Abstinence ed 'outperforms' comprehensive sex ed

According to a research analyst, comprehensive sex education does not outperform abstinence education.

Irene Ericksen of the Institute for Research and Evaluation says that media reports continually claim that abstinence education is a failure and that comprehensive sex ed is the only way to reduce teen pregnancies and promote safe-sex practices. She adds that they continually site a federal study that is riddled with myths and did not find abstinence education effective.
"These same people aren't aware that there are 16 studies of comprehensive sex education programs in the schools," Ericksen points out. "Actually 64 percent of the studies that have been done of comprehensive sex ed in the schools have found that they have not been effective at increasing teen condom use."
Ericksen notes that promoting condom use has not only proved to be ineffective, it also has adverse health effects.
"Even when teens use condoms consistently and correctly, they don't provide complete protection from STDs," she adds. "And there also is evidence that there is emotional harm that is occurring with teens when they're having sex at this young age -- that it's not developmentally healthy for them."
According to Ericksen, sexual activity is not appropriate for teenagers and they should be told in very strong terms to avoid such activity.

Pete Chagnon
Source: OneNewsNow
Publish Date: May 19, 2009
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