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I spoke in Nashville last week, home of country music.


Good friend Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life, handed me a CD and told me I needed to listen to it. He remarked, as I well knew, that pro-life songs we often receive are well-intentioned but subpar. But he said this one, "Butterfly," was different.


Brian was right. I am in love with this song. I have been playing it over and over.


I think this song can change minds and hearts and save lives.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008


In fact, the duo singing it, Bluefield, told me three different girls have contacted them to say the song changed their mind.


Bluefield is currently on the road promoting "Butterfly," and the band has been surprised to meet reticence. They e-mailed Brian:


What is sad for us is to witness the resistance at radio for fear of political backlash. We were so careful not to be condemning so we could have a shot at reaching the masses in hope that some in that position would at least reconsider. We had no idea that anyone at radio would be afraid to support a story song that embraces the saving of a life.


However, for every radio station that is hesitant there is another that is eager to make a difference. We are on the road now on a national radio tour trying to win the fight one spin at a time. ...


The positive response has been overwhelming. ... We believe many lives can be saved if more people had the opportunity to hear the song and if, only for a moment, change their perspective. Music can be a powerful tool to reach so many.


This song was spurred into creation after a show in CO and a visit with my old college roommate who painfully shared her remorse and daily sorrow from a [hasty] decision she made years ago. We were so heavy-hearted from her testimony that within a few weeks we created "Butterfly" as a message of hope and healing. ...


We are grateful and in great need of your support.


Despite its uphill flight, "Butterfly" has ascended to the 60s on the country music charts.


Let's not allow the culture of death stop it there. Let's make "Butterfly" a bona fide hit.


Please contact country stations in every nook and cranny of the country and bug them (pardon the pun) to play "Butterfly." Ask your pro-life network to do the same.


Contact: Jill Stanek

Source: WorldNetDaily

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Click here or on the graphic, above, to hear "Butterfly." Or listen at its MySpace site by clicking here.