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A prominent black pastor in Maryland is calling on the African-American community to "raise its voice" and declare that abortion is a "major crime."


Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., of the High Impact Leadership Coalition is surprised more black Americans are not standing up against abortion when it affects their population disproportionately.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. calls abortion a major crime

"We have about 1,200 babies everyday who are being aborted -- black babies. So we're 13 percent of the population, and we represent somewhere [between] 35-to-36 percent of the abortions," Jackson admonished. "... I would like to say, unashamedly, that there is some kind of hegemonic racist structure that has been set in place to begin to be a creative process of death in our community."


While addressing a Black History Month event in Washington, DC, this past week, Jackson said the issue of abortion has been adversely politicized in the 2008 presidential campaign.


"In this current election season, I was challenged with the New Hampshire primaries when I heard that there were mailings going out that were arguing about who was more pro-death, or 'pro a woman's right to choose,' than another," he continued.


He noted that the two Democratic presidential candidates -- Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama -- appeared to argue over who was more pro-abortion. "My concern is, if this is a moral problem, which I believe it is, we have only applied to it political answers," said the pastor. "And we have allowed ourselves to be overly identified, in my view, with the Republican Party over this process."


Jackson and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins have co-authored a new book titled Personal Faith, Public Policy. In it, they argue only faith gives Americans the framework to solve problems spanning race, gender, and class.


Contact: Jim Brown

Source: OneNewsNow

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr.