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Monday, February 02, 2009

Wisconsin hospital pursues late-term abortion plan

Wisconsin lawmakers are pleading with the University of Wisconsin Hospital to abandon a plan to offer second-trimester abortions.

The school announced plans recently to set up an operation to do late-term abortions in Madison, and the Associated Press notes there has been a flurry of criticism. Twenty-eight Republican senators, along with one Independent, said second-trimester abortions are "barbaric" and "kill viable babies." Senator Glenn Grothman of West Bend calls it appalling that the university hospital would be affiliated with late-term abortions.

Wisconsin Right to Life conducted a petition drive opposing the hospital's plans. "Thousands and thousands of petitions that have been collected over, I would say, the last ten days -- just thousands of them to show that people are appalled at this plan to start performing late-term abortions in the city of Madison," says Wisconsin Right to Life spokeswoman Susan Armacost.
She adds that 29 lawmakers have signed a request to halt the proposal, even though Democrats won the majority in the last election.
"We still have almost a majority of pro-life legislators and we have some of the most committed [group], I believe in the nation, of individuals who are willing to stand up on behalf of the lives of unborn children," Armacost adds.
Across America, about 15 percent of all abortions take place during the second trimester, often because of health complications that compromise the lives of either mother or baby or both, according to Rachel Jones of the Alan Guttmacher Institute that studies abortion.
Armacost points out one unresolved question is whether the university intends to force its doctors and medical students to learn how to do late-term abortions, even if they have a religious or ethical belief against it. The university hospital's board will decide the final outcome at a private meeting in February.

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Publish Date: February 2, 2009
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