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Abortion supporters try to sell their argument under the umbrella of "choice." But a new survey by Feminists for Life has revealed very few “choices” for unwed mothers; many think their only option is abortion.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Survey Shows Unwed Mothers May See Abortion as Their Only Choice

'Abortion’s no choice if you think that’s your only choice.'

Carrie Gordon Earll, senior director of issue analysis at Focus on the Family Action, was one of those women. As a pregnant college student, abortion appeared to be the only option.

“I wasn’t married," she said. "My boyfriend offered to marry me, but I wasn’t sure that’s what I wanted to do.


“At no time was I aware that there were pregnancy centers or pro-life resources that could help me.”


Feminists for Life asked pro-life college students around the country to learn what information was available on campus. Serrin Foster, the group’s president, was troubled by what they found.


“Students are either not aware, or resources do not exist,” she said.


If it's all about "choice," then life-affirming choices must be included, Earll said.


“From what we hear from young women, most of them feel like circumstances are forcing them into having an abortion, and these are circumstances that could be changed," she said. "Abortion’s no choice if you think that’s your only choice.”


Source: Family News in Focus

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