pro-Life Ultrasound Unit in a Major US City


Mainstream Media: Pre-term Baby’s Survival Will Have Big Impact on Abortion Debate


Restoring Fatherhood Will Reduce Abortion Among Blacks, Pastor Says


“Non-viable” Baby Girl Survives Birth at 21 Weeks, Weighing Under 10oz


21-Week Preemie 'May Change What People Think About Life'


Option Ultrasound Saving Lives


IFRL to Host 2007 Spring Conference and Award Ceremony


Pregnancy Centers: No Longer America's Best Kept Secret


The Loving Genius of the Pro-Life Movement


Senators Urge the President to Reaffirm His Pro-Life Policy


In Praise of Virginity


The Fourth Annual Day of Purity is Celebrated Worldwide


A Chaste Approach to Sex


Hip Hop Singer Regrets Abortion - Calls It “Homicide” and “Murder”


Democrat Nelson embraces black pro-life leaders


President Proposes More Funding for Abstinence Education


Persons, not Products


IFRL to Host 2007 Spring Conference and Legislator Awards


Study Finds Pro-life Incremental Legislation Cuts Minor Abortion Rates by Almost 25%


Pro-Life Legislation Saves Lives


IFRL to Host 2007 Spring Conference and Legislator Awards


'We Shall Overcome ... Abortion'


Students Around the World Prepare for Feb. 14th Fourth Annual Day of Purity


To protect life, protect the family


The aftermath of legalized abortion


Teen honored for commitment to pro-life program despite obstacles


Mary Cheney: Pro-life


Archbishop Burke Warns US Legal Infanticide, Euthanasia are Next


Abstinence promoted for Valentine's Day


Pro-lifers fill snow-packed Washington for annual rally and march


President Bush Calls March for Life Participants


Pro-Lifers Remain Steadfast After 34 Years of Legal Abortion


Precious Feet, priceless feat


Washington March for Life Events and Agenda


Texas Couple's Child Born on Roe Anniversary seen as a Miracle Baby


A twin leans over and kisses the cheek of her sister in a heart-warming picture that would not be out of place in any family home.


Terri Schiavo's Siblings to Attend March for Life in Washington, D.C.


Triplets in the Womb Caught on Video


National Sanctity of Human Life Day Approaches


20,000 Expected to Participate in Third Annual 'Walk for Life West Coast' - Saturday - January 20, 2007


Fatherhood Begins at Conception


EWTN to air pro-life programs and special live events in January


Pro-life Youth Infiltrate American Campuses


Personhood and Planned Parenthood


Be a Part of the Counter Culture: Choose a Life of Sexual Purity


Pregnancy Centers' ads in school newspapers produce a reaction


New Website to Keep Count of Babies Saved from Abortion


Pro-lifers do indeed help


Pro-Life Group Hails 'Huge Win for Free Speech'


Pro-Life Nurse Refuses to Assist in Abortion of Down Syndrome Child


The Miracle of the International Pro Life Community Coming Together by Proclamation, Restoration and Intercession


Catholics Who Regularly Attend Mass Don’t Support Abortion


Abortion site has Catholic neighbor


Singing Christmas in the Most Unlikely of Places


"Surprise Child: Finding Hope in Unexpected Pregnancy"


Raise money for the IFRL just by searching the Internet with GoodSearch


Pope appoints new members to Pontifical Academy for Life, including one American


Pro-Lifers Look To the Big Screen


Abstinence-Only Education Proves Effective


Advancing the Pro-Life Agenda


Pro-Life Groups Hold Weekend Protests at Wal-Mart


NKU 'Pro-Life' Students Water Down Message After Professor's Vandalism


Catholics must create culture of life after election loss


Bishop: All Priests Must Play Recorded Homily on Life and Family or Suffer "Serious Consequences"


New Pro-Life Curriculum Trains and Mobilizes Pro-Life Teens


Quad Cities Life Chain prays for those unexpectedly pregnant


Prayer Vigils Planned at United States Capitol for Mid-Term Elections and at United States Supreme Court During Partial-Birth Abortion Arguments


Life Before Birth


Are US Catholic Leaders Moving Towards Orthodoxy on Abortion?


