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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Redoubling Our Dedication as the Obama Presidency Begins

I'm writing this edition the evening before Barack Obama makes the last step in his journey from President-elect Obama to President Obama. On Wednesday I'll take a stab at analyzing what he says in his Inaugural Address. There will be much to mull over, so let me just address a couple of points here.

Pro-lifers might be a tad bit less willing to cry double standard if the media insistence that we stand as one behind pro-abortion President Obama had been matched by an equally vigorous admonition that we stand foursquare behind pro-life President Bush when he was first elected in 2000. But, of course, it comes as no surprise that we should be vigorously admonished to check all doubt and criticism at the door, since the Media Establishment both agrees with Obama's overall agenda and has served as a flying wedge for well over a year.

Just so I am clear: if President Obama were to have a Dr. Bernard Nathanson-like turnabout--exchanging a passionate embrace of the Planned Parenthood agenda for the role of protector of unborn children--we would welcome him with open arms. Since all the signs we've seen since Obama first surfaced on the national scene (and even before) make that reversal close to impossible (including the choice of a cadre of abortion insiders for key Administration positions), we anticipate that we will be going head-to-head with the 44th President beginning January 20.

I am 63 years old. This means I am old enough to know what conditions were like for African-Americans and to rejoice at how enormously they have changed for the better. Like most people, my first instinct is to cut our first African-American president a lot of slack.

But pro-lifers, whose job it is to return justice to the Littlest Americans, do not have the luxury of being blinded by an appreciation that Obama's election could happen "only in America." If unchecked, Obama's Abortion Agenda--as broad as it is lethal, as all encompassing as it is unjust-- would inject discrimination against the unborn into every nook and cranny of our culture for decades to come.

As we watch him raise his right hand to swear to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution," we will be saddened by the knowledge that President Obama--the man who admonished us to "give hope a chance"-- is in league with the worst enemies of life, the sort who would never think to give an "unplanned pregnancy" a chance.

It is the bitterest of historical ironies that Obama has joined his fortunes to the kind of organizations whose "growth market" is young pregnant women of color and for whom there can never be enough dead babies.

So that is why, like all Americans, I am deeply grateful that our great nation has experienced another peaceful transition of power, in this instance to a member of a previously excluded group. But gratitude for this does not in anyway lessen or diminish your and my determination to end the injustice of abortion.

Indeed, it only redoubles our dedication to topple the regime of Roe v. Wade.

Contact: Dave Andrusko

Source: National Right to Life
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Publish Date: January 20, 2009
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