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Monday, January 12, 2009

Economy goes down, abortion goes up


The downtrodden economy may be taking a toll on the unborn.

One Planned Parenthood clinic alone, located in Fresno, California, reports a tripling of abortions since the economic downturn began. Peggy Hartshorn of 
Heartbeat International finds that statistic unfortunate because, as she points out, there are reasonable alternatives -- such as adoption.
"Unfortunately, a lot of women don't know that, and when they go to an abortion clinic -- particularly to a Planned Parenthood or other so-called 'family planning' organization -- if they have a crisis pregnancy, often they are not told of the alternatives," she points out.
Hartshorn points out Heartbeat International represents about half of the pro-life counseling services in the United States and can provide practical, Christian-based assistance. "We're available with our option line 24/7 -- a toll free number 1-800-395-HELP [and] with a website that's"
Heartbeat International, according to Hartshorn, will help work out a plan to save the life of the baby and spare the mother of the proven emotional consequences of abortion.
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Publish Date: January 8, 2009
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