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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Historic Door to Door Life Initiative Launched

Organized for Life, a history-making initiative has begun to deliver the message of life to every household in the Nation. Prolife Witness and Pro-Life Unity have joined forces to introduce to America an initiative that will reach the hearts and minds of Americans through face to face contact, one door at a time.

"Many of the people whose homes we visited responded positively" said Ruben Obregon, co-founder of the group and one of the members who went door to door last week to kick off the project. "This groundbreaking initiative takes the abortion and life issues battle beyond the streets and the clinics and delivers the life message directly to the homes of American families."

Organized For Life's community organizing aspect takes pro-life outreach to the next level by addressing abortion person to person, door by door, block by block, and City by City in an effort to organize local and national opposition to abortion.

"Life issues need to be delivered in person so America can make educated, informed decisions." Said Peter Shinn, co-founder of Organized for Life, "I believe one of the best ways this can be accomplished is through face to face contact, which is the backbone of Organized for Life."

David Bereit, National Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life, endorsed the initiative "This is a long-overdue effort, and it fills a huge gap that currently exists in the pro-life movement. This is a HUGE opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of in the movement!"

Among the group's goals it hopes to meet by pro-life door-knocking are bringing crisis pregnancy outreach to the home, building local opposition to Planned Parenthood, organizing a strong local pro-life voting block among members of all parties, distributing pro-life literature to every house in a targeted neighborhood, and letting the politicians know that there is a critical mass out here of people who care about unborn babies.

Contact: Ruben Obregon, Peter Shinn
Source: Organized for Life
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Publish Date: January 22, 2009
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