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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guttmacher Institute Report Discriminates Against Poor

"The Guttmacher Institute and proponents of public funding of contraception apparently think that people are the greatest drain on our resources," said Joseph M. Scheidler, founder and national director of the Pro-Life Action League.

According to its Web site, the Guttmacher Institute operates an interrelated program of social science research, policy analysis and public education and produces a wide range of resources on topics pertaining to sexual and reproductive health. Today's report claims public funds for family planning prevent 1.94 million pregnancies a year and advocates providing millions of young and low-income women access to voluntary contraceptive services.

"The Guttmacher Institute takes particular aim at the poor," said Scheidler. "The assumption that people in the lower income brackets cannot take care of their children, and that their children will never contribute anything to society, is unfair and smacks of racism. This attitude that the poor should not reproduce is right out of Margaret Sanger's playbook -- she promoted the 'more from the fit; less from the unfit' concept of population control."

"John Kennedy called children our 'greatest resource' over forty years ago," said Scheidler. "Even in difficult economic times, the United States is a land of opportunity for people of all income levels. It is not appropriate for government to be in the business of providing birth control, which only serves to promote risky, irresponsible behavior."

Contact: Amber Dawe

Source: Pro-Life Action League
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Publish Date: February 24, 2009
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