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Monday, June 09, 2008

“Against All Odds.....”


The remainder of that newspaper headline reads, “Baby Survives Abortion.” And the story of Jodie Percival and her son, Finlay, is remarkable on many levels.


Most importantly on a human level we can only say that there never can there be a medical “mistake” better than the “failure” of abortionists to complete their deadly task. Indeed, Miss Percival, who said she was initially angry when she learned she was still pregnant, told the Telegraph newspaper, "They wrote back and apologized and said it was very rare."


Her decision to abort came after her first child lived for only 20 minutes (according to the newspaper, she was forced to deliver him prematurely) and after her second child was born with the same condition—multicystic dysplastic kidney-- which causes cysts to grow on an unborn baby’s kidneys. Fortunately 20-month-old Lewis has one functioning kidney.


But when the 25 year old hairdresser became pregnant again, she and her boyfriend “decided they couldn't cope with the strain of having a third.” Three months after she thought she had aborted her eight-week-old baby, “she felt a flutter in her stomach.”


Following a scan, her doctor confirmed that Percival was 19 weeks pregnant.


"I couldn’t believe it when the doctor said I was still pregnant, this was the baby I thought I'd terminated,” she told the newspaper. “At first I was angry that this was happening to us, that the procedure had failed. I wrote to the hospital, I couldn't believe that they had let me down like this.”


No doubt her anger grew when a subsequent scan found that the baby also had kidney problems. We don’t get a lot of detail in Telegraph story other than that doctors told the couple the child was likely to survive.


Last November Finley was born a couple of weeks premature. While he has some damage to one kidney, “he is expected to lead a normal life.”


What is Jodie Percival’s reaction now. “"I just couldn’t believe that this child had got through it all and looked so perfect.” And then this:


"He may need an operation but as only one of his kidneys is affected he can survive. I still struggle to believe just what he has fought through. Now he’s here I wouldn’t change it for the world."


Just one concluding thought which we need to remember. What if Percival had decided to try to abort Finley a second time? And what if he had survived?


The Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee would not want babies like Finley to have the same level of care a baby who happens to be born prematurely receives. Sen. Barack Obama is a kind of abortion+ candidate, the kind so dedicated to the cause of the Abortion Establishment that as a state Senator he worked to ensure that the “right” to abortion guarantees in every circumstance a dead child.


Contact:  Dave Andrusko

Source: National Right to Life

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