National Life Chain Sunday October 4

On Sunday afternoon, October 4, National Life Chain Sunday 2009 will occupy sidewalks in over 1450 U.S. and Canadian cities, as earnest defenders of human life seek God's divine help to end the legalized killing of preborn fellow citizens. Participation will rely heavily on pastors who deem abortion perilous to any nation and who, with humility and boldness, lead their worshippers to a time of solemn prayer, meditation, and public witness.

During an earlier age of spiritual darkness--the Jewish Holocaust, David Ben-Gurion addressed the silence and inaction of Israel’s would be friends: "What have you done to us, you freedom-loving peoples, guardians of justice, defenders of the high principles of democracy and of the brotherhood of man? What have you allowed to be perpetrated against a defenseless people while you stood aside and let them bleed to death...? Why do you profane our pain and wrath with empty expressions of sympathy which ring like a mockery in the ears of millions of the damned in the torture houses of Nazi Europe?"

Today, 65 years later in America, Canada, and the other Western nations graced by Christendom, the blood of preborn fellow citizens pleads unceasingly to reluctant pulpits and pews: "Why do you pretend to oppose our mutilation yet readily acquiesce to powers local and national that deny us the meager mercies afforded slaughter animals? Why do you embrace an 'issue' instead of our humanity and betray us with trite condolences? For how long will you allow the corporate church to squander its integrity and withhold compassion? And for how long will you permit bloodguilt to accumulate against you, until denial and détente consume your freedom and comfort?"

Wrote Albert Einstein: "The world is too dangerous to live in--not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who let it happen." Thus the truth of 2 Chronicles 7:14. With no tyrant to blame, is the Abortion Holocaust on our soil too real for us to grasp?

The solution? Four decades of lay pro-life leadership have seen no serious decline in annual abortions (surgical and chemical), and today lay leaders realize their inability to protect from deadly predators the most helpless church family members--the preborn sons and daughters. Wrote Afro-American pastor Clenard Childress regarding America's Holocaust and its enduring carnage: "The pew cannot do what the pulpit is suppose to do." In each city and town, the battle to end legalized abortion rests foremost with pastors who will equip themselves for spiritual warfare, plan wisely, mobilize their flocks, and stand boldly against the forces destroying our youth and culture.

While only a first step into pro-life activism, Life Chain is a serious step that tests our concern. It follows a strict Code of Conduct, is peaceful, and urges all family members, young and old, to attend. Pastors may add prayer topics to those listed on the back of Life Chain signs, and each pastor who prepares his people for prayer and witness is greatly valued. It is fervently hoped that God will anoint National Life Chain Sunday 2009 and use it mightily for His purpose and glory.

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Contact: Royce Dunn, Director
Source: Life Chain
Publish Date: October 1, 2009
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