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Monday, November 24, 2008

Book about a Comatose 15-year Old Teaches About the Value of Life


"Parting the Waters" is a heart-warming, true story--a mother's perspective on what can happen when a community rallies around a wounded family. When a tragic drowning accident leaves fifteen-year-old Jacob in a coma, the faith of his family and community is shaken to its foundation. Medical experts used phrases such as "persistent vegetative state" and said, "Jacob will never wake up," but Jacob's parents knew God would have the final say. As ripples spread throughout the community and beyond, the prayers and innovative efforts of many result in Jacob's gradual awakening. This journey to discover beauty in brokenness will encourage readers to look beyond their own trials to see God's purpose on a greater scale.


Jeanne and her family faced the controversial issue of euthanasia head on when doctors told them Jacob would never awaken and recommended they remove his feeding tube. "Parting the Waters" not only shows that God can trump medical expectations, but also reveals how people who are broken provoke compassion in others, deepening their characters, and furthering God's purpose in their lives. It clearly illustrates that phrases like 'quality of life' or 'potential to contribute gainfully to society' should never be benchmarks of a person's worth. God uses the weak to confound the strong.


Knowing what it's like to feel pain so deep that it hurts to breathe, Jeanne provides candid portrayals of her battles against fear, self-pity, anger, and unforgiveness, placing them alongside an ever-emerging assurance that God is working out His sovereign designs in her life and her brain-injured son's. Without sugarcoating the realities of pain and suffering, she shows how God continued to reveal the depth of His love and His intended purpose. Each dramatic milestone in Jacob's recovery creates a new ripple, touching and changing many lives forever. "Parting the Waters" is a poignant tale of unexpected beauty found in brokenness. Readers can contact Jeanne through her website at


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Publish Date: November 24, 2008

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