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Ultrasound images show living, breathing preborn babies.


As America marks the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the historic Supreme Court decision that allowed abortion on demand, a series of television advertisements by Focus on the Family is allowing preborn babies to speak out. Even the American Idol crowd is being reached.


In one ad, a 4-D ultrasound image shows a 16-week-old preborn baby twisting and turning as the heartbeat comes through loud and clear. Text comes up on the screen: "Life is so amazing. The choice is so clear."


Another ad features a 17-week-old preborn baby with the message: "Will she choose to be a Teacher, a Doctor, an Athlete, a Scientist? Or will she be aborted and have no choice."


Thanks to a donor, two of the ads will be shown during Saturday's Hula Bowl, which will feature some of the best college football players in America. Last year, a donor paid to run the ads on American Idol Rewind.


"Ultrasound images are changing hearts and minds every day through Focus' Option Ultrasound™ Program," said Betsy Powell, manager of the Sanctity of Human Life department at Focus. "Medical pregnancy resource clinics report that nearly 90 percent of abortion-minded women change their minds after receiving counseling and viewing an ultrasound. Since 2004, over 75,000 women have changed their minds, choosing life for their babies.


"Abortion politics aside, couldn’t we all agree that a woman has a right to view an image of her child before she makes a life-altering decision?"


Contact: Jennifer Mesko

Source: CitizenLink

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Focus on the Family TV Ads Spread Pro-Life Message