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Monday, February 23, 2009

Adult stem-cell use proves successful again

UCLA researchers report a major breakthrough using adult stem cells to treat Parkinson's disease. reports the results were published in the February issue of the Bentham Open Stem Cell Journal. Dr. David Prentice, a fellow with the Family Research Council, says the research features only one patient.
"The gentleman was treated with stem cells into only half of his brain, and he went almost five years," he explains. "Now his symptoms did start to return after that, and obviously he'd like the other half of his brain treated."
The patient's motor skills improved by over 80 percent in the first five years after the procedure. Prentice says he was able to have an active lifestyle. "During that time he was traveling all around the world and living a full life," he points out.
David Prentice (FRC)No human embryos were killed in the research. "They used the gentleman's own adult stem cells, so obviously there's no chance of transplant rejection, no tumors," Prentice notes, "and of course, adult stem cells really work in patients."
UCLA researchers will now expand their work to 15 humans. Prentice is in Ireland trying to convince that government not to do human embryo research.

Contact: Charlie Butts, Marty Cooper

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Publish Date: February 23, 2009
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