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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hope For The Heart's Efforts Double to Help Pregnancy Centers

HOPE FOR THE HEART announced plans to double its efforts in helping pregnancy resource centers by launching a national campaign to raise over $100,000 to supply materials to women and children in crisis all around the country. Ministry sources report that since 2005, HOPE FOR THE HEART's Pregnancy Resource Ministry has increased funds, efforts and grassroots support by nearly 300 percent.

"Our goal is to raise at least $100,000 in 2009 so we can provide materials to minister to women in crisis in all 50 states," stated June Hunt--founder, CEO & CSO (Chief Servant Officer) of HOPE FOR THE HEART. "And because of special partnerships such as Harvest House Publishers, as well as the generosity of financial supporters, we will be able to bless the pregnancy resource centers with biblical counseling materials valued at nearly $500,000."

Since 2005, HOPE FOR THE HEART has impacted over 250 pregnancy centers and 900 volunteers in five states through an annual motorcycle fundraiser called Ride for Life. Throughout 2009, the ministry will be sending materials to over 1,600 pregnancy resource centers around the country.

"We want to make an impact on women and children who do not have materials to help improve their lives . . . to help renew their minds, heal their hearts, and bring hope in a compassionate, practical way," said Hunt. When asked if HOPE FOR THE HEART will seek government help from the new Obama administration, Hunt replied, "No, we have always relied on God and will not pursue any government funding. The Lord is more than able to do far more than man can do."

Contact: Mark A Brown
Source: Hope for the Heart
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Publish Date: February 4, 2009
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