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Friday, February 20, 2009

If abortion is murder, let's act like it and tell it like it is

Anti-life organizations incessantly portray pro-life and pro-family activists as radical, right-wing, woman-hating, clinic-bombing, Bible-thumping nuts.

Aside from simply being bitter, ignorant, domineering bullies, there is a reason why this false façade is being carefully crafted and propagated. See, the thing is, pro-aborts do not 'convert' people to be pro-abortion. They assimilate. They target kids who are still in school and inundate their world with false stereotypes of the angry anti-choice extremists and the big, brave, beautiful pro-choicers.

Do you realize the enormity of this? Think about it. The group that supports pedophilia, the Chinese forced-abortion program, child pornography and third-trimester partial-birth abortions for convenience have successfully labeled individuals who oppose child murder as the extremists! These are the same psychos who view little old ladies with rosary beads outside of abortion clinics as 'scary'.

It's laughable, but the youth of America fall for it.

It never ceases to amaze me how baffled students get on campuses after meeting life activists. It's so surprising to them when the dangerous anti-choice extremists are simply politely dialoguing with students and providing facts-based information. Then things get really confusing when the pro-life kids start getting verbally and physically assaulted on all sides from the peace loving pro-choicers, bless their courageous little hearts.

This false stereotype not only controls the ignorant youth of America, its controlling pro-lifers as well. Too many activists are walking around scared of asserting the truth of abortion for fear of falling into this fabricated joke of a typecast. Too many people get overly defensive and let the pro-aborts control them by playing along with the semantic games. Words like 'murder', 'pro-abort' and 'baby killer' are taboo and are dutifully replaced with words like 'decision', 'pro-choice' and 'abortionist'.

While we're off playing nice, groups like Planned Parenthood continue to systematically attack, slander and smear the image of lifers - all the while innocent children nationwide are being killed in nazi-esque assembly lines. On college campuses - where the false image of pro-lifers is most vital in its effectiveness - if abortion is spoken of in anything other than glowing terms, you're considered an offensive extremist who should be shunned by polite society.

Uh, question. Why should we worry about not offending the baby killers? Killing babies offends me! If speaking the truth boldly is offensive, then pro-lifers need to get offensive. If pro-aborts want to get nasty, we can get nasty. At least our nasty doesn't end up in a bucket of saline or a trash compacter.

We are battling against a wealth of lies and well formed propaganda that is deceiving a nation. It's high time that pro-lifers shatter the false stereotype of "anti-choice extremists" by pointing out who the real extremists are and why.

When I call pro-choicers 'ignorant', it is only because they deny the basics of elementary school biology, modern medical science and common sense. (Ig.nor.ant -- 1. lacking education or knowledge; 2. unaware or uninformed)

When I call pro-choicers 'violent', it is only because in the past six years Human Life International has documented well over 8,500 acts of violence and illegal activities by pro-aborts. These crimes include homicides and other killings, arson, bombings, vandalism and physical and verbal assaults. (Vi.o.lent -- 1. emotional agitation to the point of loss of self-control; 2. prone to commit acts of force)

And when I call pro-choicers 'pathetic', it is only because anyone who knowlingly supports the act of a helpless child being savagely ripped apart and torn piece by bloody piece from its mothers' womb is a pathetic human being. (Pa.thet.ic -- 1. miserably or contemptibly inadequate; 2. causing or evoking pity, sadness or sorrow)

When society recognizes pro-aborts as such, how many impressionable youth do you think will be jumping on the 'pro-choice' bandwagon? Their harebrained logic should be ridiculed. Their idiocy should be laughed at. False pro-life and pro-choice stereotypes need to be challenged.

But we will never win this battle against the preborn when we're playing by their rules. What favors are we doing the youth of America by censoring facts or jumping into the wordplay rhetoric that is the triumph of Planned Parenthood? What good are we doing leaving impressionable kids a safe haven in ignorance?

In late 2007 Jill Stanek conducted a poll in which she asked pro-lifers how they viewed the term, 'pro-aborts'. 24.8% of respondents voted that the phrase was, "Inappropriate, inaccurate and accomplishes nothing." That's 24.8% of pro-lifers that need to grow a pair.

Pro-choice advocates advocate abortion. Therefore they are pro-aborts. Abortionists know that they are killing babies. Therefore they are baby killers. Who cares if they don't like these titles? Forget the word games and tell it as it is. Why should we continue the ineffectual coddling of the vilest aspects of the abortion community?

Mass idiocy persists because complacent people allow it to. If anti-slavery activists insisted on the coddling of slave traders, slave owners and dehumanizing rhetoric that many pro-lifers seem keen on adopting for pro-choicers, we would still have slavery in our midst. We are fighting for victims who do not have voices of their own. We don't have time to play games and let supporters of mass baby slaughter sit cozy in their cocoon of idiocy. If abortion is murder, let's act like it and tell it like it is.

Contact: Gingi Edmonds

Source: Pro-Life Blogs
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Publish Date: February 20, 2009

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