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Monday, January 12, 2009

Nation's First Government-Funded Abortion Alternatives Program Serves Over 150,000 Women Since 1995

Pennsylvania Program Sets Record - 19,747 women provided pregnancy and parenting support services last year.
Real Alternatives, statewide administrator for the award winning Pennsylvania Alternative to Abortion Services Program, reports that in fiscal year 2007 -2008 a record 19,747 women were provided comprehensive counseling, mentoring, and support throughout their nine (9) months of pregnancy and twelve (12) months after the birth of their baby. In fiscal year 2007-2008 the program received its highest funding of $6.5 million per year by the Commonwealth's Department of Public Welfare. The program's administrative cost ratio is less than 8.5%.
"We have seen a steady decrease in annual abortions since the start of the program 13 years ago. To date, the citizens of Pennsylvania have placed $59 million of tax payer funds to provide pregnancy and parenting support services to 150,000 women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. We are striving for the day when no woman in the Commonwealth feels that she must have an abortion – that is what the program is about," said Kevin I. Bagatta, Esquire, Real Alternatives President & CEO.
In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008, 118 Real Alternatives-funded pregnancy support centers, Catholic Charities, social service agencies, maternity homes, and adoption agencies throughout the Commonwealth provided services to 19,747 women at 83,263 visits. There is a center within an hour of every woman in Pennsylvania.
Since its inception 13 years ago, the
Program has served over 150,000 women at over 645,329 office visits.
Bagatta continued: "this state-funded support program is the only program in the Commonwealth dedicated to lowering abortions after there is a crisis pregnancy. It continues to work because of the approximately 500 counselors and mentors statewide meeting the needs of women in unplanned and crisis pregnancies. By providing a counselor to be with the woman in need from the moment she finds out she is pregnant to 12 months after the birth of the baby, this program empowers her to overcome her obstacles and crisis. She is not alone. She knows someone is with her to help her. An alternative to abortion is not a pamphlet, it is another person….it is one woman seeing another woman in crisis and loving her and supporting her like she is her own daughter. This program represents the best in America."
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Contact: Kevin I. Bagatta, Esq.
Source: Real Alternatives
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Publish Date: January 12, 2009
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