Pro-Life Posters Infuriate Pro-Abort Students


National Pro-Life Radio.Net Set to Launch November 6th


Mother of Conjoined Twins Refused to Abort Babies, Now Born Healthy


Pro-Life Group Stages Abortion Protest at Princeton


Tens of Thousands of Pro-life Students Lose Their Voices Tomorrow in the 3rd Annual Students' Day of Silent Solidarity


Clinic shuts down after abortionist disappears


Students Planning Abortion Protest


Massive pro-life march to be held in Argentina


Rallying Support for Crisis Pregnancy Centers: LDI Calls for Personal Accounts


Abortion Must Remain Central in Pro-Life Battle, Says Priests For Life Fr. Pavone


Grandmother in Puerto Rico requests custody of pregnant granddaughter and her unborn child


Boy in “Hopeless” Vegetative State Awakens and Steadily Improves


Pro-life Coalition Seeks Permit to Display Pre-Born Child at a Memorial Service to be Held in Front of the Supreme Court During the Partial-Birth Arguments on Nov. 8


US Silent No More Awareness Campaign Takes Pro-life Message to Ireland


Pro-life march in Nicaragua leads Congress to propose ban on all abortions


U.S. Teacher’s Union Lists Favorable Review of Abstinence Then Blasts It


Students at Hundreds of Campuses to Join Day of Silence Against Abortion Oct. 24


Disability Is A 'Gift,' Abortion Survivor Tells Fort Smith Youth Rally


Students at Hundreds of Campuses Nationwide Lose Their Voices on Oct. 24; Stand True Announces Third Annual Students' Day of Silent Solidarity Against Abortion


NPLAC Chairman and Family of Terri Schiavo to Unveil Memorial to Daughter's Life and Legacy


Fight Against Death Penalty Needs to be Matched by Fight Against Abortion and Euthanasia


True and False "Progress" Seen on Life Issues


A Celebratory Message About Respect Life Sunday 2006


Work and pray to end abortion


Pro-Life Pulse, Great Blog Of The Week Review


Life Chain: a public pro-life witness


HLI Launches Web Resource that Exposes Real Source of Violence in Abortion Debate


Just Knowing Is Not Enough


Pro-life Group Helps Get Abortionist's License Revoked


Rights to life, family, are "non-negotiable," Pope tells Chilean envoy


Fr. Pavone Backs Upcoming Nationwide Youth Effort for Crisis Pregnancy Centers


The King of All Fundraisers


Abortions Stopped at Daytona Beach Clinic


How Do People Become Pro-Lifers?


Defense of human life not just a “religious” mission, says Argentinean bishop


CDC Reports, Other Stats Suggest Abstinence Message Is Catching On


'30 Days' Program Features Segment on Operation Rescue


Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Community of Priests and Laity to End Abortion


It's 22006 A.D. and future archaeologists make grisly discovery: A Pro-Life Saga


Fr. Frank Pavone launching new pro-life community in US


Priests for Life Announces Groundbreaking for New Community of Priests and Laity to End Abortion


Pro-life Home for Unwed Mothers Featured on FX Networks '30 Days' this Wednesday


Anti-Abortion Activists Eye Inner Cities


'Snowflake' Adoptions Hailed


Pro-Life Feminism: Yesterday and Today


College Students Complete 12th Annual Summer Walks Across America


The Unalienable Right To Life


Nicaraguan bishops to lead march against abortion


Incrementalism Explained as a Proven Pro-Life Strategy


Pro-Life Feminist Purchases Birthplace of Susan B. Anthony


Rape Victim: My Child "No Different Than a Child Not Conceived in Rape"


