New BarlowGirl Post-Abortion Song

Following are the lyrics to the post-abortion song, "Tears Fall," by BarlowGirl, from the album Love & War, being released today. According to CMSpin:

"Tears Fall," is without a doubt the most powerful song found on Love & War. This powerful piano ballad is a pro-life song that deals with the issue of abortion straight on. The band worked on this song for two and a half years to get its message just right.

Click here to hear a snip of the song. (Click on the 10th track.) The lyrics...

I have had the same dreams many times it haunts my mind
It starts with a light but it ends every time
Oh so many faces that this world will never see
A reason for your life but your heart will never be

May our tears fall down
Let them soften this ground
May our hearts be found
God forgive us now

Oh what have we lost because we chose we'll never know
And loving you is better than feeling alone
And all our claims to freedom have become these heavy chains
And in the name of rights we keep filling nameless graves

Let the tears fall down
Let them soften this ground
Let our hearts be found
God forgive us now


Contact: Jill Stanek
Publish Date: September 8, 2009
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