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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winners Announced in Students for Life First Annual Pro-life Video Activism Contest


This fall, Students for Life of America (SFLA) hosted the first annual Pro-Life Video Activism Contest. The goal was to inject with pro-life videos produced by students (currently enrolled in either high school or college) all over the United States to help educate Americans about Planned Parenthood and the stances the presidential candidates had taken on abortion issues.


The students were asked to produce videos under 10 minutes in length based on one of two categories: De-funding Planned Parenthood or Pro-Life Voting in the 2008 Election. All videos had to focus on the pro-life topic of abortion only, and video styles could be documentary or scripted. 


The videos were judged in the areas of creativity/originality, video filming/editing skills, ground breaking/newsworthiness, relevancy to the topics, and overall persuasiveness. The judges included Kristan Hawkins and Becky Banks of Students for Life of America, Bryan Kemper of Stand True, and Erik Wittington of Rock for Life.


The winners were announced on November 3, 2008, as the following:


1st Place: University of Florida Pro-Life Alliance  ($2000)

View the video:

This video highlights documentation of some of history's greatest tragedies, from famines to genocide, and challenges our generation to take up the key human rights issue of our time, the rights of unborn children.


2nd Place: John Paul the Great Students for Life ($1500)

View the video:

This video is about "Personhood- YES on Amendment 48" for the California 2008 election; it addresses what makes each human an individual person, from the obvious - our interests and hobbies, to the most fundamental - our DNA.


3rd Place: University of Michigan Students for Life ($1000)

View the video:

This video examines the differences between the two former presidential candidates in the '08 election on the issue of abortion and argues for pro-life votes with the touching story of a little girl born at 26 weeks gestation, who continued to live and grow as an equal person.


Hon. Mention for Creativity: Chris Kaiser ($500)

View the video:

This video is an argument to vote for "Sarah's Law" in California in 2008, narrated by a young man raised by foster parents after his young mother chose to allow him to live.


Hon. Mention for Video Editing Skills: Franciscan University Students for Life ($500)

View the video:

This video honors the many great freedoms we enjoy in our country and appeals to Americans to vote pro-life so that the unborn can also have a right to life and the freedoms and opportunities the rest of us enjoy in the U.S.


SFLA issued a release congratulating each of the winners of the 1st Annual Students for Life of America Video Activism Contest and encouraging pro-life advocates to view the winning films and to pass them along.


Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America, remarked, "Video media is the next frontier in pro-life education and activism. Never before have pro-life students had such an opportunity to compete with their skills, to impact thousands nationwide, and to do their part to influence national policies from their home or school using only creativity, research, and some video skills."


She also pointed out, "Planned Parenthood and its supporters will have their hands full with these young activists growing and increasing across the country and learning to use unprecedented resources like online video sites, such as and, to expose their agenda against the rights of the unborn and women's health."



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Publish Date: November 12, 2008

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