Pro-Life Youth Ministry Tour Protests MTV's Lies While Sharing Truth


Mother of Nine Refuses Cancer Treatment to Save Her Unborn Child’s Life


Truth Tour Banned in Mundelein, Illinois


Another India State Drops “Disastrous” Two-Child Policy


Pro-Life Search Engine Raises over $11,000 for Charities


Pro-Life Billboard Goes Up Over Abortion Facility


College Students Walk Across America for 12th Summer in a Row


Russia’s First Pro-Life Maternity Ward A Stunning Success: Three More in the Works


Lawmakers and Pastors Hold Prayer Service


He's on a mission, with no apologies


When What Seems Broken is Perfect: The Mother of a Disabled Child Tells her Story


Embattled Pro-Lifers Rally to Protest Mississippi's Last Abortion Mill


Buffalo Abortion Mill Dedicated as Catholic Chapel of Holy Innocents


New Tactic in Abortion Fight: Evicting Clinics


On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life


Baby Malachi Goes to City Hall in Granite City, Illinois


Student Pro-Life Walk Across America Passes 2000-Mile Mark


Former Abortion Clinic Donated to Expand Crisis Pregnancy Centre


Abortion foes, backers schedule dueling book sales this fall


Pope Appoints Outspokenly Pro-life US Bishop to Vatican Supreme Court


College Students' 3,000 Mile Walk Passes Through Chicago Taking Message of Protecting Women’s Health and Human Life to South Dakota


Group Seeks Amnesty for the Unborn


Abortionists Converted


Only Omaha Abortion Mill Closes


"Human Dignity Is Inviolable. It Must Be Respected and Protected"


State funds help groups nudge pregnant women away from abortion


Pro-Life Group Purchases Building Housing Abortion Clinic forcing Abortion Business Closure


Students for Life Hits Campus


Abortion Survivor Counters Tribute to Planned Parenthood


New Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone: Statements on Life and Family


Bush: Abstinence Only 100 % Effective Means of Preventing Pregnancy, HIV, STDs


Jolted by Abortion Survivor


The Sanctity of Life


A Call to the Faithful


Absitnent Teens Kicked Out of Capitol by Sex Education Advocates


Adopt an Abortionist


Poland Holds First March for Life and Family In Warsaw


Vatican condemns contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage


Pro-Life walk attracts 1,000


Insurance Discount for Women Who Refuse Abortion in Switzerland


Poland’s First National March for Life and Family to take place in Warsaw (June 4, 2006)


EMBRYO ADOPTION: Saving lives and building families


Pregnancy and a consistent ethic of life


Pro-Life Boot Camp Equips Teens and Young Adults for Activism


Pro-Life Point Of View Wins Art Medal


College Students Begin Three Simultaneous 3,200 Mile Walks Across America


Humanae Vitae Conference Celebrates Sexuality, Reveals Dark Legacy of Contraception


Vandalia, Illinois Event Draws Nationally Known Speakers; Dr. Alveda King, Fr. Tom Euteneuer and Bobby Schindler Featured


Pregnancy Centers: A Practical Response to the Abortion Dilemma


LIFE SUPPORT mourns the passing of Paul deParrie


35th Annual Heartbeat International Conference in Orlando Looks at Past, Present, Future of Pregnancy Resource Centers


Pro-Lifers Charged For Picketing


Q&A: How to Prevent Pregnancy for Unwed Teens


Youth Group to Planned Parenthood: Come Clean on Claims of Intimidation by Pro-Lifers


40-day abortion vigil to begin Tuesday


Human Progress Dependent on Respect for Life, Family and Education


Andrea Clark Will Live!


I have a (pro-life) dream


Pope Asks Church to Pray with Him for Legal Protection from Conception to Natural Death


"Henry J. Hyde: One of the Genuine Heroes of This or Any Era"


Progress in the Pro-Life Movement


100th 'Snowflake' Baby Born


A Tribute and An Eye-Opening Poll


Abortion protest stirs emotions at MTSU


Faith-Based Group Given $1 Million Federal Grant For State Abstinence Education Programs


Poll on abortion reveals Spanish public wants a change in anti-life policies


Americans Growing More Pro-Life


An Impressive Defense of Life and Family


Be Fruitful and Multiply


Illinois Lawmakers Urge Review of State's Pro-Condom Pregnancy Prevention Classes


A website saved a baby!


