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Monday, July 21, 2008

MA abortionist lets patient die during procedure


A Massachusetts grand jury has indicted a former abortionist on a charge of involuntary murder in connection with the death of 22-year-old Laura Smith.


According to Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue, Laura Hope Smith stopped breathing during an abortion and died. The abortion doctor did nothing to revive her. "There was no medical help he could give her. He was shorthanded," Sullinger contends. "He didn't have any assistance, and he was not trained in emergency procedures, apparently, and so she died right there." Massachusetts requires training in pulmonary resuscitation.


Sullinger helped the young woman's mother take action. "A grand jury in Massachusetts handed down an indictment of involuntary manslaughter against the abortionist," Sullinger points out.


That was the second phase of the attempt to bring the abortionist to justice. "This particular abortionist had already lost his medical license and closed his two clinics as a result of the complaints that were filed by this young girl's mother," Sullinger adds.


The mother of the alleged victim checked and discovered that the problem is that personnel, by law, must have the training. When the woman stopped breathing, the abortionist and the receptionist were in the room. Neither, as mentioned earlier, had been trained. So the doctor called in a deputy sheriff from a neighboring county.


Sullinger says evidence will be presented during the trial that training was provided by a deputy sheriff after the girl's death, but the form was backdated to protect the staff "so it looked like it had been done before her daughter's death."


The case is not rare, Sullinger says, because abortion clinics are still the most unregulated medical facilities in the country.


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