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Encourages Americans to attend the march on January 22 in Washington


In an interview with, Nellie Gray, the organizer of the annual national March for Life in Washington D.C., encouraged pro-life advocates across the country to attend the March.


The March for Life, which began in 1974, occurs every January 22, memorializing the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision.


In less than two weeks, therefore, pro-life advocates from across North America, including tens of thousands of youth, will converge on Washington in a massive demonstration against abortion, marching from Capitol Hill to the Supreme Court.


In the past President Bush has phoned in to the March, to offer his support to those gathered in front of Capitol Hill, and to pledge his support to the pro-life cause.


In the interview, Gray highlighted the importance of the March for Life, which regularly draws over a hundred thousand participants and sometimes far more. She encouraged pro-life and pro-family advocates to take the time to travel to Washington for the important event.


"We have celebrities going to far-off lands concerned about genocide," she said. "And they're asking for the help of America, and America wants to help wherever genocide is going on. But we have to remember that right here in America the genocide has gone on out of sight. And therefore it continues."


"What we're trying to do," she continued, "is make certain that we not only help far-off lands with their genocide, but that we recognize that in one year, an estimated one million innocent human beings have been killed in America out of sight. On January 22, we are telling the world, and particularly Washington officialdom, that genocide is going on in America, and we are asking for help to stop it."


Gray stressed her belief that if change is going to happen in America, especially on the abortion issue, it is going to come, not from the top down, but from the bottom up-that is, from a strong, and ever growing and more powerful grassroots movement. The March for Life is the main event where ordinary American can come together and unite their voices in decrying the injustice of abortion, demanding that Washington respond with legislation outlawing the murder of unborn children.


"The theme that we have for this 35th annual march for life is to build unity on the life principles throughout the United States, no exception and no compromise," said Gray. "Now what that means is that unity has to be among grassroots people, and the whole of the citizenry. I do not expect that it will come from the top down, from the top officials down. We have to keep them aware that they have a duty. But they are not going to respond to and accept their duty until they see that the citizenry of America demands that the killing stops."


Gray noted that while the reason that the March for Life has to take place is a sobering one - the acceptance of abortion - the March itself is a joyful event, full of hope. In particular, she noted, the March is suffused with the joy of many of the youth who attend the event.


"Some even call themselves the 1/3 who have not been aborted," she said of the younger generation who are present at the March. "The young people understand that abortion does indeed intentionally kill innocent human beings. It might have been anyone in that age group, in that class or their school, and so forth. And so they thank their parents for taking care of them, for recognizing that they are here as innocent little human beings, as big as a fertilized ovum, and recognizing that they have a right to life, and recognizing that there is a love and a joy, having these young people and taking care of them."


"Some of the joy that you see [at the March] is a thanksgiving to their parents for following the life principles."   


Besides the March itself, there are numerous interesting and informative events taking place in and around Washington before, during and after the March. Some of the highlights include the magnificent Vigil Mass, which takes place the night before the March, at the National Basilica, and the Rose Dinner, which will take place on the evening of the March.


Contact: John Jalsevac


Monday, January 14, 2008

Change Will Come from the Grassroots Up:

US March for Life Organizer Nellie Gray