Pro-Life TV Media Sets Record


Bush preaches 'culture of life' and liberty at prayer breakfast


Pro-Life Nation


Controversy over Pro-Life statue


Interdenominational Council Passes Resolution on Law Against Partial Birth Abortion


A New Chance for Life!


Hundreds of Thousands March against Abortion in Bogota Colombia


Pope Benedict Says Teach Youth Value of Human Life


Abstinence Ed Group to ACLU: Produce Proof or Retract False Allegations


Anti-Abortion Petition Drive Continues


Mother Refused Abortion, Delayed Leukemia Treatments Until Daughter’s Birth


Pro-life Governments Around World Declaring March 25 “Day for the Unborn Child”


Malta President to Unveil National Pro-Life Monument


Gratitude for Hyde's Commitment to the Unborn Theme for the 13th Annual Proudly Pro-Life Awards Dinner


Cardinal Pleads for Worldwide Prayers to Protect Colombia from Abortion


Southern Baptists Focus on Defending Unborn, Marriage and Religious Freedom in 2006


The Passing of a Great Pro-Lifer


“Unmasking Choice” Project "has really shaken people up" at McMaster University


Massive pro-life march set to take place in Colombia


Abortion Survivor ... Rescued, Redeemed and Running the Good Race


Laura Bush to Africans: Try Abstinence


Pope Benedict Calls on Christians to Defend the Dignity of Disabled People


Pro-life Web directory launches


Pro-life women in South Dakota legislature destroying myths about abortion laws


Pro-Life Posters Defaced, Torn Down at Harvard


Pro-Life Voice Thunders in Hollywood Film


Christian Leader Sees Roe v. Wade Collapsing, But Pro-Lifer Urges Patience


God’s Love Doesn’t Distinguish Embryo, Toddler, Teen and Elderly


Pope says embryos have rights from conception


Abstinence-only sex ed program may compete for future funding just like other groups


An Interview with Deirdre McQuade, the USCCB’s Director of Planning and Information


The Forgotten Victim


$1,000 Offered Not to Abort a Pregnancy


First Capitol Hill Briefing on the Needs of Pregnant and Parenting Students


Abbott's $60m plan to counter abortion


"We Stand Here United Today – United for Life, With Prayers to End the Killing"


Legacy Lives on as Coretta Scott King's Niece Works to End Abortion


'A Distant Thunder'


Defending Life an Act of Love, Says Benedict XVI


'Faces of Abortion' TV Show Now Airing for the First Time in 110 Countries in Russian Language


White House Praised for Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk on Pro-Life Front


U.S. President Includes Pro-Life and Pro-Family Remarks in State of the Union Address


Michigan Abortion Opponents Target 2006 Election


Distant Thunder


Report Finds Parental Influence, Faith Are Teen Pregnancy Prevention Keys


Pastor Prays Against Abortion, Senators Object


Washington March for Life Becoming March of Youth


Civil Rights Leader Joins Pro-Life Democrats


March for Life Fever Catching on in France


An Unprecedented March


March for Life '06: The State of the Pro-Life Movement


Pro-Life Demonstrations Nation-Wide in Lead-Up to U.S. National March for Life


Demonstrators Mark Roe V. Wade Anniversary


Pro-Life Memorial in Senate a Great Success


2006 May Bring Advances in Pro-Life Legislation


Illinois Mothers Speak Out Against Governor Blagojevich


FIRST-PERSON: Winning the abortion battle


National mood is shifting against abortion ...


