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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

World Premiere Documentary Spotlights Life-Saving 40 Days for Life Campaigns


"This Friday, a brand-new, world-premiere documentary about 40 Days for Life - filmed by an Emmy-award-winning director - will be airing in 128 million homes around the world," said David Bereit, national campaign director of 40 Days for Life. "The latest installment of beingHUMAN airs Friday on the EWTN global television network at 6:30 PM Eastern."


This program, the second in the beingHuman series, will help launch the fall 40 Days for Life campaign, which is scheduled in communities from coast to coast from September 24 through November 2.


This episode, being HUMAN: 40 Days for Life II, interviews volunteers, national leaders, and former abortionists on how 40 Days for Life is renewing hope in communities across the nation. "It focuses on the stories and successes that prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil have accomplished through 40 Days for Life campaigns that have now spread across the country and around the globe," said Bereit. "This show is a great opportunity to get people in communities across the nation involved in this initiative."


Last fall, the first installment of this series of documentary-style programs, helped launch the first national 40 Days for Life campaign. The program was honored with a Telly Award for television excellence. "The documentary helped us spread the word about a new approach to pro-life outreach," said Bereit, "an approach that relied on prayer, fasting and peaceful action. It's an approach that has been successful in reducing abortion numbers and bringing more people into pro-life work."


Previews of the program, as well as additional information about the production of the documentary, are available online at


40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that features 40 days of prayer and fasting, round-the-clock peaceful vigil outside an abortion facility and grassroots educational outreach. Simultaneous campaigns will be conducted coast-to-coast - and internationally - as part of a unified outreach.


"Since we opened applications on July 16, we have had significant responses from communities interesting in conducting 40 Days for Life campaigns this fall," said Bereit. Local pro-life leaders may apply online at to coordinate a 40 Days for Life campaign. The application period closes at midnight July 29.


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