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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Australian Web Site Tells Kids: ‘Die to Save the Planet’


Planet Slayer, a Web site of the Australian Broadcasting Corp., features a greenhouse calculator that tells kids when to die in order to save the planet.


The site instructs users to take a quiz to “find out what age you should die at so you don’t use more than your fair share of Earth’s resources.” Typically, your cartoon character — a pig — blows up at the end of the quiz, leaving a puddle of blood. If your answers are "green," the site tells you, "You will live forever."


Wesley J. Smith, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, took the test and was told he should have died at age 7.4.


“This is being sold to children, and it is shameful and profoundly nihilistic,” he wrote on his blog. “It illustrates again how profoundly anti-human and pro-death certain aspects of our culture are becoming." 


Source: CitizenLink

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