Pro-Life Groups See Brighter Days


Religious Leaders Form New Michigan Anti-Abortion Group


Women Observe 33 Years of Legal Choice; Breaking Their Silence About Consequences of Abortion


40 Young People to 'Die' on Huntington Beach Pier in Protest of the Roe vs. Wade Decision


Hollywood Filmmaker Who Made Abortion Movie to Attend March for Life


Rape Victim Shares Story Of Hope


Pregnant girls can now IM for help


Pro-Life Americans Recognize Sanctity of Human Life Week


A Transformation from Pro-Abortion to Pro-Life


CWA’s Crouse Commends First Lady Laura Bush for Speaking Out on Abstinence


Women Deserve Better than Abortion


Abortion Activists Vandalize San Francisco Pro-Life Subway Advertisements


Right to Life of Michigan: Abortion Not Worthy of A Woman


Pope Attacks "Culture of Death" at First Baptisms


Pro-Life Issue - At Root Of All Others


Pro-life means more than anti-abortion


Focus on the Family Challenges Christians on Abortion in the Church


Capitol Hill Pro-Life Worship Service Enters 12th Year


God sees embryos as full and complete humans - Pope


Pro-Life Priest’s Society Finally Approved


Pope Urges Britain to Defend Human Life and Family


From One Mom to Another: Keep Your Baby - A Personal, True Story


Pro-Life Issue at Root of all Others


Largest Family in America--Sacramento Couple Gives Birth to 17th Child


Mother Dies of Cancer to Save Life of Her Unborn Child


Catholic hospitals urged to defy law requiring morning-after pill


'Hand of God' Delivers 'Pregnant' Free-Falling Skydiver 10,000 Feet To Ground


Standing Up for Women and Life; 2nd Annual Walk for Life West Coast


Baby Delivered as Mother Dies


Filipina cancer mother sacrificed life for unborn baby


Mom Goes Home: Quints Doing Well


Pro-Life Group To Picket American Girl Place in New York


Examples of Pro-Life Commitment Inspire Holiday Cheer


Pope to Bishops: Make Everyone Understand the "Evil of the Crime of Abortion"


99-Year-Old Pro-Life Campaigner Says Do Not “Stand Idly by When Human Life Is At Stake”


Pope: Human Dignity - Right to Life Begins at "Fecundation"


Colombian Pro-Life Leaders Request Show of Support from Other Countries


Should we focus just on abortion?


Leaders say abstinence is key to decline in teen pregnancies


The Physicians' Crusade Against Abortion


A Grass-Roots Revolt Against American Girl Dolls Gathers Steam


Carter condemns abortion culture


Daily Pickets Close Abortion Clinic in Five Years


Abstinence Educators Call for GAO Investigation of Government Spending on Comprehensive Sex Education


Health Museum Could Be As Much About Politics as History


No Place in Catholic Schools for Abortion Supporters


Wellington T. Mara: RIP


Children of Light


'Choose Life' License Plates Hit Red Lights, Green Lights


‘A Life of Faith’ dolls serve as alternative to American Girl


NASCAR Goes Pro-Life


Abortion Protest Silences Students at Over 1,000 Campuses


Abortion Survivor Visits Campus


Interstate Batteries Announces 'Charged For Life' Fundraising Campaign; Proceeds Help Support Care Net Pregnancy Centers


Abstinence Advocate Gives New Teen Pregnancy Study Mixed Reviews


Ivy League Gets Abstinence Message


Teenager is Hero


Pope and Bishops Hear Concerns of Pro-Life and Family Catholic Leaders at Synod


Michigan Catholic Radio to Honor Parents Who Fought to Save Their Daughter From Court Ordered Starvation, Oct. 13


Hollywood Created Film Exposes Partial Birth Abortion Via Courtroom Thriller


Blessed Denunciation


Operation Baby Box


CRTL Delegates Sign Resolution Denouncing Aborted Fetal Vaccines


Protest Against Abortion Will Silence Students at Hundreds of Campuses on October 25


Students at Hundreds of Campuses Nationwide Lose Their Voices on Oct. 25; Stand True Announces Second Annual Students' Day of Silent Solidarity Against Abortion


Victory for Pro-Lifers Allowed to Protest China’s Forced Abortion Policy at UK Chinese Embassy


