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Population Research Institute has released the third video in its series on YouTube, this time focusing on the overwhelming youth presence at this year's March for Life.


"To the best of my knowledge, this kind of video has never been done before," says Colin Mason, Director for Media Production at PRI. "This video documents the March for Life, but from the unique viewpoint of America's youth. America's youth are turning out in increasingly large numbers to attend this event, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to speak for themselves."


The video, introduced by PRI president Steven Mosher, takes to the streets of Washington, DC, to interview youth after youth about their reasons for being pro-life. "Anybody who thinks that Roe vs. Wade will not be overturned soon should watch this video," says Mosher. "The future voters of America are pro- life."


Colin Mason says that he wants the video to be a witness to members of the pro-choice movement who think that they have America's youth in their pocket. "PRI wanted to show compelling evidence that America's young pro-lifers are vocal, joyful, and ultimately very numerous," says Mason. "We think that this 5-minute video fills a unique niche in the field of pro-life documentary work by bringing this to light in an exciting way."


This video, entitled "Population Research Institute - Part III", is available at: or by visiting PRI's web site:


Contact: Colin Mason

Source: Population Research Institute

Monday, January 28, 2008

Population Research Institute Releases Groundbreaking Video