Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Government Funding of Abortion in Health Care Reform

Today the Susan B. Anthony List announced the results of a nationwide poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies on government funding for abortion in health care reform. 

"The bottom line is this: including government funds for abortion on-demand in health care reform is unappealing to American voters nationwide, women and men alike," said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List.  "This may be surprising to elites, but it is not to the rest of America.  Americans realize pro-abortion feminists have dramatically overrepresented a minority position, misstating the centrality and 'need' for abortion on-demand.  If the Congressional leadership and the President fall on the sword of abortion coverage, pleasing their allies and weaving it into the fabric of our daily lives, they do so at the peril of the entire bill and their own political futures. Today's polling data offers the latest compelling reason for Congress to reject the President's health care proposal without authentic language to exclude abortion funding."

Full poll results and analysis are available on the Susan B. Anthony List website at www.sba-list.org/poll
Key findings of the poll include:

    * The Inclusion of Government Funded Abortions in the President's Health Care Reform Plan Turns Off Five Times More Voters Than it Gains.  More than four-in-ten voters (43%) say they would be less likely to support the president's proposed health plan if the government pays for abortions.  Intensity is strong, with over one-third (36%) of voters saying they would be much less likely to support the plan.  Forty-six percent (46%) say it would make no difference to their support for the president's plan.  Only 8% say it would make them more likely to support the plan.
    * 58% of Americans disagree with the statement, "If the government is going to make a public health plan available for all Americans it has an obligation to provide abortion services under that plan."
    * 55% of Americans agree with the statement, "Whatever my opinion on the issue, I think it would be wrong for the government to pay for abortions."
    * 52% of Americans agree with the statement, "I do not want the government to help fund health care plans that fund abortions."
    * Among Democrats who are concerned about the inclusion of abortion in healthcare, 2 to 1 disapprove of abortion funding in health care.  Twenty-five percent (25%) of Democrats are less likely to support the president's plan if it contains abortion funding.  Less than half that number (12%) more likely to support the president's plan if it contains abortion funding.


Download the Public Opinion Strategies Polling Data and Analysis (.pdf)
Download the Printable Version of the SBA List Analysis (.pdf)

Contact: Joy Yearout
Source: Susan B. Anthony List
Publish Date: September 10, 2009
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