Annual Week of Prayer and Fasting for Culture of Life


Abortion-Cancer Research Presented at National Institute for Demographic Studies


Succeeding at Failure


Protect Right to Life for Unborn Even if Threatened with Death says Cardinal


Cleveland Abstinence Program’s Positive Results Surprises Researchers


Pro-Life Action League Celebrates 25 Years of Activism


Vatican Investigation of US Seminaries to be Led by Strongly Pro-Life Bishop


In Synagogue Pope Calls Jews and Christians to Work Together to Defend Life and Family


World Youth Day Organizers Distance Themselves from Pro-Abortion UN Speaker


Iowa Pro-Life Display Vandalized, Man Arrested


Teenage Mother Forgoes Abortion after Reading "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart" Bumper Sticker


Brain-Dead Virginia Woman Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Girl


Life Decisions International: Updated Boycott List Names New Corporate Targets


A winning pro-life strategy


Wisconsin High Court: Premature Babies Deserve Care


Illinois Governor Announces $2M in Grants for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs


Roe and Doe Speak Out


Against All Odds


CMA Doctors Counter AMA Position on Abortion and Conscience


Breaking Through the Blackout


Against All Odds: The Story of Sage Elisabeth


Pope Benedict Stresses Life and Family Concerns with Italian Political Leaders


First Book Published by Pope Emphasizes that the Fight against Legal Abortion Must Continue


Abstinence Education Changes Teen Attitudes


Ten Tips for Churches to Reach Out to the Post-Abortive


Chastity Pledge Study "Deliberately" Skewed to make Programs Appear Ineffectual


New U.S. Government Health Department Study Confirms Abstinence Education Effective


Teens Who Take Virginity Pledges Have Lower Rates of Sexual Activity, STDs, Reports Say; Findings Contradict Earlier Research


Nick Cannon Pro-Life Music Video Lyrics


Movie/Television/Rap Star Nick Cannon Shoots Pro-Life Music Video


Democrats for Life


The Visitation


Women who have Many Babies at Reduced Risk for Several Cancers


President Bush Meets with Families of Adopted Frozen Embryo-Children


President Bush Says Best Way to Honor Pope John Paul is to "Build a Culture of Life"


Terri Schiavo's Parents' Attorney, David Gibbs III to appear at Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church


Parents of Terri Schiavo Meet with Pope, Thank Vatican Cardinal for Support


Abortion Doctrine Cannot be Changed Even by the Pope says Benedict XVI


Study Shows Power of Purity


200 Women Storm US Capital to Lobby Against Abortion - Met With Every Senator


Abstinence Education Proven Effective


Wednesday is 'Women Lobbying for Life Day'


Bush Administration To Enforce 2002 Law Requiring Physicians To Provide Care for Infants Who Survive Abortion Procedures


Focus on the Family Budgets $4.2M To Provide Ultrasound Equipment to Pregnancy Centers With Goal of Preventing Abortions


Congressman Hyde's Retirement


Pro-Life Awards Handed Out


New York Times Examines How Pope Benedict's Election Could Influence U.S. Politics, Including Abortion-Rights Debate


John Paul II, The Apostle of Life


Cardinal Ratzinger - Pope Benedict XVI on Life, Faith, Family and Freedom


Germany's Cardinal Ratzinger Elected New Pope, Known for Opposition to Contraception, Abortion


Women's Health' Focus of National Pro-Life Gathering


Why I Teach Abstinence


STOPP Starts New Campaign


President Bush Dedicates Full National Radio Address to Pope John Paul II


Real Women's Voices


Catholic Church To Establish Religious Society Dedicated to Ending Abortion


Vatican Publishes Fourth Appeal for Life of Terri Schiavo


Terri Herself Attempts to Say 'I Want to Live', Chicago Leafleted for Terri


New Society of Priests Devoted to Pro-Life Announced by Fr. Frank Pavone and Bishop Yanta

Last Update: March 5, 2010