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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Safe Abortion Continues to Kill America's Women and Children


The recent stunning case of abortionist Bertha Pinedo Bugarin being charged  with pretending to be a physician and performing abortions without a medical license is only the tip of the iceberg in the abortion industry. The entire industry is rank with women being brutalized emotionally and physically by the procedure that at times is even forced on them. Yet that bloody trade praises itself for being safe and legal. What is also not heard on the evening news is that safe and legal abortion continues to kill many women in America.


It should be astounding to hear that the abortion industry in America potentially performs 7-13 million chemical, mechanical and surgical abortions each year. With that comes the fact that there is big money to be made in that industry. Billions of tax payer dollars have been given by the Federal government to support abortion services. In fact, the selling of abortion is a way of life for many of these clinics as witnessed by former abortion clinic operator Carol Everett.


Additionally, evidence continues to grow that employees at Planned Parenthood do not report the sexual predators that impregnate minor girls.


"How much more evidence do we need to see to it that the horrendous practice of abortion is abolished? Why will we as a people continue to fund and legalize the genocide of so many children? How many women have to be killed, injured, rendered sterile or emotionally maimed for life before we understand that the abortion provider in America is truly doing al-Qaida a great service by wiping out our own citizens at our own expense. Must I also state the obvious, abortion is never safe for children in the womb!" says Phil Magnan President and Pastor of Biblical Family Advocates.


Magnan continued by saying, "Many years ago several pro life advocates, including members of Operation Rescue and myself pleaded with the Chula Vista Ca. City Council to do something about the clinic that has been recently implicated in the Bertha Pinedo Bugarin case. That clinic was reported to have hired a convicted sex offender as well as a doctor who had performed botched abortions.  At that time the City said that they were powerless to do anything about it and said that it was a health department matter. The City at that time did not take their commitment to protect women at the abortion clinics seriously.


But recently we have been greatly pleased that the year long investigative work of Chula Vista Police Chief Rick Emerson helped to put this harmful clinic out of business. He stated in an LA Times article that "patients were subjected to pain and risk of great bodily injury because of Bugarin's lack of medical training."


Biblical Family Advocates implores other governmental bodies to take the lead in protecting women from being harmed by abortion and consider the fact that they have been complicit for many years in the shedding of innocent blood, when all along they should have protected our children. The shame of allowing slavery and racism should remind us that we should never again allow the law of the land to deny anyone the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Contact: Phil Magnan

Source: Biblical Family Advocates

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Publish Date: December 3, 2008

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