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Thursday, December 18, 2008

What We Are Becoming: Creating Undetectable Suicide Kits


I have written about Philip Nitsckhe before. He is the Australian doctor who is obsessed with suicide machines and making sure that anyone who wants to kill themselves be able to do so, including--as he stated in an NRO interview--"troubled teens."


With the new "professional" look of the assisted suicide/euthanasia movement, one would think that Nitschke would be in bad odor. He is not, of course, remaining a hero to the movement's death-on-demand grass roots and usually invited to speak at the seminars and contentions that are held around the world on making oneself dead.


Now, Nitschke has made the news again--which seems is real raison d' etre. From the story:


    EUTHANASIA advocate Dr Philip Nitschke is in Adelaide to launch a death device components of which can be bought from hardware stores. As well as promoting the method as "flawless", the Darwin medic, 61, says it has the unique characteristic of being undetectable during autopsy--making it harder to prove suicide.


    The new process makes use of ordinary household products including a barbecue gas bottle--purchased at an Adelaide hardware store yesterday morning--which is then filled with another gas which is readily available.


    Dr Nitschke has developed a process in which "patients" lose consciousness immediately and die a few minutes later. "So it's extremely quick and there are no drugs," Dr Nitschke said yesterday. "Importantly this doesn't fail--it's reliable, peaceful, available and with the additional benefit of undetectability."


This is apparently the result of his work to create a "peaceful pill," funded in the past by the Hemlock Society (now Compassion and Choices). How did he test it? On animals? On people? Why aren't the media curious?


Demonstrating the nihilism that has infected the West, he is increasingly popular:


    Always divisive, Dr Nitschke was last week accused of "relentless self-interest and cruel insensitivity" by the family of a Perth woman who committed suicide using the death drug promoted by him.


    But he maintains he is providing a public service--by empowering the sick and elderly with knowledge. Dr Nitschke has attracted his largest following so far this year--with 4000 people attending his workshops in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


The alarm bells about the growing sickness of our culture are blaring. Culture of Death? What Culture of Death? Wesley, it is all in your paranoid imaginings.


Contact: Wesley Smith

Source: Secondhand Smoke

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Publish Date: December 17, 2008

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