Conservative teachers within the NEA will call for the union to drop its support of abortion.

The National Education Association will convene for their national meeting in San Diego July 1-6. Jeralee Smith, one of the co-founders of the NEA Conservative Educators Caucus, says one of the items her group has placed on the agenda is abortion.
"The union contributes to candidates who will maintain the current Roe v. Wade decision and make sure that the abortion industry is alive and well," she explains. "And this supposedly is done with the portion of union dues optional. But a lot of times we found sneaky ways that the union supports things that we don't believe in."
OneNewsNow asked Smith that if the NEA supports issues that some teachers disagree with, then why not just leave the union.
"The union, in 30 of the states, is required -- and you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get out of the union," say Smith. "And you're told a lot of scary stories...should you try to leave, which most of the time they're exaggerated."
A secret ballot vote has been slated for the meeting in which members will have an opportunity to vote that the union take a "no position" stance on abortion.

Contact: Pete Chagnon
Source: OneNewsNow
Publish Date: June 30, 2009
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