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America's youth guide debate on abortion issue

A recent study shows support for legal abortion has dropped in the United States.

Michael Dimock is a spokesman for Pew Research Center, who conducted the study earlier this year. "Today about the same number of people [46 percent] side with keeping abortion legal in most cases, as opposed to illegal in most cases [44 percent]," he notes. "In previous polls, the pro-choice position outweighed the pro-life position by a substantial margin."
Pollsters broke down the results according to religious groups where there is more of a shifting of views than in politics. "But you're seeing more of a shift in a conservative direction among Protestants, both evangelical and mainline Protestants, more so than among Catholics or other religious groups," Dimock points out.
Dimock believes America's youth will establish the future on the abortion issue. He tells OneNewsNow young people are more liberal on such issues as homosexuality.
"[However,] when it comes to abortion, there's not an overwhelming age disparity," Dimock says. "Younger people aren't substantially more supportive of abortion rights or pro-life than [are] older folks."

Contact: Charlie Butts
Source: OneNewsNow
Publish Date: September 2, 2009
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