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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pro-Life Groups Ask City of Denver to Give Them a Commitment to Conduct a Prayer Vigil at the Pepsi Center before DNC


Pro-life groups have asked the City of Denver to give them a commitment to conduct a prayer vigil at the Pepsi Center before the Democratic National Convention.


In an e-mail sent to City Attorney David Fine, the groups said they would file a federal lawsuit on Friday if they did not have a response by the City of Denver.  The following is the text of that e-mail:


Dear David;


      Blessings.  After talks with you in Denver several weeks ago, Danielle and I were troubled that the City of Denver could not confirm if we would be able to conduct our prayer vigil at the Pepsi Center on August 23.  As we have shared with the City, our plans include hundreds of Christians peacefully kneeling in prayer around the Pepsi Center and leaving roses to remember the children that have died from abortion and the women that have been bruised and diminished.  We would also be praying for Senator Obama to stand for human rights and social justice and end this tragic war against America's children.


       We are now about one month away from our event and we still have no definitive word from the City of Denver.  After several calls to your office, I still have not head back from you.  This delay is creating a major hardship for us and also limiting our ability to peacefully plan to exercise our First Amendment rights on the streets of Denver during the DNC.  Sadly, this delay is no different than denying our free speech rights


        I have instructed our legal team to proceed forward with a legal initiative and we plan to file a federal lawsuit this Friday in District Federal Court.  Please feel free to contact myself or our lead counsel Brian Chavez-Ochoa.  Hopefully, we will be able to resolve this matter.  I fly into Denver from Washington, D.C. on Thursday afternoon.  I look forward to your prompt reply.


        For the First Amendment;


        Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney

        Director of The Christian Defense Coalition

        Washington, D.C.


----end of email---


The Christian Defense Coalition, Survivors, Operation Rescue and other national ministries are planning a major pro-life event at the Democratic National Convention called "A Prayer for Change."


As part of that event, hundreds are expected to gather around the Pepsi Center on Saturday, August 23, and peacefully pray for an end to abortion, Senator Obama and national spiritual awakening.


They would also be leaving 1,400 roses to honor the children who have died from abortion and the women who have been diminished and wounded through abortion.


1,400 is the number of African-American children that die every day in America from abortion.


Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Washington, D.C. based Christian Defense Coalition, states, "We have been working with the City of Denver since September of 2007 to hold this prayer vigil outside of the Pepsi Center.  After almost a year of discussions, we still do not have a firm commitment from them that we will be able to peacefully gather in prayer at the Pepsi Center.


"We are now one month away from the event and we still do not have a final answer.  With respect to the planning of the prayer vigil, delaying by the City of Denver has the same impact as denying.  Sadly, our desire to peacefully assemble in prayer and express our First Amendment rights is being crushed by this delay.


"We hope we do not have to go into federal court to settle this matter, but we certainly will do so if we cannot reach an agreement with the City."


Contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Brian Chavez-Ochoa

Source: Christian Defense Coalition



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