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Phill Kline Awarded "Hero at Heart"


Life Issues Institute is pleased to announce the newest recipient of its prestigious Hero at Heart award. This honor is bestowed on those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding courage and compassion on behalf of innocent human life. Past recipients include Congressman Henry Hyde and an Olympian athlete. As Kansas state Attorney General, Phill Kline took on two giants of the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood and George Tiller, a notorious late-term abortionist also known as "Tiller the Killer."

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Distinguished Pro-Life Defender Celebrated

Kline brought to light the fact that dozens of girls as young as 11 or 12 have been subjected to abortions, while not one count of sexual assault on a child has been pursued. Evidence seemed to suggest that Planned Parenthood has been cooperating with sexual predators to cover up criminal activity. Mr. Kline has also charged that Planned Parenthood has performed illegal, late-term abortions in violation of Kansas law.


"Phill Kline has not backed down in the face of relentless personal and professional attacks. Those zealously guarding the right to abortion-on-demand have opposed him at every turn," said Bradley Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues Institute. This includes the unlawful falsification of documents and failure to comply with required state guidelines and medical reporting. His primary opponent obstructing this investigation recently resigned his elected position in the wake of a sex scandal. In contrast, Mr. Kline's dedication to justice and the protection of innocent human life has been remarkable.


Dr. Willke, President of Life Issues Institute, said, "Phill has boldly gone where few have dared to tread. He's marched into the lion's den to protect young girls being victimized by the abortion industry. No one is more deserving of this award than Phill."


Our congratulations to Mr. Phill Kline for being a Hero at Heart!


Contact: Bradley Mattes

Source: Life Issues Institute

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