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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Students for Life of Illinois Helps You Join Fight to Stop UW Abortion Clinic with Email Campaign

SFLI started an email campaign to allow citizens to show their disapproval to board members who have the power to stop this clinic.  The clinic is set up to compliment the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that does early abortions by offering 2nd trimester abortions. 

"We cannot sit here idle while a college campus is attempting to bring in 2nd trimester abortions under the umbrella of the University.  This is why SFLI is helping with this email campaign.  It only takes a moment to send an email of disapproval to the adminsitrators who have the power to stop this."  said John-Paul Deddens, Director of SFLI.

Please send this to your friends and family and post it on your blogs.

The link for this email campaign is here:

Contact: John-Paul Deddens
Source: Students for Life of Illinois

Source URL:
Publish Date: February 4, 2009
Link to this article:


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