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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tragic Conclusion: Polish 14-Year-Old Aborts Baby in Controversial Case


The controversial case involving a pregnant 14-year-old Polish girl has come to a tragic end with the abortion of her 11-week-old baby.


The girl, nicknamed "Agata" by the media, first revealed her pregnancy to her parents, who soon after contacted Planned Parenthood. Agata was then pressured by Poland's most prominent abortion activist, Wanda Nowicka of the Polish branch of Planned Parenthood, to abort the child.


The Polish major daily "Gazeta Wyborcza", also jumped on the abortion bandwagon, claiming pro-life activists were harassing Agata in attempts to save the life of the child, and even went as far as to say the girl had been raped, which has been confirmed to be untrue. Currently in Poland abortion is illegal. If, however, a pregnancy is the result of a crime, those who procure and assist in an abortion will not be prosecuted.


For a while it seemed as if Nowicka and Agata's parents' plans would be thwarted after Agata was reported to have told several teachers and friends that she was being pressured into having the abortion and did not want to end the life of her child. Hospitals in her home town refused to kill her unborn child, saying that the girl seemed to be pressured into the abortion by her mother and abortion activists.


Coming to the confused teen's aid were numerous pro-life organizations and prayer groups, who offered counseling, guidance and promised to provide all the support she would need to bring the baby to term.  One pro-life group even filed an official complaint against Nowicka, alleging she was coercing young Agata into having an abortion.  In the ensuing investigation, a judge placed Agata into the custody of a priest at a juvenile centre to protect her from being harassed by the pro-abortionists.


Despite the efforts of all those who tried to save the life of Agata's child, it has been confirmed that under the pressure of Planned Parenthood and her parents, Agata aborted her child. 


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