Pamphlet-bearing pro-lifer exonerated by court

A woman arrested during a pro-life demonstration in Overland Park, Kansas, has had her day in court.

Alliance Defense Fund attorney Daniel Blomberg explains that Carrie Kafka's case dealt with the fact that Christians do not get their free-speech rights taken away -- even when the complaint comes from Planned Parenthood.
"Thankfully, in a situation where the city of Overland Park had decided to prosecute my client [Kafka] for simply offering literature to people who are entering a clinic, the court found that charge was completely without a base and dismissed it," says the attorney.
Planned Parenthood had complained that Kafka was obstructing traffic entering and leaving the clinic's parking lot. OneNewsNow asked if Kafka actually did that.
pro-lifer being handcuffed"...[S]he was standing on a sidewalk holding up a pamphlet to vehicles that were entering Planned Parenthood," Blomberg explains. "Those vehicles could voluntary choose to stop, and most did not -- but when they did, she would step out just one or two steps off the sidewalk into the public easement across the driveway and she would hand them information and talk to them for a moment."
The pamphlets Kafka was distributing are designed to convince women seeking an abortion to choose life for their babies instead.
Without warning, Kafka was arrested in March by local police for criminal trespass. According to ADF, security video shows the pro-life activist never entered private property, never prevented vehicles from entering or exiting the parking lot -- but in fact, encouraged stopped vehicles to move on when another car approached from behind.

Contact: Charlie Butts
Source: OneNewsNow
Publish Date: August 17, 2009
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