Founders of The Leaven call all people for the common good to sign an online petition stating that contraception is the root of abortion and that it is allegiance to natural and divine law written on the human heart regarding human sexuality that will protect not only the unborn, but ultimately the poor, the handicapped, the elderly, and the nation from anti-life ideologies. "We are gathering signatures addressed to lawmakers and civic and church leaders" says co-founder Alton Davis.
"There is only one 'common ground' by which to defeat President Obama's anti-life agenda, and that is to finally admit, regardless of religious affiliation, that human sexuality is intended to be under the dominion of human intellect and will, co-operatively between male and female and subordinate to the Creator of all life. Any expression of human sexuality contrary even to natural law alone results in the deterioration of society: disharmony between man and woman, childhood rebellion, gender identity confusion, divorce, pornography, infanticide, genocide, and euthanasia," says Davis.
"In addition to President Obama's dangerous concept of common ground, there is another practice of common ground in the pro-life community that needs to be addressed: near silence regarding staggering numbers of tiny children who are literally flushed down the toilet daily by their mothers. Often young mothers are totally unaware they kill their own children by way of potentially abortifacient contraception: the Pill, the IUD, the birth control patch, Depo-Provera, and any other means prohibiting a tiny baby, every milligram a human, from adhering to the mother's womb. Unwittingly or not, we betray these tiny children when we fail to adequately address this source of abortion which far outstrips the numbers of children dying by surgical abortion. True common ground demands that we commit or re-commit ourselves to the defense of human life by a more literal interpretation of what we are doing to the very least among us," says Juliana Davis.
Contact: Juliana Davis
Source: The Leaven
Publish Date: July 27, 2009
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