Landmark graphic abortion display ends at liberal Berkeley

It was previously reported that the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform had finally succeeded in bringing its Genocide Awareness Project graphic abortion photos display to one of the most liberal college campuses in the US, Berkeley.

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From the Daily Californian, today...

    Pro-life activists at UC Berkeley concluded a 2-day display of graphic images of aborted fetuses on Upper Sproul Plaza Tuesday, but some said the demonstration challenged the limits of free speech permitted on the plaza....

    But while walking through the plaza Tuesday, sophomore Devin Murphy said that the images took what Obama said out of context.

    "These pictures are really disgusting and aggressive," Murphy said. "His quotes are not related to abortion."

    Sophomore Imali Bandara said the prominence of the more than 10-foot-tall display was unsettling.

    "This is just in your face," she said. "It's just imposing these images comparing abortion to the Holocaust and genocide, which I find really offensive."

The blindness never fails to astound me.

Here's a video news report from the Daily Californian...

Click here for the video.

Thoughts from CBR's director, Gregg Cunningham:

    This was arguably the most historically significant GAP we have conducted in the 11 years we have conducted the project.

    Pro-abortion student protesters (organized by a feminist professor who brought her class out to shriek) screamed themselves hoarse the 1st day and had little voice left for the 2nd.

    One of the most controversial aspects of our display was our use of... magazine covers which featured Mr. Obama's picture.... with quotes from his most inspiring speeches on justice and compassion and equality. But we also added the abortion photos which proved how disingenuous are his remarks on the subjects of equity and mercy and faith....

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    I thought... the emphasis needed to be heavily weighted toward Obama Awareness. Adolph Hitler was responsible for far fewer killings than the number which Mr. Obama will eventually have caused. In the argot of genocide, he is the Hitler of our time.

Click here to view all of CBR's Obama abortion signs.

Contact: Jill Stanek
Publish Date: October 29, 2009
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