Right after abortionist George Tiller was killed a few weeks ago, a longtime friend and regular contributor on Illinois Review Jill Stanek sent me an email she'd received from an angry reader of her nationally-renowned Prolife Pulse blog.  For several years, Jill's been the leading prolife blogger, and has focused at times on the immoral (sadly not illegal) activities of Tiller and another late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.  Among other things, the reader suggested to Jill's pastor and church staff that their church hold a "rifle blessing" for her in the near future.

Stanekworst After briefly discussing the email that day, Jill contacted the FBI, and they took her concerns seriously.  Shortly thereafter, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann named her the "World's Worst Person" of the day for shedding light over the years on the likes of Tiller and Carhart.  Olbermann falsely accused Jill of publishing Tiller and Carhart's addresses, and pathetically attempted to tie her to provoking Tiller's death.

As a result, a Pewsitter.com story June 17 publicly revealed that our own Jill and other leading prolife advocates are now under police and federal agency protection due to an increased level of threats and activity post-Tiller. The threat has been traced to several abortion activists, one of whom is reported to be the adult child of an abortion advocate.  Several of that particular threatener's siblings have died a result of his mother's elective abortions.

We conservatives likely missed all this going on about us, busy with our anti-tax concerns and frustrations with Obama's health care irrationality.  But this is incredibly troubling and sobering.  It reminds us we are in a battle for our children and grandchildren's future, and we must understand the seriousness of the issues we write and speak about.

But Jill stands as a leader for the sake of the unborn, and her safety is in jeopardy. We at Illinois Review stand alongside Jill, arm-in-arm, today.  Join us in an unbreakable chain of defense for all our futures.

Source: Illinois Review
Publish Date: June 18, 2009
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