Today, June 10, marks the 10th anniversary of the Choose Life specialty license plate. According to a Gainesville Sun article, the plates are available in 24 states and have generated more than $10 million in user fees nationwide. Six of these states, including Arizona and Missouri, approved their own versions of the plate only this year.

Illinoisans, however, remains unable to buy the Choose Life plate, though the Chicago-based Thomas More Society is working to change this. In April of this year, the Thomas More Society filed a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review and reverse a decision prohibiting the issuance and sale of "Choose Life" specialty license plates in Illinois. The Supreme Court's decision could have a major effect on the availability of these plates in every state in the U.S.

While the odds against the Supreme Court agreeing to hear any given appeal may seem overwhelming (only 1 of every 120 petitions has been granted in recent years), Brejcha and the other Choose Life Illinois lawyers are optimistic.

"If anything, our clients' claim against Illinois is overripe for review," continues Brejcha. "Our petition for review highlights the fact that litigation concerning the 'Choose Life' plates over the last ten years has created a patchwork of conflicting decisions. We will be greatly surprised, as well as disappointed, if the Court fails to grant review."

Background of Illinois "Choose Life" Plates

Over 25,000 Illinois citizens have signed petitions for the "Choose Life" plate, sale proceeds of which were to fund Illinois adoption agencies to help children find lifetime homes with loving families. However, Illinois authorities stymied efforts to get the plate approved, even though scores of other specialty plates, from supporting troops or peace to celebrating college fraternities, were approved routinely.

After the "Choose Life" petitions were submitted, bills introduced in the Illinois General Assembly were diverted to a special subcommittee, chaired by then State Senator Barack Obama, where they died without any hearing.

Contact: Tom Brejcha
Source: Thomas More Society
Publish Date: June 10, 2009
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