National Financial Accountability Organization Announces Partnership with Care Net and Its Network of More Than 1,100 Pregnancy Resource Centers

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) today announced a new partnership with Care Net, the nation's largest network of pregnancy resource centers. The partnership gives Care Net centers free access to valuable ministry management resources on the ECFA website that are specifically created and customized for organizations seeking to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of women and families facing unplanned pregnancies.
ECFA ( is a national accreditation agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries, churches, universities, colleges, schools and other organizations earn the public's trust by developing and maintaining standards of accountability. ECFA's partnership with Care Net illustrates the organization's ongoing commitment to evangelical nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.
Founded in 1975, Care Net ( is one of the nation's most reputable networks of pregnancy resource centers in which its 1,160 affiliated organizations serve more than 370,000 clients each year. By partnering with ECFA to provide its centers with customized, ministry-specific resources, Care Net further strengthens its reputation as a reliable option for women in crisis and its commitment to transparency and accountability.
"Best practices, operational excellence and organizational effectiveness are all very important strategic initiatives for us at Care Net," said Melinda Delahoyde, president of Care Net. "We want to provide our members with the best resources and training available so they can grow and nurture their pregnancy centers in these areas. That's what this partnership is about."
In accordance with the partnership agreement, and in an ongoing effort by ECFA to support the work of Care Net and similar organizations, ECFA has customized more than 40 of its white papers and other resources specifically for pregnancy resource centers. The documents provide guidance for accounting, board governance, fundraising, human resource issues, ethics policies and other issues pertinent to the sound management of nonprofit pregnancy resource centers.
In addition to Care Net's network, ECFA currently has more than 100 pregnancy resource centers directly involved in its growing membership.
"We champion the work that Care Net is doing to achieve their vision of saving lives, healing hearts and ministering compassion," said Dan Busby, president of ECFA. "We are proud to support Care Net and its local centers. By providing them with numerous resources and tools, we hope to help them remain one of the most trusted and respected national organizations and demonstrate their commitment to responsible stewardship."
For more information on ECFA's partnership with Care Net, or to view the organization's business and legal resources customized for pregnancy resource centers, visit

Ty Mays
Source: In Christ Communications
Publish Date: May 4, 2009
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