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Monday, July 28, 2008

Teen's mother forces her to have abortion


The Kansas Coalition for Life is raising questions about an abortion at George Tiller's abortion facility in Wichita.


The girl involved in the incident was brought to the clinic by her mother to have an abortion. Kansas Coalition for Life (KCFL) spokeswoman Mary La Francis says the girl was only 16 years old. "This is one thing we are observing now is underage girls, which constitutes statutory rape," La Francis contends.


The youngster's boyfriend, who wanted the child, arrived at the clinic, visibly upset. "These two young people were in love, wanted to get married," La Francis adds. "His family was very much in support of this and had offered to adopt the baby, [to] help them in any way that they could."


But the girl's mother threatened to disown her daughter if she did not go through with the abortion. According to La Francis, the boy went inside the clinic hoping to stop the abortion, with KCFL offering assistance, but it was too late.


"After talking with him for a few minutes, Jennifer McCoy [pro-life counselor] urged him to immediately go back in and explain that, if she did not want to go through with this abortion, that all she would have to do would be to say so and Kansas Coalition for Life could intervene, call the police, and come to her aid," La Francis explains. "But unfortunately it was too late."


La Francis, knowing the teenagers will be impacted for life, believes the situation is all the more reason for states to pass laws making it illegal to coerce a person into an abortion.


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