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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Pro-Life Movie Wins a 'Redemptive Storyteller Award'


COME WHAT MAY, a new pro-life family movie has won a Redemptive Storyteller Award for 2008 from the Redemptive Film Festival. The movie tells how Roe v. Wade can be reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court in a dramatic battle of worldviews (Christian vs. secular). The movie has captivated preview audiences nationwide and gained support from pro-life/family organizations. It has also received bids from six distributors.


"I have seen COME WHAT MAY with my bride and I am greatly overwhelmed," exclaims Kurt Ramspott, Guys-For-Life founder. "Not by the pageantry and prose of such a great film, rather, by the strength, determination and courage of America's finest Christian youth to stand up and deliver such a compelling message in the wake of Roe vs. Wade being taken for granted in America, never to be overturned. This film could be a tipping point in this dramatic battle of Good vs. Evil in our lifetime. It is a 'must see' that will spur you onto action!"


Valley Family Forum director, Dean Welty, believes the movie could impact the November elections. "Preview crowds were excited or agitated on both sides because the movie shows just how flimsy the legal footing stands for Roe," explains Welty. "The new President appointing a Justice who believes in Constitutional original intent will overturn Roe."


Polls show a very tight presidential race. "If this little movie gets widely known, and it could breakout because it's very controversial, then watch out," Welty predicts.


COME WHAT MAY is a micro-budget feature made by over 40 homeschooled students mentored by a handful of professionals. It was produced by Advent Film Group (AFG) in association with Patrick Henry College (PHC), a true-to-life powerhouse in collegiate debate and moot court competition, whose students are showcased in the movie.


The movie's legal argument is solid and compelling, claims George Escobar, founder of AFG. The film's legal framework was written by Dr. Michael Farris, chancellor of PHC and a constitutional attorney who has successfully argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.


"I am convinced that this new movie is the 'right stuff' and the type of film that will truly motivate God's people into understanding a new reality," adds Ramspott. "Simply put, Roe vs. Wade's days are numbered! Rejoice!"


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Contact: George Escobar

Source: Advent Film Group

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Publish Date: September 23, 2008

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