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For 24 years, Illinois has had an unenforced law on the books that required parents to be notified before their under age girls have an abortion.  For 24 years,  abortionists successfully kept the requirement from being implemented.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Parents notified before tattoos and piercing, but not abortions

While girls under 18 are required to get permission of their parents before ear piercing or tattoos, that 24 year old law was once again barred Friday and Illinois remains one of 5 states who does not require parental notification before a life-ending abortion.


From the AP report:


    The Parental Notice of Abortion Act was passed in 1984 and updated in 1995 but never enforced because the Illinois Supreme Court refused to issue rules spelling out how judges should handle appeals of the notification requirement. A federal court held that the law could not take effect without the rules in place. In 2006, the Supreme Court unexpectedly adopted the necessary rules.


And in her duty as Illinois Attorney General, it would be interesting to know how hard radical abortion rights promoter Lisa Madigan fought in court and what arguments she used to persuade the judge that Illinois parents want to know before their daughters experience post-abortion trauma and physical after-effects:


    In a decision entered Friday, U.S. District Judge David H. Coar rejected a request from Attorney General Lisa Madigan that the federal court dissolve the order that put the law on hold.


Parents should be aware that in Illinois, the legal system continues to allow their 12 year old daughters to have abortions committed on them at any time during her pregnancy for any reason, with no requirement to talk to anyone about the trauma before or after, being left only to the advice of abortion-industry-paid staffers.  


Friday's ruling is exactly what Planned Parenthood needed to continue its corporate buildup statewide as it preys on our young girls.


And Illinois, the liberal Democratic haven it is, shamefully remains the abortion dumping ground of the Midwest.


Source: Illinois Review